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Breaking News … Proof Obama not Born in Hawaii … Time to Remove the Poseur from the White House

I’ve been keeping my powder dry on this for three days, waiting to see if someone would come forward and spring a trap or try to fully discredit the source of the information, Tim Adams. To date no one has. In fact, the MSM has been curiously quiet!

Is it possible that those who have always sprung to Obama’s defense in the past are so disgusted and disillusioned with his performance as our Poseur POTUS that they are going to let him swing slowly in the wind?

Let me remind anyone reading this that, regardless of where Obama was born, he was never eligible to hold the office of President. He may be a naturalized citizen, but that has never been the same as a natural born citizen.

In fact, don’t believe me. This is from Ask. com discussing Obama’s own election site in 2008:

One of Obama’s official web sites,”Fight the Smears,” affirms that “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.’s children. Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4, 1982.”

This statement by the Obama campaign thus admits that he was a British (Kenyan) citizen at birth and thus had dual citizenship (one argument goes even if he was born in the U.S.) With dual citizenship and “split loyalties” at birth, Obama is arguably not a “natural born citizen”and is ineligible to serve as President of the United States.


Let’s get this straight … Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is not now nor has he ever been eligible to hold the office of POTUS.  In fact, the chances are that, under the law he may be an illegal alien as easily as he is possibly a naturalized citizen (not natural born as required under the Constitution), but since all records concerning his real citizenship remain hidden, the speculation continues.

So who are you going to believe?  How ’bout Michelle Obama?  She should know where Obie was born; right?

Not enough for you?  How ’bout NPR?

National Public Radio has said Obie was born in Kenya. Say what?  NPR? Yup … although NPR deleted this reference as soon as it was reported by World Net Daily.

Detailed stories concerning how the evidence is mounting against the “Born in the USA” story read here and here.

Here’s an excellent video on faux President Obama, code name “Renegade” by the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA.


Pelosi wants to pass Obama Care legislation by deeming it so.

This is akin to deeming Obama is a natural born citizen.  It seems the Dems like to use the word deem in place of ignore.  Nancy and her pals of socialist/progressive thugs ignored the Constitution to get Obama elected, so what’s the big deal about a piece of legislation?  Kick it to the curb … after all, as our Dear Leader has opined in the past, “It’s a flawed document!”   Who cares, right?  The tactic is unconstitutional under Article 1, Section 7 and likely to be ruled so by the Supreme Court … so what!

So, how does Pelosi pull off this trick?  It’ NY Representative … Louise Slaughter (ironic name for someone intent on destroying the Constitution, don’t ya think?) to the rescue with a way to pass a bill that over the 65% of the country does not want.  It’s called let’s pretend we voted on it or the Slaughter Solution.

Democratic leader Rep. Chris Van Hollen admitted today on FOX News Sunday that democrats will use the unconstitutional “Slaughter Rule” to ram their pro-abortion nationalized health care bill through Congress. Democrats announced this tactic last week. They will pass the bill without voting on it. They will take over one-sixth of the US economy without even voting on it.

Now why do you need to know who Dr. Edwin Vieira is?  Here’s why.

Dr. Vieira who holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College), A.M. and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and J.D. (Harvard Law School) stated last year before the election, that legislation passed under a fraudulently elected President is null and void.   This is a legal scholar of renown, not a wing-nut so there’s no need to duck for cover.

To date, not a single person in the MSM has taken on Dr. Vieira about the consequences of a fraudulent President (in this case Obama) and legislation passed while in office. Not a single talking head (not Beck, O’Reilly, Matthews, Olbermann, Tobin, Turley, etc, etc, etc,) has had the balls to discuss the Obama/McCain/ natural born citizen clause in the Constitution in an open and honest way.

If Obama, born a British citizen (because his father was a British citizen and his mother was too young to confer her U.S. citizenship status to her son)  cannot produce documents proving that both parents were U.S. citizens at the time of his birth (naturalized is not natural born) and that he was born in the United States or on U.S. territory, he’s never been legally President.  TARP, the “stimulus “bills, Obama Care …. all are moot!

For the record, the last time Congress addressed the Natural Born Citizen clause in an open and honest way was in 2000.  Read H.J.Res. 88 here.

The last time the MSM talked or wrote the the NBC clause was in 2004, before Obama ran for the office of POTUS.

Congressional Members Knew Obama Was Ineligible to Run for President Did Nothing

The following statements were written by Constitutional lawyer Peter J. Spiro when discussing John McCain’s eligibility problems to run for the office of President.

Substitute Obama’s name for McCain’s and it is easy to see how we have arrived at this moment in history with America’s first knowingly ineligible President. The names and comments inserted in parenthesis are my mine & not Mr. Spiro’s.



[…] Constitutional questions do not require constitutional decisions. If non-judicial actors, including Congress (Frank, Hatch, Kennedy, Waters, Graham, McCaskill, Conyers), editorialists (NY Times, MSNBC, LA Times et al), leading members of the bar (Turley, Dean, Epstein, Toobin), and the People themselves (can you say Kool-Aid?) manage to generate a constitutional consensus, there isn’t much that the courts can do about it. In cases such as this one, at least, that seems to be an acceptable method of constitutional determination. (Acceptable? In a country that is supposed to function under and revere the rule of law? May I state for the record that you Sir are an arrogant SOB!)

[…]On the contrary, it would define the Constitution. The episode would supply an authoritative source for the determination of constitutional meaning, circa 2009. The presidential eligibility of those with similar citizenship pedigrees would be conclusively established. (President Schwarzenegger)

These statements provide the game plan used to  knowingly elect a man clearly ineligible to serve as POTUS. Look at these statements. Read and re-read them again. Let them sink in! Once they do, there cannot be any question as to the extent of the betrayal by people in whom the citizens of this country placed their trust. The actions (or inactions) of these actors may not rise to the legal definition of treason, but IMHO their behavior remains unconscionable at best.


The question isn’t which Congressional members knew Obama was ineligible to hold the office of POTUS. The real question is, who didn’t know Obama was ineligible and yet remained silent.


Why would any member of Congress or any elected official sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution do nothing and allow a man who lacks the requisite natural born citizen qualification under Article II Section 1 to become President?


The answer is simple; because there are members of Congress, who are themselves lawyers (and should possess a better understanding of the NBC clause) who don’t like the natural born citizen clause. That is actually an understatement. As stated in Part One, numerous legislators, along with an assortment of other actors in the media and elsewhere believe that the NBC requirement is no longer necessary, is discriminatory, and consider the clause to be un-American in a land of immigrants. (Say what?)


These are people who believe in the New World Order, or consider themselves to be citizens of the world along with Obama, and/or believe (or want us to believe) that the significance of citizenship is fading! They would have us believe that this country no longer faces threats from outside sources intent on destroying this country and our way of life so having a President that isn’t a natural born citizen is no big deal.


We have varied Congressional actors who knew Obama was ineligible and did nothing. They include:

  1. those who knew Obama was a fraud and simply didn’t care as long as their political agenda was met
  2. those who knew and were already comprised when they supported McCain with the non-binding Senate Resolution 511because making an exception for McCain gave them an excuse to make a bigger exception for Obama
  3. those who knew that the MSM would savage them for speaking the truth and could point to it without leading the charge. Is there anyone who believes the Clintons could have brought Obama’s citizenship status to the forefront without being viciously savaged and being called racists?
  4. those who support Arnold Schwarzenegger, knowing if Obama’s phony presidency is allowed to stand that precedence will have been set for him to run for POTUS.


The NBC clause has been a cause of concern dating back to 1860’s. At least 2 dozen attempts have been made to change the clause over the years. Despite the MSM propaganda on the topic, attention to the natural born citizenship requirement for POTUS didn’t begin with Obama and it has not one whit to do with the color of his skin.


Since 2000 there have been accelerated attempts to address the conundrum of Article II Section 1 of the Constitution. The most serious attempt was a hearing to discuss H.J.Res. 88 and held on July 24, 2000 by Congressman Barney Frank. Take of look at the names on the committees, do any of them look familiar?


Before you review these names let me point something out. While H.J.Res. 88 dealt with an amendment to allow foreign-born citizens to become President, one cannot review the hearing notes without recognizing that these same points pertain to McCain and Obama equally.


Some of these people are still in office and some are not, but all understand the meaning and consequences of the requirement that the President of the United States be a natural born citizen.


, Illinois, Chairman
, Wisconsin
GEORGE W. GEKAS, Pennsylvania
HOWARD COBLE, North Carolina
, Georgia
JAMES E. ROGAN, California
, South Carolina
MARY BONO, California
, Florida, now MSNBC host who disparages “birthers”)
r., Michigan
HOWARD L. BERMAN, California
MELVIN L. WATT, North Carolina
ZOE LOFGREN, California
, Texas
S, California
MARTIN T. MEEHAN, Massachusetts
WILLIAM D. DELAHUNT, Massachusetts
, Florida

THOMAS E. MOONEY, SR., General Counsel-Chief of Staff
, Minority Chief Counsel and Staff Director

Subcommittee on the Constitution

CHARLES T. CANADY, Florida, Chairman
, Illinois
, Arkansas
, Alabama
, Georgia
, South Carolina

MELVIN L. WATT, North Carolina
, California
, Massachusetts
r., Michigan


Who else we can point to? How about Ted Kennedy who said he would support a constitutional amendment that would enable his niece’s foreign-born husband, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to run for President.

Or Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.), who succeeded Hatch, said of Schwarzenegger: “The guy has become governor of California. What more credentials could you ask?”

Or Orrin Hatch who sponsored the “Arnold Amendment” in 2003 or John Conyers in 2006.

You want more? Do you know how many members of Congress hold law degrees? The number is 132 in the House of Representatives and 60 in the Senate.


1. Thirty-eight law schools have graduates serving in the senate.

2. Harvard Law boasts the most U.S. senators, with eight (Schumer, Stevens, Crapo, Dole, Obama, Feingold, Levin, Reed,). UVA Law is a close second, with seven (Bayh, Warner, Whitehouse, Kennedy, Bond, Cornyn, Nelson).

3. Four schools have two alumni serving in the U.S. senate, Alabama (Sessions, Shelby), Catholic (Casey, Harkin), GWU (Inoyue, Reid), Mississippi (Cochran, Lott).

4. Following schools have one each; Michigan (Salazar), Chicago (Klobuchar), Georgetown and NYU (Alexander)

5. Yale Law (Clinton, Lieberman, Specter); Georgetown (Durbin, Leahy, Webb)


Why is listing the number of Congressional members with law degrees so important?


Because these are people who have more than a basic understanding of the Constitution and the requirements to hold the office of President. And if all of this wasn’t enough, let’s not forget about the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean; all who have sworn to the public that Obama is eligible to be President at the same they have worked with Obama to keep his every record verifying his citizenship status (at the time of his birth) from the public.


Is it necessary for me to point out that one doesn’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep records secret if there are no secrets to keep?


If you do nothing else this weekend, download a copy of the H.J. 88 hearing chaired by Barney Frank in July 2000. Pay particular attention to Frank’s objections to the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution; then review pages 17 through 25 and the comments of Mr. Vazsonyl. You can jump to pages 42 though 50 and read the comments of historian Forrest McDonald.


Both men talk about the beauty and majesty of our Constitution, the rationale and significance of retaining the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution, and point out that being able to run for the office of President of our country is not a right.

As Mr. Vazsonly, himself a naturalized citizen, points out:

Our Government consists of three independent branches. In the legislative branch with its two Chambers, one of them has hundreds of Members, so a few foreigners among them really do not make that much difference. The Senate only consists of 100 Members, so 1 or 2 out of 100 again is something else. Even the Supreme Court has nine members.


Alone, the executive branch of this Government is vested in a single person. I don’t think that it is an excessive requirement of the office for that person to have grown from the American soil.


I come back to my statement, which is not particularly palatable in today’s political climate, that Americans are different. We like to believe that all people are the same. In my experience, they are not.


[…] It is unthinkable, ladies and gentlemen, that a legislator in another land would actually spend time proposing that some foreigner could become the first citizen of that land. So, Congressman Frank, you are as good an example as I have met to show that Americans pour their hearts out and want to share everything, even the Presidency.


I would say respectfully that describing this provision of the Constitution, as I said, and I will say once again, one of the solitary miracles of human history, as victimizing immigrants or being unjust, to be able to run for President is not a  right.  It is very important not to confuse the system of government with rights. Where would such a right come from? It is a well-thought-out provision of our Constitution.


I am here to tell you, after 41 years of making the most strenuous efforts of becoming American, not just legally but in every sense of the word, and having spent 40 of those 41 years living with a native-born American, that I still have not been able to even approach the temperament, the natural tolerance, the unfailing good will toward the world that Americans are famous for.


Foreigners come here and have to learn it. It is a miracle that within one generation they can do so. I think it would be expecting something even more than the impossible that they can do it within the same lifetime, and that they can forget everything they had grown up with.


“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” – John Adams


It is amazing what lengths people will go to delude themselves. Fantasy becomes reality. Truth is twisted inside out . . . good is evil … black is white. This is one of the reasons people stay and defend their abusers or continue to enable addicted friends or family members. They find themselves either unwilling or incapable of facing the truth no matter where the facts lead.

Thus we are faced with a man holding the office of President of the United States, a man that always has been ineligible to place his hand on the Lincoln bible and swear to uphold the Constitution of our country. The MSM’s narrative helped create the fantasy that Obama is America’s first black president, a Christian, and is a natural born citizen( and thus )eligible to hold the office of POTUS.

Stubborn fact #1 – Can we get the mirror out gang? The truth is Obama is not America’s first Black President as a quick view of Charles Payne clearly demonstrates.


Mr. Payne, is the great uncle of President Barack Obama. He is a prop that is trotted out on occasions like the D-Day Commemoration by Team Obama. In case anyone missed it . . . Mr. Payne is white.

In the overall scheme of things, what color Obama is or isn’t, is quite immaterial, unless of course we need him to be black in order to absolve America of its sins. The truth is BHO is bi-racial; having been born from the womb of a white American woman he cannot be America’s first black president.

The following comment is from a blogger who also refuses to drink the Kool-Aid:

Obama is not black. His mother was white. Why is it that all the race card players say he is black? You can’t do this in this case. If you mix a collie and a rottweiler do you get a collie? or is it a rottweiler? It’s neither. It’s a mutt and so is Obama. Not black not white but a Mutt.

Well, put that way, how does anyone continue to insist Obama is America’s first black president?

In all likelihood Obamaisn’t even America’s first bi-racial president as allegations abound of five other presidents having mixed ancestry. Jackson, Jefferson, Harding, Coolidge, even Abraham Lincoln’s ancestry is reported to be partially black.

This is from the Mixed Heritage Center:

Lincoln, the nation’s 16th president, served between 1861 and 1865. Lincoln was said to have been the illegitimate son of an African man, according to Leroy’s findings. Lincoln had very dark skin and coarse hair and his mother allegedly came from an Ethiopian tribe. His heritage fueled so much controversy that Lincoln was nicknamed “Abraham Africanus the First” by his opponents.


Ah, we  do live in Obama Fantasy Land. In this never, never land Obama is almost God like (quick get that damn barf bag, again)! Seems Evan Thomas and Chris (I’ve got a crush on you sweetie pie) Matthews have moved onto being Obama Crack Heads of the First Order, thrilled to acknowledge Obama’s God like presence. To which I say, “Have you two lost your friggin minds?”


Hat tip to Weasel Zippers :

Newsweek editor-at-large Evan Thomas appeared on this weekend’s edition of Inside Washington and lauded President Obama as a brave, great teacher who stands above everybody.”

These comments were only slightly less hyperbolic than a gushing assertion on Friday’s Hardball. On that program, the journalist cooed, “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above the world, he’s sort of God.”

You know, many of us ceased caring about the color of a person’s skin years ago. We grew up acknowledging Martin Luther King’s words about caring about the content of a person’s character and ignoring the color the person’s skin.

It seems it is the MSM that refuses to let it go. It is the Progressive, liberal, socialist democrats who cannot let go . . . who insist . . . insist …. that we believe their version of reality and not our eyes.

In Part II – Sorry guys, this dude is really a Brit!


Is anyone really surprised that that the quest to find the truth about Obama’s eligibility goes on or that Obama’s lack of candor surrounding his birth certificate is not going away? Apparently the White House is. Wednesday White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that he was incredulous.

” I am incredulous that the issue just won’t go away.This question, in many ways, continues to astound me. The state of Hawaii provided a copy, with a seal, of the president’s birth. I certainly hope, by the fourth year of our administration, that we’ll have dealt with this burgeoning birth controversy.”

Hmmm . . . Gibbs is astounded, incredulous even. Memo to Team Obama . . . It’s never going away . . . not until, We the People, know the truth.

Let me point out the obvious, once again. There is no controversy with the production of documents that we are entitled to see. After all, it’s not as if we are asking something unique or special of Obama. Every candidate for the office of POTUS is required to show credentials demonstrating they are eligible to hold the office.

It shouldn’t take 400,000 signatures, thousands of hours of blogging, the construction of billboards, and over 20 lawsuits to finally get the attention of the media to honestly cover this. Yet, the MSM and cable news continue to tip toe around the edges of this Constitutional crisis. It remains the elephant in the room because of Team Obama’s refusal to end the controversy by providing every shred of evidence proving his eligibility to hold office. Is there a single legitimate journalist left with the courage to finally report the truth?

Team Obama’s arrogance knows no bounds; and they remain successful at having pulled off one of the biggest hoaxes in history. But the truth has a way of coming out. The JFK /Judith Campbell affair is a case in point. At the time JFK engaged in his affair with Judith Campbell (girlfriend of Mafia Don Sam Giancana) their behavior was clothed in secrecy. Does anyone believe that JFK thought his affairs would ever become public knowledge? I think not, and the cover-up operation surrounding JFK’s affairs was small in comparison to Obama’s birth certificate/documents cover-up.

We’re talking about covering up major segments of Obama’s life that extend far beyond his citizenship and parentage. There’s just too much information out there . . . too many opportunities for people to finally tell the truth when the moment is right.

Mistakes have already been made. The obviously forged COLB ( certificate of life birth), posted on the Obama campaign website was the first mistake. Under estimating the citizen/patriots who continue to dig for truth was another one.

Like I said this is never going away!


Ah, conspiracies. Funny how that word has become one of the latest derogatory tools used by the Obama acolytes to metaphorically club anyone who opposes Obama. Take a principled stance against all that Obama and his campaign represent and be prepared to be accused of being a “tin foil” wearing conspiracy loon.

The truth is, conspiracies come in all sizes and shapes. Some conspiracies are well thought out . . . others, I submit, evolve and grow out of circumstances, timing, luck, happenstance. Do I believe there is/was an Obama Conspiracy? Yes, I do, but not the traditional plot one usually thinks of or reads about in novels.

When Obama began his run for the presidency, I’m not sure he thought he would actually capture the nomination. Hillary was the strongest of the Democratic contenders with more experience and street creds than BHO. When things began to change, particularly after the South Carolina primary, I think a loose confederation of conspirators began to assemble. I’m betting they didn’t think of themselves as conspirators while they schemed and plotted. After the Obama camp played the race card on the Clinton’s and it looked like Obama was going to take the black vote from Hillary, I think this loose confederation of Clinton haters (too strong a word?) got together and decided Obama was a better bet than Hillary.

Once the race card was hurled at the unsuspecting Clinton’s and their game was compromised, it became easier and easier for former Clinton supporters to jump ship. Some, like Bill Richardson, were always weasels. Others, like Dee Dee Myers were a surprise. The Clinton’s former press secretary was nothing more than weasel waste. Who knew? There were others like the Kennedy’s who also did a 180 degree turn on Bill and Hillary and never looked back.

Once the rats began jumping ship, I believe at some point the majority knew Obama had Constitutional eligibility problems and didn’t care. You cannot tell me that this group, of (supposedly) savvy political pros, many who hold law degrees themselves, were completely unaware of the fraud Obama was perpetrating on the voters of this country. They looked the other way because not being defeated by the Republicans was all they cared about . . . that and not risking having another Clinton White House with the possible dredging up of past Clinton sins the MSM would have another swing at. Why risk hearing and wincing about impeachment, or the Rose Law Firm, or Whitewater yet again?

So, Barack was born a British citizen, or Kenyon, or whatever . . . right? So what! Who, pray tell, will know the difference? Besides, who but a handful of scholars and lawyers actually knows what Article II Section 1 specifies? Why risk more Clinton controversy and scandal? Why, indeed.

Ironic, don’t you think . . . not wanting to risk more controversy. Obama hasn’t been officially declared President Elect by the Electoral College, the inauguration is weeks away and there are multiple lawsuits in 17 states & front of the Supreme Court questioning Obama’s eligibility to hold the office. Last week, another bomb shell. We have the selling of Obama’s Senate seat by Governor Blagojevich. Now we are asked to believe that Obama had no knowledge that the Chicago politician he supported for numerous years was engaged in this practice. Remember when Reagan was called the Teflon President? Obama has him beaten by a mile. As usual, the MSM is nowhere to be found. Still looking to find more incriminating Palin dirt, I suppose.

When one steps back and tries to put the election of 2008 into some kind of perspective, it is hard not be saddened and sobered by the spectacle of hosts politicians, voters, and the media stepping outside of reality, trashing our Republic . . . all for the sake of one man. They have put him ahead of everything we are supposed to hold dear. They have put him ahead of truth, of honesty,of common sense.

A few weeks ago I heard Zbigniew Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, say that Obama was our universal hope! As those words spilled out of Brzezinski’s mouth, I thought, “have you lost you friggin mind?” Brzezinski talked about Obama with the kind of glowing terms usually reserved for one’s savior , not a slick politician. Such is the madness surrounding the candidacy and nomination of Obama to the office of POTUS .

There is no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is gifted . . . some would say charmed, but he is but a mere mortal of a man . . . in some ways a blank slate upon which millions have projected their hopes and dreams.

As the myth of the man has been separated by the reality of his actions and the betrayals of our political system by Team Obama, Howard Dean & the DNC, and Senators like Claire McCaskill and a legion of others, a group a patriot bloggers have stood fast trying to preserve our Constitution.

We are from varied political backgrounds, having supported different candidates and philosophies in the past, we are united in our passion to hold Obama accountable! This passion is not born out of hatred for the man as many in the media and elsewhere would have you believe. My guess is that many supported Obama for a time, but simply couldn’t swill down enough Kool-Aid to look past the deception and dishonesty of his campaign.

We live in a world of “sound byte politics” with an entire generation under 30 that thinks in that superficial manner. There are no deliberative politics shown to this group of voters. All they know is the sound of another condescending quip, like “birthers” . . . the newly minted descriptor used for the patriot bloggers who have repeatedly pressed for Obama to present the credentials necessary to prove his eligibility to hold the office of POTUS as detailed in Article II Section 1 of the Constitution.

To those who accuse us of hating Obama, of wearing tin foil on our heads, of creating controversy and conspiracies where none exist, here is the point you are missing. We are fighting the good fight because of principles, because our “most perfect union”, our Republic is and must remain greater than any one man.

When Obama’s reign is over (assuming he is inaugurated & places his hand on the Bible as he swears to uphold the Constitution) what will we be left with? We must fight to make the those people we have entrusted to make the laws also follow the laws! No one is entitled to ignore any law because of convenience or because they disagree with it. That’s the point!

The Framers of our Constitution fought and thought long and hard about the nature and structure of our country. Those who have chosen to side-step this great document upon which our country and our liberties are built . . . you should be ashamed of yourselves.


For weeks bloggers have been asking this (seemingly) rhetorical question . . . why haven’t the MSM picked up on the explosive nature of the lawsuits questioning Obama’s eligibility to run for POTUS? We have the first person of color, elected to serve as the president of the most powerful nation on earth, multiple lawsuits have been filed questioning if Obama was ever eligible to run . . . and there’s a virtual news blackout. Hmm, what’s wrong with this picture?

On its face, this may be one of the two or three most important news stories of the decade, so why the blackout? The Donofrio lawsuit isn’t anchored to the “standing” issues that have plagued Berg and others. Mr. Donofrio’s suit alleges ineligibility because Barack’s father was a British citizen at the time of his birth, therefore Barack held dual citizenship thus him making ineligible to run for the office of president.

Think about this, Donofrio’s case will be discussed in conference by the United States Supreme Court ( docket no. 08A407, Donofrio v. Wells) on Dec. 5th . . . ten days before the Electoral College meets and the sound you hear is silence. If the Supremes decide this case has merit, lawyers will be arguing this case in front of the highest court in the land! Gosh, maybe it’s me but this seems more important than Palin pardoning a turkey.

I’ve finally come up with two reasons for this intransigence, the only ones left in my estimation, other than the MSM has suddenly turned stupid. Their refusal to investigate Obama’s eligibility and the potential for a Constitutional crisis is either cowardice or MSM has always known about Obama’s ineligibility problems and chose to intentionally keep this information away from the general public. If it turns out that Obama was never eligible to run for POTUS, as determined by the Supreme Court, then the MSM will have been complicit in a cover-up bigger than any fraud perpetrated by Nixon and his gang of Watergate conspirators.

Some have suggested that the MSM’s cowardice is because they “fear” racial strife, riots, and worse. To which I would say these kinds of thoughts have been put out there by the MSM itself. Candidly, I have always been surprised that leaders in the black community haven’t come forward to condemn this stereotypical image of black violence in our community. Leaders in the black community should condemn this stereotyping as it demeans the black community and all of America. Further, if the MSM really felt that violence was/is a possibility, why haven’t there been shows on the futility of violence, or discussions about how all American’s need to come together and not pulled apart despite disappointment in individual politicians.

Should it turn out that Obama was always ineligible,  we can still be proud that this country demonstrated it could elect a black man, a man of color, of mixed heritage to the office of POTUS. There was no “Bradley effect” . . . Obama won because people of all ethnicities voted for him. Nothing changes that fact! Regardless of ultimate outcome of Obama’s eligibility for the office, let me say again, nothing changes that fact. We have grown as a nation. We can be proud of that growth.

If it turns out that the MSM has been complicit in a cover-up, the consequences will be devastating, particularly for the voters who were swayed into voting for Obama by the CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times etc. The fourth estate will have destroyed itself, imploded on itself because of its own arrogance and lack of foresight.

Mr. Obama . . . end the speculation, step up to the plate, put your ambitions aside, be a patriot. If you love America, release all the pertinent documents so we can move on. History will not judge you kindly until and unless these eligibility issues are cleared up, once and for all. Doubt will hang over your presidency like a thick fog. The whispers will always be there, “he was a fraud.”

Here’s yet another voice asking why no birth certificate. (H/T Oil for Immigration)


As I write this, I find it incomprehensible that MSM is virtually silent on the Constitutional crisis that is before us . . . one that could have been easily averted if Mr. Obama had simply produced the records that prove that he is a natural born citizen as described in Article II Section 1of the Constitution.

But he hasn’t and the only logical conclusion one can reach is Obama can’t prove he meets the eligibility requirements for president as determined by the Framers of the Constitution. We all know that and so too the Obamabots. I remain incredulous that citizens should be forced to the take the extreme action of filing suit in order to obtain such basic information.

Why would Obama fail to comply with basic requests that include his school records etc? Possibly as, Dr. Kate wrote a few days on TD Blog, it’s because his sealed records, including college financial aid applications, papers, and coursework, and his financial aid applications (would) reveal his foreign status.

[…] I believe his Columbia and Harvard papers could reveal his examination of the “weaknesses” of the U.S. Constitution and ways to “remedy” them using “administrative procedures” as discussed in this 2001 radio interview.

Think it’s possible that the shuck ‘ jive routine about Obama’s thesis is because it concentrated on topics like naturalized, natural born, or dual citizenship as regards the eligibility for POTUS? And before anyone writes to tell me his thesis at Columbia was on nuclear negotiations with the Soviets . . . don’t. Copies of Michelle’s thesis from Princeton are available on line, but not Barack’s. Curious don’t you think? No one can find a single page, a draft, anything that resembles hard copy.

As anyone who has been following this knows, Obama, the DNC, and his teams of lawyers have ignored all requests to present these documents . . . documents that would be requested of anyone seeking the highest office in the land. And so, with the January inauguration around the corner we now have a case resting in front of the Supremes. If the Justices of the Supreme Court agree to hear this case, I cannot help but wonder what kind of shock wave is going to go through this country.

I have this picture in my mind of all those people on the Titantic, sailing in that sea of icebergs, about to hit one head on . . . clueless about the tragedy ahead of them. The Captain of the ship who was aware … ignored the warnings. Along side of these visions I keep thinking about the MSM, aware of the consequences if Obama is found to be ineligible, ignoring the warnings. Possibly hoping like the Captain of the Titanic, that icebergs could be averted?

The Donofrio v Wells lawsuit is the only one that is not anchored to Obama’s birth certificate, instead focusing on the fact that Obama held dual citizenship at birth. This case does not face the same challenges regarding “standing” that the long list of other lawsuits face. For this reason alone, it has (IMHO) the best chance of succeeding. What has happened since Monday and as detailed on a new site I recommend to anyone looking for more in-depth coverage is that:

the United States Supreme Court scheduled the case – Leo C. Donofrio v. Nina Mitchell Wells, Secretary of State of the State of New Jersey – US Supreme Court Docket No. 08A407 – for a conference of the nine Justices. The conference is a completely private affair and the public may not attend. If four of the nine Justices vote to hear the case in full, oral argument may be scheduled. The conference is scheduled for December 5, 2008, ten days before the meeting of the Electoral College.

According to Attorney Donofrio:


I am awaiting clarification from the Clerk’s office at the United States Supreme Court as to whether my stay application has now been accepted in lieu of a more formal full petition for certiorari (and/or mandamus or prohibition). Such a transformation is a rare and significant emergency procedure. It was used in Bush v. Gore, a case I have relied on in my brief.

We do know the case has certainly been “DISTRIBUTED for Conference“, a process usually reserved for full petitions of certiorari. Stays are usually dealt with in a different manner. As to a stay application, a single Justice may; a) deny the stay; b) grant the stay; c) refer the stay to the full Court.

If you haven’t looked at the CONSTITUTION, Bill of Rights, and the other key documents that form our democracy in a very long time, please visit The Charters of Freedom.charters_doc_image_821 It is a great site to visit and I highly recommend that people that want to comment on the merits of the Donofrio suit may want to visit before posting their comments.

John Marshall, oil painting (reproduction) by Rembrandt Peale, 1826

During the thirty-five years that John Marshall served as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, he asserted both the power of the judiciary as a coequal branch of government and the supremacy of Federal authority.

Courtesy of the Supreme Court of the United States Washington, DC