Imagine a World Without Plastic Debris … Say No to Plastics

There was a time, not that long ago when you would see countless cigarette butts littering the landscape. But then, something happened ever so slowly, the ugly disgusting cigarette butts began disappearing from bars and restaurants, parking lots, sidewalks,…

13 thoughts on “Imagine a World Without Plastic Debris … Say No to Plastics

  1. winmyessay

    Plastics are always a dangerous way to change the image of the people. All the great and good personalities always take some help from these plastic surgeries and look more beautiful but its really dangerous for all the people. They can lost their important and natural beauty that they have in their face or any other part.

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    This can also happen as it would take some time to spread the awareness. The smoking in public has been reduced and the cigarettes butts are not seen anymore because now people know about the damage. Spread the awareness about the damages of plastic bags an people will listen this one too.

  4. Nicky

    This is a wonderful message that you have passed for the mankind. Say no to plastic. Most of the people would have heard this words many times but still they are forced to use plastic items and bags. Plastic bags should be replaced by paper bags. Same thing should be done in the case of cups and holders.
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  5. Crystal Jefferson

    Fantastic! Last year I choose to live life without plastic. There are some really hard times. If I want to travel it is enormously hard to travel without plastic for example….but it is not impossible. I want to give a good example to my kids. I am proud of what I am doing. Thank you for sharing your post! Best regards!

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