Herman Cain Can Defeat Obama Despite the GOP Elites,MSM, & Cable News

Herman Cain can become the Peoples President. Unlike Obama, Cain’s grassroots support is real not manufactured.


Herman Cain crushed the so-called first tier candidates Mitt Romney (aka mittens) and Rick Perry in yesterday’s Florida straw poll. Cain’s win is important enough to bring international interest, with the International Business Times calling it a new race.

Surprise, surprise. surprise, (not!) the Sunday talk shows are chattering about Cain defeating Romney and Perry in the Florida straw poll.

What is left unsaid is that the real surprise to them is that the voters are not following the MSM & GOP elites narrative on who is likely to run against the fraud Obama.

Their narrative has no room for Herman Cain and so they barely/rarely cover him. Why bring attention to a man who can really turn this country around, right? And so they speak his name in whispers or not at all! All of that changed yesterday.

One of the lessons to be learned in the 2012 election is name recognition isn’t everything. It’s the message that counts! Simply put so even a Progressive “journalist” can understand, the truth will out!

What the GOP elites and the MSM fail to realize, is that they have made themselves increasingly irrelevant to the voters of America. They are as tone deaf to the voters as Obama is to capitalism.

A Cain victory over Obama is payback by the Birthers and independents for the GOP’s failure to tell the truth about Obama’s ineligibility. It is payback for knowingly leading the nation astray. Obama’s a fake and everyone knows it, with the possible exception of the most rabid Obots.

Even worse than Obama’s fraudulent presidency (Born a Brit, not Legit) has been his clear inability to perform the tasks at hand. BHO likes the pomp and circumstance. but the work needed to truly be the POTUS. God, he is such a waste, such an empty suit!

Unlike Romney (picked by Rove) and Perry (said to be NWO), Cain is not a  bought man, and that boys ‘n girls is like a breath of fresh air.  Unlike Obama, Cain thankfully is not a Progressive!

Over at American Thinker the question was posed, “Is the Cain win an anyone but Romney vote?”  I think not. Cain is the real deal, and he’s Obama’s worst nightmare!





CNN is already calling Herman Cain Obama’s worst nightmare, and they are right!

I happened across Mr. Cain several weeks ago and was immediately struck by his demeanor, his life story, and his accomplishments. He is pragmatic, a man of action, and the kind of grownup this country desperately needs. In other words, he is a man of substance unlike the ethereal Obama.

He also meets the presidential requirement of being a Natural Born Citizen under Article II Section 1 of the Constitution. Oh, BTW did I mention he doesn’t need a teleprompter to give a speech or utter a coherent sentence? I say, “what’s not to love?”

Cain, a virtual unknown outside of Georgia, is 65. A local talk show host, he recently formed a presidential exploration committee. His business credentials include being the former chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He served as the former chairman (1995-96) and deputy chairman (1992-94) of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. This is a man who understands business and knows how to create jobs!

His critics call him a racist because he disagrees with the Poseur Obama and fault him for attending Tea Party meetings. Bet hey, Obots call anyone who disagrees with Obama racist!

The Hermanator, as he was called in a recent Atlanta Journal Constitution article, is a cancer survivor.

In 2006, he was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer and given little chance to live. But since January 2007, he added, he’s been cancer-free.

There are two reasons why, Cain told the audience.

First, God said, “Not yet, Herman.You’ve got some work to do.”

Yes sir, Mr. Cain, I believe you do have more work to do! Take 30 minutes and view his recent speech at CPAC over at TD Blog here.