Our $14.2 trillion National Debt in pictures even an Obot can understand!

This is a stunner. Trying to wrap one’s mind around what a trillion dollars actually looks like is quite a feat. Trying to wrap one’s mind around what the government owes is impossible.

After a certain point the numbers all begin to feel like Monopoly money a concept that Team Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the incredibly greedy Democrat/Progressives demonstrate on an hourly basis.


The Progressive agenda in Obama-land… ah a recipe for disaster! Seems to me the best politicians know how to put things in context, reality. Reality and Obama …anathema on every level!

Go over to us debt kleptocracy where the national debt is demonstrated in pictures in a most conclusive manner.

Do you know how tall a trillion dollars is? If this doesn’t shake you up, nothing will.  These pictures give both context and reality. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, pResident Obama will you ever get it?