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Obama’s Popularity Plummets Because of the Progressives Poverty of Spirit & Soul

During the past 4 years, we have witnessed (in horror) the ascent of Obama and Progressives as they have gone about destroying America and her Constitution. We have also witnessed the vacuous nature of the Progressives and their hateful, pernicious ideology.

Progressivism is selfish, a self-indulgent salve used to cover immaturity and  self-loathing.

Some of the most telling, inane comments ever heard include:

The one time comedian, Bill Maher whining while he defames God, religion, the Tea Party etc. “Where’s the equivalent of my Tea Party?” Ya Bill, I wonder why there isn’t a Tea Party type organization for people like you?

One self proclaimed “enlightened” talker on radio was heard boasting, “Since there is no God we have to do the hard work for those unfairly treated by society!” Ah, ya; sounds like you’d be a good fill-in for God.

A recent portrayal of Abe Lincoln on the History Channel was not immune. In one segment, the show declared that it was rumored that Honest Abe had a tendency to sleep with one man in particular, ergo he must be … well, you know.

As Obama's ratings go down, the Progressives hysteria goes up!

Obama has said that his salvation is dependent on collective salvation. What a hideous concept!

Can you imagine trading your individual relationship with God for the hope that the dolt next to you does the “right thing” in accordance to the day’s latest policy pronouncement.

As the ham handed Progressives and Team Obama implemented their radical left agenda, smashing the dreams and ideals of citizens of every color and persuasion, people of conscious raced as far away from them as quickly as possible.

Obama’s approval ratings are so low that White House insiders are wondering if there’s a way they “kill” Osama bin Laden a second time!

As Obama’s ratings plummet along with the repudiation of his “Progressive” policies, his supporters in the MSM, labor, in Congress continue  to be more strident and hysterical.  Their poisonous rhetoric demonstrates how frustrated, disillusioned, angry…AND CLUELESS they really are!

They don’t get it. It’s not about pretty speeches, it’s about policies that bring RESULTS; and that means jobs, secure borders, the freedom to choose the health care that is best for our families and not dictated by some central government agency!

Robin over at American Thinker opines:


The left wants to tear Americans down.  Just as the Weatherman did to those naive lost kids, they want to break our spirits.  This goal of degradation is more crucial than their one-world government.

The progressives want to turn us into them, to make us feel as deprived and depraved and deadened.  It’s the only way that they can silence the roar of shame and self-loathing.

What they don’t understand is this: it’s not going to happen.  There are too many of us who won’t be hypnotized, who have a light in us that will not be extinguished.

We see right through them.  We know who they are: the most piteous of human beings, and the most dangerous.  Men without a country, orphans far from home.  The forsaken and disowned.

They’re “hungry ghosts,” to use a Tibetan phrase: tormented beings who are starving to death from an inner void that they cannot fill, no matter how much they try.

Mother Teresa was once asked how she coped with serving the poorest of the poor in Calcutta.  She responded that what she saw in the cities of the United States was much more disturbing, because it was a “poverty of the spirit.”

Poverty of the spirit.  No truer words can be spoken of the progressive left.  And they want nothing more than impoverishing your spirit as well.

Obama White House tries to get the Osama kill story right…finally!

There are so many insightful writers commenting on Obama  today.  Here are three that brought a smile to my face this morning .

  • The first one is LA Times writer Andrew Malcolm (who knew?) commenting on the debacle the Obama White House has made of Osama’s capture and kill.  Let’s put this under best headline of the day!

Osama bin Laden’s death: Clarifying the Obama administration’s cnofsuoin and missteaks


Here, gleaned since Sunday from a variety of sources, including Obama press secretary Jay Carney, is what we now know certainly might have maybe happened over in Pakistan:

[…] Still, a “significant firefight” erupted that was so significant not one American was injured. One helicopter crashed, no, made a hard landing; it was a mechanical failure.

One compound resident pointed out Osama. Three compound residents died in the firefight. One man used a woman as a human shield. She was an Osama wife. They both died. She was only shot in the leg running toward a SEAL. She didn’t die. Another woman did on another floor. There was no human shield. The Osama son initially identified as shot and killed may have been the other one.

The goal was to capture Osama or kill him if necessary. The plan was to kill Osama all along. He was encountered in a bedroom. He was given a brief opportunity to surrender. He didn’t. Blam! He died instantly from gunshots to the chest and head, including a large one in the forehead over the eye. He was unarmed. But he resisted. You don’t need a gun to resist.

  • Chickaboomer is a daily read of mine. She can be very funny. On more than one occasion I’ve thought, “damn I wish I’d said that!”

  • Best Obama/Osama pic of the day

  • It’s all about me…always!
  • Finally, Colony14Net, known for the Obama Timeline, made me laugh out loud. This is a site not normally known for snarkiness and sarcasm, however, Don Fredrick is spot on about political correctness, the Osama code word, and PETA.

This is from The Chief Goes on the Warpath :

Apparently the United States Senate has nothing better to do than waste taxpayer dollars on nonsense:
ABCNews.com reported, “The Senate Indian Affairs committee will hold a hearing Thursday on racist Native American stereotypes…


These inappropriate uses of Native American icons and cultures are prevalent throughout our society, and the impacts to Native and non-Native children are devastating. We intend to open the forum to talk about them.”

Representatives of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) will be present to voice their opposition to the use of the term Navy “SEALs.”

The hearing will include testimony from one of Osama bin Laden’s wives, who was heard screaming, “Who were those masked men?”

Appearing before the committee for censure will be residents of Abbottabad, Pakistan who, upon hearing the approaching Apache helicopters, exclaimed, “We are being attacked by the Indians!”

Committee chairman Daniel Akaka (D-HI) has asked that all members refrain from wearing Arrow shirts.

It is unclear whether “Chief” counsel Tuell will apologize for her offensive title.

Osama bin Laden is finally dead…well maybe!

Over at MSNBC’s PhotoBlog (!)there are reports that the photo of a dead Obama are faked…not much better than the fake LFBC Barack Obama released last week.

OK. is this real or are we looking at another Photoshopped image?


This morning Dr. Kate gave us a long list of reasons why, after all these years, Osama bin Laden should conveniently be found, killed, and buried at sea this weekend:

  • Terry Lakin has nearly completed a 6 month term in Leavenworth and lost everything because Obama was ‘amused’
  • one of the black boxes from the suspected terrorist take down of Air France flight was found today. The revelations will be astounding and likely too close for comfort.
  • Paetreus nominated for CIA head…why?  Because the CIA is conducting has taken over war at the behest of the NWO,  and they need an experienced general to organize the new army
  • Panetta to Defense–why?  Incompetence to demoralize the troops
  • Samantha Power nominated to head FBI..is she even a citizen? Why? To protect Obama and all government officials from FBI investigations and to replace agents who are not loyal to Obama.  Oh, and to shift the terror target to American patriots.
  • 500 Taliban escape by digging a tunnel underneath the guard’s feet
  • The haarp-generated tornados killed more than 200 people across several states last week, demolishing towns.
  • …please add your own… Here’s mine. There are reports of a Vatican slush fund containing vast amounts of money for major U.S. politicians.

The UK’s  Mail Online reports bin Laden has been dead for 7 years stating:

What if he has been dead for years, and the British and U.S. intelligence services are actually playing a game of double bluff?

What if everything we have seen or heard of him on video and audio tapes since the early days after 9/11 is a fake – and that he is being kept ‘alive’ by the Western allies to stir up support for the war on terror?

Incredibly, this is the breathtaking theory that is gaining credence among political commentators, respected academics and even terror experts.

Here’s one more for good measure. It’s a video of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto causally mentioning that bin Laden was already dead in an interview with David Frost.  I’m wondering if this is the reason she was assassinated?

So, this morning, who knows what the truth is?  The newly developed cynic in me says, today was just a little too convenient for my liking.  I do know this.

As long as the MSM, our government, members of Congress and the Judiciary fail to do their jobs and continue lying to us about Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS there’s nothing they can report on that we can have absolute confidence in. NOTHING!



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There was a time when you could tell who the radicals were in the 60’s & 70’s and during Viet Nam. It was easy.

They almost always had long hair and beards and dressed in scruffy manner. Many came from privileged backgrounds, ironically like Osama Bin Laden did in Saudi Arabia. They occupied college campuses throughout the country. The most vehement radicals were from Columbia University on the east coast and Berkeley on the west coast.

Today’s radicals dress in better clothes and shave. Now they occupy faculty seats like Bill Ayers, the same Bill Ayers who was a proud member of the Weather Underground that bombed the Capital and the Pentagon . . . and remains unrepentant to this day.

I had forgotten how horrific these acts of terror were when they happened, partly because when they are talked about today, these acts are sanitized. By that, I mean you don’t see any pictures or videos with which to link the violence. Weather Underground is a word (s) like ACORN is a word . . . little impact until the link, the connection is made through historical videos (Weather Underground) or recent actions (ACORN).

This may be one of the reasons why mentioning Ayers and Obama hasn’t gained much traction, not that the MSM was going to follow that story anyway. Clearly the MSM has waged an all out war against making this a legitimate claim about Obama’s past relationships, trying to tamp down the seriousness of the story.

People who lived through this era may have forgotten how shocking these terrorists acts were. Time has a way of dulling reality. When the Weather Underground acts are mentioned today, after the attacks of 9/11, the terrorists acts of the Ayers don’t carry the same sting as they once did.

Take a look at each of these videos and remember.

Remember when the Weather Underground declared war against this country?

Tell me again why the Obama Ayers relationship isn’t important!

We have listened ad nauseum to Obama spin about his relationship with Bill Ayers. We have just about heard it all, from “I was 8 years old when he did these things” to “He’s just a guy!” to “His [adult]children went to school with my children” to “Obama didn’t know who Ayers was“.

Well I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Barack Obama surely does know who Bill Ayers is now–and what his philosophy on America is.

[…] After all, Obama dispersed Millions of dollars under the direction of Ayers and the Chicago Annenburg Challenge. A program which was designed to radicalize children. How hard was that for Obama to understand? Surely Ayers didn’t pick Obama to dispense millions of dollars because he didn’t agree with him.