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Obamacare Website Knowingly Launched With 40% of Payment Software Not Completed!

Only in Washington is it acceptable to launch a website, 3  years in the development, that was never properly tested, crashing multiple times with as few as 6 users prior to the October 1st launch date, with limitless privacy issues, and STILL needs the back-end of the software to be built.




It seems that less than two weeks before the Ocare website is supposed to fully functional (AGAIN!) as promised by Team Obama, 40% of the payment software is still to be completed. Do I have to state the obvious? Well, maybe for those Ocare supporters who can’t stop drinking the Kool-Aid, I do.


A glitch is a small momentary or temporary happenstance. A website that isn’t fully built, is a travesty, a hoax foisted on the American people by Washington ideologues, Progressives who don’t give a damn about anything but their always failed political agendas.


The whole thing needs to be scrapped. The government and its slew of annoyingly arrogant bureaucrats cannot build a system of this type. It isn’t only the complexity that Obama finally acknowledged yesterday, it is the lack of real life business experience and flexibility.


Crats” know how to propose laws and enforce them when it suits their needs and little else.   People who couldn’t operate a lemonade stand and make a profit have NO business trying to build a healthcare system that impacts one-sixth of the nation’s economy!  Geez!



Are Obama’s Obamacare Lies Cause for the Administration to Be Sued for False Inducement & Fraud?

A successful fraudulent inducement claim requires a claimant to establish that it “reasonably relied” upon promises of future conduct made by another party.

We all heard Obama’s claims countless times. A vote for the Democrats and support of the Affordable Care Act would not impact you negatively. If you already had insurance liked your plan you could keep it. Don’t worry you wouldn’t have to find a new doctor or change your current health insurance policy. The MSM, social media, cable news all have his claims on tape. There were NO equivocations, you could keep your planOBAMA LIED & GRANNY DIEDPERIOD!   With the failed website and the possibility that as many as 15,000,000 will lose the plans they liked and their doctors as well, we all know the cynical lies repeated by Obama and his team. Team Obama lied knowing that if the truth were really told to the American people that Obamacare, now refereed to as the Unaffordable Care Act, would never pass.   So, many in Congress voted for Obamacare based on the promises and representations of the Obama administration.  The American people re-elected this man based on the same fake promises. Worse still, it has come to light the Obama knew as far back as 2010 what he was pitching to sell Ocare was little more than a load a horse manure.


Findlaw defines fraud as any act, expression, omission, or concealment calculated to deceive another to his or her disadvantage.  

The key words in this definition are calculated to deceive. The heart of this type of fraud is misleading the other party as to the facts upon which he/she will base his/her decision to act.  Misrepresentation causes one to enter a transaction without accurately realizing the risks, duties, or obligations incurred. Sound like the promises Obama has been making since 2010 and before?

Did Obama not verbally make false representations? Did he not knowingly conceal the truth about people losing their health care plans?  Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune columnist and long time supporter of the president and his policies thinks Obama’s lies were political lies and that somehow makes it OK!  

Obamacare Collapsing Under Its Own Weight

Glitch – A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a sudden …… usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment

Completely predictable; but would anyone listen? Nooooooo!

More snarky but true concerning the Obamacare train wreck from Flopping Aces and Common Cents.

Obama and Democrats completely responsible for impending government shutdown

Can you spell un-presidential, because that’s our dear leader. The House of Representatives works all weekend to try to avoid a government shutdown that supposedly no one wants while our prez golfs and putts (shoulda put putz) around!


Make no mistake, if a government shutdown does take place you can put it firmly in the lap of the Democratically controlled Senate and our poseur POTUS, Obama. He’s the guy who can negotiate with terrorists but not the GOP or the House of Representatives!


We knew that when the House sent over its bill funding the government with the exception of Obamacare that it was dead on arrival. But the House Republicans have sent over an imminently common sense revised bill.


Here’s the most important part of the revised House bill, not only does it fund the government AND Obamacare, the only critical piece tacked on is it DELAYS IMPLEMENTATION for the average citizen for one year. Essentially, this waiver is identical to the waiver Obama has already granted businesses across the country.


If the delay is good enough for business, why can’t the average Joe who has to shoulder this 2,000 page legislative monstrosity no one in Congress read before passing it?



Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, He’s a Jerk!

One day climate change skeptics will be seen in the same negative light as racists, or so says former Vice President Al Gore, flame thrower and global warming terrorist.

I can’t believe I once voted for this guy, defended him on occasion when I thought the MSM had unfairly characterized some of his comments about his having invented the Internet. You’ll have to forgive me, this was at a time when I thought the MSM actually reported the news!

The truth is when Gore lost to Bush 43, regardless of the debacle in Florida, Gore couldn’t carry his own state, Tennessee. Seems to me the voters in Tennessee were ahead of the curve on this one!

Think about that for a moment.  Can you imagine Reagan winning the White House without California, or Bush without Texas, or Carter winning without Georgia? Of course not!

I know I’m not the only one who thinks Gore is a little creepy. Remember that kkkkissss he laid on Tipper the night he won the Democratic nomination for Prez? Geez, getta room will ya!

CNN’s Jack Cafferty, a man I almost never agree with, once called Gore a pompous ass.

This last time around when he started calling “global warming deniers” racists was just too much for me!

The truth is global warming is scripted terrorism, an excuse for Gore and his Progressive pals in the MSM,  in Congress and the White House to push forward their phony green agenda.

Now should anyone think this writer must be one of those “Conservative naysayers” who have never seen an environmental problem any time or anywhere, you can pack it up Bub!

I am a practical environmentalist who writes, Say No to Plastics, and who puts her money where her mouth is. Does the world have serious environmental problems? Yes, but global warming isn’t one of them.

The lack of fresh clean water is a very serious problem, one that will be a cause of water wars in the future as is our insane use of single use and convenience plastics.

There is so much plastic in our oceans and streams that will not biodegrade in the form of plastic bags, bottles, and other trash that it kills hundreds of thousands of birds, fish, and mammals yearly. Plastic trash has started to seep into the food chain as entire species are being decimated thoughtlessly. Our plastic trash is helping to destroy some of the world’s ocean ecosystems!

All of which leads us back to Al Gore and his latest hysterical rant on global warming. For those who missed Gore’s offensive conflation of global warming deniers with racists, here it is.



No wonder the Progressives, Obama, and the LSM hate Sarah Palin. Every time Palin is excoriated about something in the lame stream media you can bet she’s right.

It has become a dead give away. The harder the likes of Matthews, Couric, Cooper, and the MSM “gang” push, punish, and attempt to destroy Palin and her character the greater the chances you can bet she’s nailed it.

Take the death panels for instance…first you see them and you don’t. In the health care bill (67% of America hates and doesn’t want) one moment they are there and then presto/chango they’re gone! Ah, but not for long!

In typical Obama fashion, if they can’t get something accomplished through legal channels (say like legislation) then side step Congress and ignore the will of the people.

Just dictate through fiat and regulations and the death panels are back!

This is from the Liberty & Life Pac in a recent email update.

Kathleen Sebelius, head of the Department of Health & Human Services, has ruled that effective January 1, 2011, all Medicare & Medicaid doctors will be paid to provide “end of life” counseling to the elderly and/or those younger and poorer patients deemed “infirm” to help them decide if life is still worth living. All this will be provided yearly, as part of Obama’s new annual, creepily-euphemistically entitled “wellness” checkup.

And Sebelius’ supporters are trying to keep the implementation a secret! Rep. Earl Blumenauer, (D-OR), recently sent supporters of the new rule an e-mail warning them “not to broadcast this accomplishment (!) out to any of your lists, even if they are supporters because e-mails can too easily be forwarded.”

Ms. Sebelius has apparently declared herself dictator and overthrown not only the will of the people, but also that of Congress, issuing secret, death-dealing orders behind closed doors. The ObamaCare bill originally contained provisions for the much derided “Death Panels” designed to persuade, pressure and coerce the elderly and infirm into making life or death decisions only every five years.

Now add this to what Ron Panzer, founder of Hospice Patients Alliance, has to say about the government’s directives for hospice care. This looks like a perfect storm to me.

U.S. government rules, which supposedly protect patient privacy, have created a climate of fear among medical personnel to prevent them from reporting deliberate killing of hospice patients.

Panzer has received masses of complaints and pleas for help from patients and their families. The institutions are not fulfilling the gentler and useful function of hospice to care for the incurable and terminal patient. He says that tens of thousands of patients who are not otherwise “near death” are being killed in private institutions, to decrease their costs and increase profits, while the government “saves money” by not having to contribute to patients’ care in hospitals. Panzer warns that the rationing designed into Obamacare will greatly intensify the problem.

I am in no position to investigate what Panzer is alleging, however, the little digging I have done thus far leads me to believe his statements are true. If we had any real investigative journalism left, this is a one hell of a story to pursue.

Any investigative journalists out there, not sucking on Obama Kool-Aid?

Abortion Doc Admits Being a Baby Killer

Abortion is the ultimate act of selfishness, particularly in a civilized society where there are so many other choices open to women besides purposefully snuffing out the life of an unborn. The truth is, many women never “get over it” and regret their decision to take (what seemed at the time) to be the easy way out.

Some are haunted by voices of their unborn. Some are so self-absorbed that they never consider the hideous nature of their decision to choose lifestyle over life… to rid themselves of this “sudden inconvenience” like an old pair of shoes.

Abortion is an emotionally charged topic that I have written about here and elsewhere.

My position about abortion has changed over the years, partly because of our ability to keep a fetus alive outside the womb as early as 22-24 weeks!

Now watch this Doctor’s admissions and ask yourself why we continue down this path? (H/T Mitchell Langbert’s Blog)

Let’s face it we all know someone who has had an abortion whether it’s someone in our immediate family, someone in our group of friends or associates,or someone that is as casual acquaintance.

My college room mate had an abortion. I remember the trauma surrounding her decision just before abortion became legal. I have one friend whose husband demanded she abort their child. She did and she never forgave him or herself. They divorced three years later.

Yet another friend years older than myself was very vocal about having gone through the late in life birth of a Down Syndrome baby… she wasn’t bitter. She was saddened by the multitude of hardships this 5th child placed on the rest of her family. She was also very upfront stating that if she had had a choice she would have had an abortion.

Aborting (what amounts to) a few cells that would fit in a petri dish in the first week or two of a pregnancy is one thing. It is something all together different when we are talking about a late term abortion of a fully formed fetus capable of living outside the womb. How is this not murder?

Let’s look at what we’re talking about before we toss “it” out without a second thought.

So where am I on this issue?

Abortion should be safe and legal, but RARE, but NEVER in the third trimester except in the most extreme circumstances. Instances of rape and incest make this a very difficult choice for the woman or girl involved. As a Catholic, it is difficult for me to condemn a new life because of the sins of a man of no conscious.

With all of that said, sadly it has become all too easy for women to abort their children because it interferes with their life style choices as the stats below demonstrate.

On average, women give at least three reasons for choosing abortion: three-fourths say that having a baby would interfere with work, school, or other responsibilities; about two-thirds say they cannot afford a child; and half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner.

For more statistics read here


Bill Maher:  a truly wonderful man.At one time Bill Maher was a very funny fellow, but as time has passed, he has turned into a bitter,vulgar, strident Obama pimp. No longer hip or insightful, he’s just rude and crude.

As more and more people have rejected his vision of religion (remember Religulous … a movie fewer people than the 12 Apostles saw?) and other topics near and dear to the hearts of progressives everywhere, his speech and “vision” of America have become more and more warped and radical.

In his attempts to denigrate the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Republicans, Conservatives, pro-life advocates, and any and all who show the least little bit of support for faux President Obama, he ends up making a ass of himself. He clearly hates everyone who does not share his views, some would say he hates himself, but that’s a topic for another day.

This weekend on his March 26th show he showed us what true violence is here.

One writer, when talking about Maher’s failed movie on religion said this,” his positive admonitions are lost in the maelstrom of cheap-shots, deliberate over-simplification, pontification, and the same narrow-minded claim to certainty for which Maher so angrily excoriates religious folk.”

This statement is equally applicable to his position that we “the unwashed and uneducated” need to be dragged kicking and screaming into his vision of America’s healthcare future.

Surprise! Senior Staff who Wrote Obamacare have Exempted Themselves from Mandatory Insurance Purchases!

I can hear Gomer Pyle now …

Is  there ANYONE who can seriously say they are surprised by this?  Thought not!

The New Ledger is reporting that one only need look at page 158 to find the exemption:



(i) REQUIREMENT- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, after the effective date of this subtitle, the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available to Members of Congress and congressional staff with respect to their service as a Member of Congress or congressional staff shall be health plans that are–

(I) created under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act); or

(II) offered through an Exchange established under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act).

But as with a lot of legislative matters, the devil is in the details — or in this case, the definitions. (emphasis mine)  As anyone who’s worked on Capitol Hill knows, the personal office staff for a member is governed by different rules than those who work on committees and in the leadership offices.

It appears from the way this language is written that those staffers NOT in personal offices, such as those working and paid under the committee structure (such as those working for Chairman Henry Waxman) or those working on leadership staff (such as those working for Speaker Nancy Pelosi) would be exempt from these requirements.


According to the Congressional Research Service, this definition of staff will only apply to those staffers employed within a member’s “personal office” — meaning that it will absolutely not apply to committee staff members, and may not apply to leadership staff.


(H/T) Gateway Pundit

While Nancy Pelosi and her pals are deeming and ducking to find ways to pass  what may turn out to be the most hated piece of legislation in the history of our Republic, 38 states have been working to pass legislation to sue Congress should Obama Care rear its ugly head as the law of the land.

Today, Idaho just became the first state to sign such legislation into law.

The AP reported:

Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter on Wednesday became the first state chief executive to sign a measure requiring his attorney general to sue Congress if it passes health reforms that force residents to buy insurance. Similar legislation is pending in 37 other states nationwide.

Constitutional law experts say the move is mostly symbolic because federal laws supersede those of the states. But the movement reflects a growing national frustration with President President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

Democrats are hoping to pass a version of the reform by this weekend.

Last week, Virginia legislators passed a measure similar to Idaho’s new law, but Otter was the first state chief executive to sign such a bill, according the American Legislative Exchange Council, which created model legislation for Idaho and other states. The Washington, D.C.,-based nonprofit group promotes limited government.