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Why it’s hard to take the Wall Street protesters seriously

We’re into week three or four of the Wall Street protests against corporate greed and what have we learned? Well, for one thing, this group is good for laughs.

What do they say about a picture being worth a thousand words? Let’s file these two pictures in our memory bank under nuff said. I mean really, they want to be taken seriously?

No, r-e-a-l-l-y?

More bong politics and progressive activism, pretending to part of a serious political movement.

Protesting & Pooping in My Nike's

Talking about serious movements, did you get a load (sorry, I couldn’t resist) of this guy?

H/T to Maggie’s Notebook for this glam photo.

Nothing’s funnier in my book than a guy protesting “corporate greed” & pooping on a police car in NYC while wearing his Nike’s.

What we’re talking about is a group where slogans matter more than substance

What we have are the privileged, pampered, parroting kids born and bred on  progressive speak down on Wall Street making a mess, getting arrested, and wasting time. They are laughable.

No one captures the American political scene better than Michael Ramirez.  He’s spot on here!



This was forwarded to me… and the choir sang, “AMEN!”



—–  Psalm 109:8
My wife and I were in slow-moving traffic the other day and we were stopped behind a car that had an unusual Obama bumper sticker on it. It read: “Pray for Obama.  Psalm  109:8”.

When we got home my wife got out the Bible and  opened it up to the scripture. She started laughing &  laughing.  Then she read it to me. I couldn’t believe  what it said.  I had a good laugh, too.

Psalm  109:8 ~ “Let his days be few and brief; and let others step  forward to replace him.”

At  last — I can honestly voice a Biblical prayer for our  president!

Look it up — it is word for word!  Let us all  bow our heads and pray.
Brothers and Sisters, can I get an AMEN?

Jon Stewart does his darky impression of Herman Cain; Cain is not amused!

If you didn’t see Jon Stewart’s darky impression of Herman Cain last week, you can be thankful. I’d call it an unfortunate, not very funny moment, because that’s what my reaction was when I heard Stewart mocking Republican candidate for president, Herman Cain. I like Stewart and when he is attacking genuine hypocrisy, pompous and crass behavior no one is better.

Yes, Stewart is a comedian who has gone after many bloviating, self-aggrandizing jackasses in politics and the media (who can forget Roland Martin and his ascot), but he is also a liberal/progressive/Obama supporter par excellence.

Stewart has never gone after Obama and his policies with the same ferocity that he has with opponents of the Obama agenda.

Birthers and Palin are bad, Obama and Obamacare are good. His comedy routines clearly demonstrate in his world, Fox News is bad and The Daily Show is good…simplistic and true for him.

If Stewart really were half as “fair minded as he pretends he is, his very bad Amos ‘n Andy impersonation of Cain might be over looked; but he isn’t and it can’t. Stewart insists he isn’t an ideologue or activist, and yet he is both!

If you listen to the Chris Wallace/Jon Stewart interview it is apparent how defensive and condescending Stewart can be. It’s about 9:37 mark in the interview when Stewart starts saying things like, “what you will never understand… because of the soup you live in…no ideological agenda on my part, yada yada” what he is really saying is I’m the good guy and you (Chris Wallace) aren’t, ergo I get to make fun of you, conservatives, and Fox News.

Herman Cain, however, is not amused and has said so. Cain has bitch slapped journalists who reported that his sly comment about 3 page bills being signed when he is president as reality based news and Jon Stewart in particular, calling them stupid and racists.

Here’s where it’s really starting to get good. Numerous members of the Soros/Progressive MSM are insulted that Cain has called them racists! Insulted, I say. Huff Po, the LA Times, the New Daily News, Salon all are whinning and spinning.

Listen closely and one can almost hear them behind closed doors, “How dare that SOB call US racists?”

How dare he, indeed? It appears what all these fine folks have in common is they feel that Cain played the race card on them!  The race card is their play. The nerve of the fella! Notice that not one of them questions Jon Stewart attempt at humor, possibly conceding that just maybe this routine was in poor taste in this hyper charged racial environment!.

This card reserved for Team Obama & sycophants in the MSM

Irony, I love the sound of irony in the afternoon. The LA Times Andrew Malcolm is miffed at Herman Cain. No, actually the LA Times is howling & offended that Herman Cain called ’em the way he saw them.

Herman Cain may have found the perfect way to get media attention Wednesday: call the real journalists (real journalists…that’s a hot one! emphasis mine)  “stupid” for believing the words that come out of his mouth, and deem the most popular faux journalist a racist for … being a comedian.

Yesterday in a firehouse in Iowa City, Iowa, the deep-dish pizza eater began burning bridges with the press (LOL that’s another hot one!) by using the curiously familiar technique …  of denouncing journalists for actually writing down what the GOP presidential hopeful said.

One final note to all those “out there” drinking their Kool-Aid supremely confident they are unbiased and that what Jon Stewart did was OK.  Take the following “Is it really funny quiz”.

If Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck were to have said the exact same thing about Herman Cain (word for word), affecting the same black face/Amos ‘n Andy voice would you still think the comedy routine was funny? If the answer is “no” Cain was right to bitch slap the whole damn bunch of you!



I really hate the PC gibberish we hear on cable & in the MSM every day.

It drives me crazy to hear an adult substitute non-words for real words. It’s isn’t the B-word. The word is bitch! We already know what the N-word is so I don’t have to go any further.

Politically correct speech has brought us conversations that are peppered with hyphenated words masquerading as speech. I’ve written about this before here.

Lost in all the Palin blood libel by MSNBC, CNN, and the MSM this week was the story about a publisher that has decided to take the word nigger out of the Mark Twain classic Huckleberry Finn.

Jon Steward tackled this a few days ago. When the Daily Show is spot on it is hard to beat.

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Media Matters is no where to be seen. Katie Couric is AWOL and Chris Matthews MUST be too busy finding new ways to insert Sarah Palin’s name into another one of his broadcasts.


ATLANTA, GA , October 12, 2010 –

In a stealth move no professional pol saw coming, the camps of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have come together to announce the first all women’s ticket to run for the White House and the offices of President and Vice President of the United States of America.

The announcement came as a shock, stunning Washington insiders of every political stripe.  When told, many were simply dumb founded and speechless.

The sounds of people fainting and hitting floor along with  numerous heads exploding  and ricocheting can only be described as deafening.

In secrecy reminiscent of our planned attack on Normandy, France during WWII, both political camps have been quietly moving forward in their efforts to run in a manner that is sure to change the face of politics in this country for decades to come.

Only a handful of people, including  First Husbands Bill Clinton and Todd Palin, knew of this historic political alliance between Hillary and Sarah.

The delicate work of integrating both political camps has already begun.  Former press secretary to President Bill Clinton, Dee Dee Meyers, along with many other Progressives who supported Barack Obama in ’08  instead of Hillary, will definitely not be part of this historic run for the White House!

Saving the biggest political surprise for last, Hillary Clinton announced that the Clinton/Palin ticket will run as independents.  They will not be affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties.

While both women have staked out different positions on a myriad of issues, they share a commonality of purpose  for this country.  Both are determined to demolish the so-called glass ceiling which has prevented women from holding the highest office in this country.

They also expressed their eagerness to help the U.S. get its people back to work, to reduce the deficit, and to see the useless schmuck currently in the White House is kicked out of office.

When asked to comment on what he thought President Obama is likely to think about facing a Clinton/Palin ticket, former President Bill Clinton winked and said, “Pay back’s a bitch!”


Let me state up front, I love D.L. Hughley … always have.  He’s genuinely funny.

He can also be raw (close your ears if you can’t take the MF-word).  Most of all he’s authentic, and I believe this is a man with a good heart.

He was one of the few people during the Imus debacle a couple of years ago who was honest about what had happened.

When the country got caught up in its faux outrage because Imus uttered  senseless, unkind, gratuitous comments about the women’s basketball team from Rutger’s at 6:30 one morning, D.L. was there, essentially saying, “It was a joke!  Can’t you all grow up?”

This video is a response to those who wanted him to apologize about the his Rutger’s joke on the Jay Leno show.  What does this have to do with Dr. Laura.  Everything!

I’m in agreement with D.L. People seem to be most upset because Dr. Laura used the word 11 times, as if there’s a quota.  Again, I’m in agreement with D.L.  Free speech has a zero sum quotient.  Period!  You believe in it or you don’t.  “Ya, buts” aren’t allowed.  Don’t know what a “ya but” is?  “Ya, I meant it here, but I didn’t mean it there!”

The unintended consequences of PC babble or hyphenated dope speech are profound.  Using hyphenated non words to replace a word that offends some people, gives the offending word more power.

Instead of erasing the offending word from our consciousness using the silly ass substitution implants it.  Why?  Because stopping to replace an offending word with a hyphenated non word takes extra time … and thought … ensuring the offending word never goes away!

Using hyphenated non words is akin to carrying around the skeleton/dead carcass of an animal for 100’s of years …  always dragging that sucker behind.  Why?

To show the horror of a particular act or circumstance?  Or perhaps to use as a tool … a tool to show how you became a victim of something that never personally happened to you.  Ya, that’s it!  My, what a good tool to have on one’s arsenal of why I am where I am in life.  We all know how victim card must go hand and hand with the racism card … right?

Evil is as evil does.  Prohibiting free speech,  even ugly hateful speech in a free society is evil.  There are no “ya, buts” about it!


(H/T Chickaboomer)

You know there are times when it makes sense to stop whatever you’re doing to revel in the utter pomposity and silliness of some people.

CNN’s Roland Martin has gone a step too far… maybe this should go under fashion faux pas of the rich & famous. I mean, an ascot? Really? They haven’t been in fashion since … no, wait … they’ve never been in fashion.


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