If you have been following the special election race in Massachusetts you are aware of the Martha (of course that Senate seat is mine) Coakley and Scott (no, it’s the people’s seat) Brown battle that is going on.

Ole Martha baby was supposed to be a shoe-in to take over Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat, she would be the 60th vote to help pass that monstrosity of a pork laden bill, masquerading as healthcare reform.  Obama and the Dimocrats would have their “victory” and Hallelujah all would be right in the world of liberal/progressive droids masquerading as legislators in the Congress of these United States.

Well, the funny thing is, no one told Scott Brown that, nor were the citizens of Massachusetts consulted.  See, it  was a foregone conclusion, in the same manner as Caroline Kennedy’s assumptive notion that she should get the Senate seat in New York  when Hillary left.

I first became aware of Brown when Texas Darlin came out of retirement and her blog went live again. (Here’s were a real Hallelujah is in order!) One need listen to Brown for a few moments to know he is the real deal as witnessed in the recent Brown/Coakley debate.  They are nearly tied in the race and some people think Brown will whip Coakley.  There’s a lot at stake here for the Obama White House, Pelosi, and Reid!

Why should citizen journalists be heading to Massachusetts?  Two reasons.

  1. Because as Michelle Malkin and others are reporting, the thugs and thugettes from SEIU are being marshalled to go to Massachusetts to help in the election. You remember SEIU don’t you … the ones that roughed up that black conservative in August of ’09 simply for passing flags out!
  2. If you think the Obama/Holder “Justice” Department will do anything if the SEIU thugs pull a Black Panthers move on election day, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.  Apparently voter intimidation is OK if you are black and not so much if you’re white or don’t hold the beliefs of the Obamobots!  Holder let them off … shameful!  But at least you know who the enemy is!

Purple Army to Coakley’s rescue: SEIU sends $685,000 more; And speaking of thugs…

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 12, 2010 10:27 PM

I told you on New Year’s weekend and again last week that the SEIU was “pulling out all the stops” for Mass. Attorney General and Democrat Senate candidate Martha Coakley.

Now, on top of all the manpower that the Big Labor army of Purple Shirts has lent her, plus the group’s primary endorsement, and the $214,000 they sent her for radio ad buys last fall, the SEIU is preparing to burn through another $685,000 in rank-and-file union members’ dues for the attorney general.

Want more?  Listen to this audio clip, (H/T No Quarter).  The clip is about 37 minutes long.  If you want to hear John Fund immediately, he’s about ten minutes into the segment.

For more on the rumor about SEIU, and other delicious details, check out the MP3 of John Batchelor’s information-rich interview of John Fund on January 12th. This interview is so great that I was tempted to try to transcribe it for you. But just listen. The first part of the MP3 is about Haiti, but keep listening, or fast-forward to the spot shown in the image below.:



The work by Linda A. Melin, Citizen Researcher in her three part series, at Constitutionally Speaking is a must read.

The enormity of what took place in the 2008 election for President of the United States is both stunning and sobering. The reality is, not only did we have two candidates running for the office who were constitutionally ineligible to hold office as required under Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 (A2, S1, C5) of the Constitution, but in order for this to happen, high ranking officials in both the DNC and the RNC (whose job is to verify and certify the eligibility of their candidates to hold the office of POTUS) had to falsify and/or modify documents certifying their candidates eligibility to the 50 Secretarys of State.

I want you to go to Constitutionally Speaking (CS)… but not quite yet.

As I have written numerous times, most members of Congress (past and present), knew that Obama was constitutionally ineligible for the office of President and remained silent. The names include Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Shelia Jackson Lee, Joe Scarborough, Ted Kennedy, Orrin Hatch… the list is endless. This is the dirty little secret known to most everyone in Washington, in the MSM, and in the legal community. It was purposely kept from the general public. Read here and here.

The CS series provides exhaustive details of Congress’ extensive knowledge & avoidance of the Natural Born Citizen clause of the Constitution. The mission of these legislators was simple … eliminate and destroy this clause that the Framers of our Republic felt so strongly about.

Make no mistake, electing an ineligible Obama was done with intentional malice leading to the destruction of the Constitution.

As law professor Peter J. Spiro made abundantly clear on the topic:

[…] “Constitutional questions do not require constitutional decisions. If non-judicial actors, including Congress (Frank, Hatch, Kennedy, Waters, Graham, McCaskill, Conyers), editorialists (NY Times, MSNBC, LA Times et. al.), leading members of the bar (Turley, Dean, Epstein, Toobin), and the People themselves (can you say Kool-Aid?)manage to generate a constitutional consensus, there isn’t much that the courts can do about it. In cases such as this one, at least, that seems to be an acceptable method of constitutional determination.

In other words, it is perfectly alright to ignore those parts of the Constitution you do not agree with. Just ignore what you don’t like and if others agree with you and/or conspire with you, why bother with legislation to change it?  What we have is de facto change we can believe in! mmm,mmm,mmm!

Stepping back to see where we’ve come from and where we are to today is warranted.

I began asking questions about Obama’s citizenship in August 2008, here and here as did others. The questions were simple enough, if Obama’s father was Kenyan how could Obama meet the natural born citizenship requirement for POTUS? His own website clearly stated that Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.’s children.

It seemed to be a simple question to me, one of extreme importance given the fact that if Obama was ineligible this country was embarked on electing a fraud. More importantly, as Dr. EdwinVieira detailed in October of 2008, if we elected Obama and he was found to be ineligible after the fact, every law passed, every appointment, etc, would be moot.

Certainly the MSM would jump to cover this story, right? Yet inexplicably, as we witnessed, they were either silent or they purposely mislead the public as to the true nature of the controversy. The question wasn’t whether Obama was a US citizen when he was elected, the question was and remains, what was Obama’s citizenship status on the day he was born; that is the primary question.

Legal analysts and JournoListers like Jeffery Toobin, lied and spread misinformation about the meaning of natural born citizenship as did other legal analysts on CNN. Jonathan (if you want a purebred, get a dog) Turley and John (the clause is pernicious) Dean both OPPONENTS of the natural born citizen clause were just as complicit remaining silent.

Then we had members of Congress, many who are attorneys themselves, who sat on committees bent on changing the NBC. Their intent was specific… obliterate the NBC clause and extend this very particular presidential requirement to virtually anyone that could chew gum and walk a straight line. They all remained silent, demonstrating once again that inactions can have consequences. As you will see in Constitutionally Speaking,Congress has been more active about subverting the NBC than even I had discovered. See here and here.

What we have seen in the last year and half is a multitude of public officials that either didn’t do their job (the New Jersey Secretary of State is the most egregious example. See Donofrio v. Wells), or who purposely lied, obfuscated, or ignored the underlying issues of Obama’s citizenship status. They put their politics and their grab for power ahead of our country.

Canada Free Press has reported on intimidation tactics used on the few reporters or media people willing to risk bringing the truth to light. We all know how Lou Dobbs was treated for merely questioning why Obama hasn’t produced records which verify his eligibility. It has been evident to anyone with half a brain that media personalities were instructed to avoid any discussion of the birth certificate issue at all costs.When Ann Coulter is saying “birthers” are crazy, someone is holding a very big stick, one few have the courage to mess with.

Also reported by J. B. Williams & CFP, are charges that high ranking Democratic party officials knew that Obama was not constitutionally eligible, that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knew that she was signing false statements when she was certifying his eligibility for the 50 states as required in the election process.


The truth is that in the 2008 election for POTUS neither John McCain or Barack Obama were eligible to hold the office of president. Donofrio was spot on with his law suit against the New Jersey Secretary of State.

Not only did she allow McCain and Obama’s names on the ballot without checking their citizenship status, but she also allowed Roger Calero, a man born in Nicaragua with a green card to to be placed on the ballot to run for President.

In the background, numerous law suits seeking information we are entitled to see have been ongoing and to no one’s surprise, under reported by the MSM. The sad reality is that not one case has been heard on its merits.

It started with Judge Surrick’s ruling in September of 2008. What Surrick said was that Berg’s case lacked standing and that voters weren’t personally harmed by a possibly ineligible Obama. Why? Because voters had a choice to vote for someone besides Obama in the national election. The problem with that argument is that if you were a Hillary supporter, your choice for president was taken away before the national election was held.

The truth is that the judiciary of this country has let its citizens down whether through cowardice or complicity, or ignorance. After all, what is left to say when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg purposely chooses to ignore the NBC clause as it relates to her grandson? Is it any wonder that the Supreme Court declined to hear the Donofrio v Wells case?

Which leads us to today, Constitutionally Speaking, and part III in her series of subversion and malfeasance by the Congress of this United States which is slated for later today. We are promised even more explosive detailed information. Stay tuned!


I cannot let Ted Kennedy’s passing go without comment.

For the past 48 hours we have witnessed both extremes in the media coverage of this man’s life.  One extreme has been the adoring, fawning, excesses of MSNBC et al … worshiping him a liberal lion while the other extreme has concentrated on his many personal excesses defining him as a lowlife.

Listening to Chris Matthews wax poetic about Teddy yesterday I wondered if I could control my gag reflex.  I was also thinking how curious that Matthews has excused Teddy of every misstep and indiscretion while at the same time crucifying Bill Clinton.  Whatever Bill Clinton did in office, his dumb ass escapades with Monica never reached the  scale and magnitude of Teddy’s actions during the summer of 1969.


I have been a Kennedy Democrat most of my life. That means a JFK Democrat whose government policies were fiscally conservative and reasonable. Ted Kennedy and the Democratic Party of today is now despised by me.  Its policies and practices, as applied by Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, are anathema to my very core.

The truth, as I have witnessed it … as aYankee originally from New England … as one who loved the Kennedy family of folklore and fame,  is that Teddy sure as hell was no saint.  He was a man whose personal sins were far greater than most. He was a heavy drinker and a womanizer. I understand the pain and multiple losses in his life, but these losses cannot excuse his own destructive behavior.

I  remember the day I heard about Chappaquiddick. I was living on the Cape at the at the time.  Funny how I remember the time and place.  I was sitting on a Falmouth beach … it was around noon when the news came over the radio.  We were all stunned.  What other word is there to describe the accident and Teddy’s actions, that allowed Mary Jo Kopechne to die in that over turned vehicle in seven feet of water?

Before leaving the Cape that summer I visited the accident/crime site with friends and looked at bridge and water where the car entered.  I remember wondering how could Teddy have mistaken the road that lead to the wooden bridge and that the surrounding area seemed smaller than I have envisioned.

As always, we saw that being a member of the Kennedy clan means never having to say I’m sorry.

Did Ted Kennedy accomplish some great things while in the Senate?  An honest answer is yes.  Of all of his legislative accomplishments I have the greatest respect for Title IX. It remains a legislative accomplishment that has probably done more to bring equality for girls and women  than any other piece of legislation save the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of the 1976.  People forget that until that act was passed it was virtually impossible for a married woman (any woman)  to establish credit in her own name!

Which leads me to today and Teddy’s last “great act “for America … knowingly endorsing Barack Hussein Obama, a man clearly ineligible to serve as the President.  Yes, this last great act was to purposely bypass a key clause in the Constitution thereby establishing a precedent that might allow “The Arnold” to run for office. I’ve written about this before see here and here.

There have been numerous attempts over the years, beginning in the 60’s,  by Democrats and Republicans alike to bypass the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution.  There are many who, believing they possess superior intellect and vision about America’s future, feel that anyone, even a naturalized citizen having lived here for a mere 20 years should be eligible to run for office.

When one examines this position, it becomes abundantly clear that it is intellectually bankrupt and illogical, and worse still  is dangerous for the safety and security of our country  to allow people who not natural born citizens to hold the singularly most important position in the world.  This is not xenophobic it is common sense.  Think Russia would allow an American to become naturalized, live in their country for 20 years, and then run for the top office in their country?

And so, Teddy’s last great act was to knowingly ignore the Constitution and  help a man whose British citizenship at the time of his birth clearly made him ineligible for run and hold  the office of President without committing fraud against the American people and this country’s electoral process.

I am measuring which legacy is worse, Mary Jo Kopechne’s death or the intentional desecration  of our  Constitution … of placing the welfare of one man ahead of 300 million citizens.


Is anyone really surprised that that the quest to find the truth about Obama’s eligibility goes on or that Obama’s lack of candor surrounding his birth certificate is not going away? Apparently the White House is. Wednesday White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that he was incredulous.

” I am incredulous that the issue just won’t go away.This question, in many ways, continues to astound me. The state of Hawaii provided a copy, with a seal, of the president’s birth. I certainly hope, by the fourth year of our administration, that we’ll have dealt with this burgeoning birth controversy.”

Hmmm . . . Gibbs is astounded, incredulous even. Memo to Team Obama . . . It’s never going away . . . not until, We the People, know the truth.

Let me point out the obvious, once again. There is no controversy with the production of documents that we are entitled to see. After all, it’s not as if we are asking something unique or special of Obama. Every candidate for the office of POTUS is required to show credentials demonstrating they are eligible to hold the office.

It shouldn’t take 400,000 signatures, thousands of hours of blogging, the construction of billboards, and over 20 lawsuits to finally get the attention of the media to honestly cover this. Yet, the MSM and cable news continue to tip toe around the edges of this Constitutional crisis. It remains the elephant in the room because of Team Obama’s refusal to end the controversy by providing every shred of evidence proving his eligibility to hold office. Is there a single legitimate journalist left with the courage to finally report the truth?

Team Obama’s arrogance knows no bounds; and they remain successful at having pulled off one of the biggest hoaxes in history. But the truth has a way of coming out. The JFK /Judith Campbell affair is a case in point. At the time JFK engaged in his affair with Judith Campbell (girlfriend of Mafia Don Sam Giancana) their behavior was clothed in secrecy. Does anyone believe that JFK thought his affairs would ever become public knowledge? I think not, and the cover-up operation surrounding JFK’s affairs was small in comparison to Obama’s birth certificate/documents cover-up.

We’re talking about covering up major segments of Obama’s life that extend far beyond his citizenship and parentage. There’s just too much information out there . . . too many opportunities for people to finally tell the truth when the moment is right.

Mistakes have already been made. The obviously forged COLB ( certificate of life birth), posted on the Obama campaign website was the first mistake. Under estimating the citizen/patriots who continue to dig for truth was another one.

Like I said this is never going away!


I don’t like things that are out of place, that stick out without a rational explanation for their being there. Michele Obama’s black & red dress with the prominent “X” in the front is an example of an”out of place” moment in time that makes no sense in the context of the situation .

The Kennedy relationship with Obama is another example. It never made sense to me. There was/is something slightly odd about it unless one steps back and looks at larger possibilities.

Princess Caroline’s announcement that she would like Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat got me thinking about this odd collection of characters, again. Teddy and Caroline dissing the Clinton’s and endorsing Obama always was unsettling. Then I found a connection with the Obama “natural born citizen” saga and a connection with Caroline’s first cousin, Maria Shriver, and her husband Governor Schwarzenegger.

Since bloggers, patriots, and a host of other citizens began their search for the truth about Obama’s citizenship we have been accused of holding Obama to a differnet set of standards. Not true.

In fact given the lack of coverage by the MSM, one would think that a candidate’s eligibility under the “natural born citizen” first came to light with Obama. Nothing could be further from truth. This has been an ongoing question for many, many candidates. Obama’s wasn’t the first candidate facing this problem nor will he be the last unless and until the Constitution is changed by amendment.

I would ask you to review these 4 exhibits and ask yourself this. If Obama is allowed to side step the Constitution and serve as POTUS what is to prevent Schwarzenegger from attempting to do the same thing?

Exhibit one – From an article in USA Today written in 2004

Should the Constitution be amended for Arnold?

Matthew Spalding, director of the Center for American Studies at the conservative-oriented Heritage Foundation, says the amendment’s prospects would “nosedive” if it were perceived to be designed to land Schwarzenegger in the Oval Office. “We don’t amend the Constitution to advance someone’s political career,” Spalding says.

Schwarzenegger faces an additional handicap, Spalding says: “You can’t have a United States president who is a dual citizen.”

Proposals to end the Constitution’s sole discrimination against the foreign-born have kicked around in Congress since the 1870s. But 26 proposed amendments have died in subcommittees.

Exhibit two – Place this comment under some people are different. Why? Leahy had no problem sponsoring a non-binding Senate resolution favoring McCain and by default Obama (who BTW helped sponsor the resolution) when it suited his political agenda.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), who succeeded Hatch, said of Schwarzenegger: “The guy has become governor of California. What more credentials could you ask?”

Some senators are less enthusiastic. The ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, has denounced the legislative attention to the issue, saying the Senate had more pressing matters.

Exhibit three – No Kennedy connection, right?

Veteran Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy has said he would support a constitutional amendment that would enable his niece’s foreign-born husband, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to potentially run for President, reports AFP from Washington.

Kennedy’s niece, former journalist and Kennedy heiress Maria Shriver, is married to one of America’s most famous foreign-born citizens.

Exhibit four – View the latest poll from WorldNet Daily. Take a real good look at the questions, the order of the questions, and place them into context with the Obama dual citizenship/ ineligible to be president Constitutional crisis we are facing.

Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger should be eligible for president?

1. Yes, he’s a legal American citizen now. That’s all that matters
2. Yes, but only if the law is changed to allow foreign-born citizens to run
3. Yes, if dual citizenship is good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for Schwarzenegger
4. Yes, even though I’m not thrilled with the idea, the subversive Democrats need to be kept in check
5. Yes, since Arnold is actually a cyborg created by Cyberdyne Systems in California, he’s technically born in the USA
6. No, his accent is just too un-American
7. No, Arnold is a pretender, as he is showing his true left-leaning colors now in “Calleeforneea”
8. No, the question of national loyalty is the key reason at stake here
9. No, I don’t want anyone to skirt the Constitution
10..No, he is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. End of story

The rich and powerful live by a different set of rules, don’t they.