Bill Clinton & Ed Rendell fall on their swords for Poseur Obama and Sestakgate

Talk has always been cheap, a concept Team Obama has never fully understood. They were going to be different … yes-sir-ee!

Our Poseur President and the fools who engineered his fraudulent election are now faced with a new reality.   The Sestak bribe is one bribe that isn’t going away. The uproar, the comparisons with Watergate, all are staying around,  and just like the BP oil spill, this is impossible to hide.

Let’s start by asking a few rhetorical questions that we already know the answers to.

1.  If all of this were just noise and “inside Washington” politics, after weeks of stonewalling,  why did Team Obama’s surrogate, White House Counsel Robert Bauer,  make the announcement on the Friday afternoon of the Memorial Day weekend?

We all know the answer … because this is a big deal!  Team Obama broke the law big time.  What we have here, as the New York Times describes it here,

is a prima facie case of an attempted quid pro quo in violation of federal statute 18 U.S.C. 600 –  a promise of an appointment to an Executive Branch position in return for the political act by Sestak to drop his primary challenge and pave the way for Specter’s nomination by the Democratic Party establishment.

It’s my guess that they thought they were going to get away with it, the way that have so many other questionable and downright illegal activities.  Let’s be real, if Team Obama could put an Constitutionally ineligible fraud in the White House, what the hell was the big deal about another bribe? Right?

2.  Are we really to believe that after months of Sestak stating he had been offered a high government position if he dropped out of the PA primaries, that the best response Brand Obama could come up with was ”Barack didn’t do it, it was Bill?”  Really?  Oh, and BTW, it wasn’t a paid high level position it was an unpaid position on some obscure committee.  Oh ya,  ‘this is really  believable”, she said with as much sarcasm as she could muster!

3.  If the Sestak offer was “no big deal” why was the Big Dawg Bill Clinton called in?  This story smells to high heaven.  Who wants to take bets that there wasn’t a Bill Clinton phone call to Sestak and if there was,  the REAL story wasn’t given out to MSM on Friday.  Sorry this is too cute by half and way too convenient!

4.  Let’s assume for a moment that “everyone in Washington does business this way!”  Is this a reason proffered for felony behavior? Everyone does it.  The other night I heard the Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, say he had offered up bribes as well!  Really? How much Kool-Aid do you think he drank before going on FOX?

5.  Here’s another explanation of why the Team Obama states the Sestak bribery revelations are no big deal.  Yes, there is a law (actually there are three, 18 U.S.C. § 600, 211, and 595) against promising something of value in exchange for a political appointment, but the law has never been enforced!  Well, there you go … the law has never been enforced so Team Obama gets to play fast and loose!

Yes, boys ‘n girls what we have here is more selective adherence to the rule of law and to the Constitution. We now get to pick and choose those laws we like and have decided to follow.

For a complete timeline of the events of the Sestak bribe and the White House cover-up check out this 75% snark free site here!


Well, well, well … the New York Times is discovering the importance of the Tea Party Movement, or so it was pronounced this morning on Morning Joe.

Let’s see, what did it take to get the Gray Lady to move her arse?  Was it the mass march on Washington this past September?   It is estimated that over 1 million people went to Washington to voice their concerns about health care and taxes. No, no, no!

Maybe it was town hall meetings where thousands of angry constituents across the country confronted their elected Washington officials. No, no, no!

Ok then, when Democrat John Corzine lost the governor’s race in New Jersey to a Republican challenger, or when Virginia also elected a Republican governor.  That had an impact didn’t it? Nope, that didn’t do it either.

Well boys ‘n girls we all know how the world changed on Tuesday with the election of Republican Scott Brown to the Senate seat that Teddy Kennedy held for 40 years.  This finally caught the Times attention.

Don’t expect fair coverage, this is after all, a bastion of progressive insanity and foolishness … an Obama stink tank.  I wouldn’t hold my breathe wondering if the pejorative “teabagger” finds it’s way into article either.  Betcha $50 bucks it does!

So look for an analysis that bears little resemblance to the truth … look for something shallow and superficial … looks for a hit job!

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I’ve been watching the MSM and Sarah’s Palin’s critics dissect her resignation, knowing full well that CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC Snooze, et al. wouldn’t have a single kind or impartial word to say about her.

Some of the inane shatter included:  she’s a quitter… it’s mistake or what was she thinking? ….  she put herself out there … she’s not tough enough … she rambled or was incoherent.” Let’s face it, what this group of Obama sycophants can’t stand is Palin has decided to play by her own rules.  Ouch!

True to form, they didn’t let me down, with Keith Olbermann holding onto the number spot for most scurrilous, misogynistic Palin harangue.  His guest yesterday was Shannyn Moore, the bitch blogger who was spreading the rumor around that the FBI was investigating Palin and then was incensed that Palin’s attorney pushed back.

It was the Bitch Blogger’s opinion that Dave Letterman had taken the high road when dealing with Sarah and her daughter’s. SNAP ! {sound of my brain cells splitting as I channel surfed to FOX}

What’s this got to do with Hillary?

Hillary Clinton Campaigns Ahead Of Pennsylvania's Crucial Primary

Yesterday, I found another site that had sent out an Amber Alert for Hillary. It said what I’ve been thinking for some time now.  Where is Hillary?  How ’bout she’s been marginalized to such an extent that Team Obama has practically rendered the office of Secretary of State to minor and non-existent.   With the number of people Obama has running around on “special assignment” what’s left for Hillary to do but dust her office and tend to her broken arm?

Hillary Rodham Clinton has become Hillary Who? Sorry, sad but true.

All of which brings me back to Palin and Powell.  Palin’s resignation was principled, courageous, and selfless . . . she put Alaska ahead of herself … bravo!  When Powell resigned, it was pretty clear his resignation was also one of principle.  It’s clear there were never any weapons of mass destruction … and if one more person says, “why did Saddam say he had those weapons, if he didn’t?”  My answer is, “didn’t you ever play poker?”  He was bluffing, you idiot!  I’ve got a pair of deuces… BOO!

Back to my girl Hillary, if she and I were having a drink here’s what I’d tell her.

“You’re are already dying a death by a thousand cuts, snubs.

What do you have left to prove?  Screw the “establishment”  the MSM and many members of of your own party savaged you before and they will, again.  The only question is what excuse will they use.  Besides, Obama was never eligible to hold office, we all know that.  The truth has a way of coming out, and his eligibility is no different.  History will not look kindly upon this period of self indulgence by the MSM and those who knowingly allowed an ineligible man to hold the office of POTUS.

Hey, girl, how impressed do you think Putin was of Obama yesterday?  (I imagine she’s laughing here!)  I’m guessing Putin thinks Obama is as big an asshole, as I do! Did you see Putin’s body language? Whoa!

What do you owe Obama, anyway?  We all saw what happened in the primaries.  I’ve  always thought Obama double crossed you and Bill.  While I don’t know this for a fact, I’ve often wondered if he didn’t blackmail Bill somehow. (She leans in and whispers, and tells me what really happened … sorry sworn to secrecy!)

Leave while you have your dignity in tact.  Take control of  your life … take it back!   You probably will never be President, and that’s a real loss for this country!  What happened in the election of 2008 will never be OK.

I’m betting you can do more outside of this administration.  If you thought Palin’s resignation caused a stir, what will do they if you resign?  My God, Andrea Mitchell, Olbermann, the whole crew over at MSNBC will be in an uproar.  Bet that brings a smile to your lips!”

It at this point we hear that wonderful Hillary laugh!