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Obama’s Popularity Plummets Because of the Progressives Poverty of Spirit & Soul

During the past 4 years, we have witnessed (in horror) the ascent of Obama and Progressives as they have gone about destroying America and her Constitution. We have also witnessed the vacuous nature of the Progressives and their hateful, pernicious ideology.

Progressivism is selfish, a self-indulgent salve used to cover immaturity and  self-loathing.

Some of the most telling, inane comments ever heard include:

The one time comedian, Bill Maher whining while he defames God, religion, the Tea Party etc. “Where’s the equivalent of my Tea Party?” Ya Bill, I wonder why there isn’t a Tea Party type organization for people like you?

One self proclaimed “enlightened” talker on radio was heard boasting, “Since there is no God we have to do the hard work for those unfairly treated by society!” Ah, ya; sounds like you’d be a good fill-in for God.

A recent portrayal of Abe Lincoln on the History Channel was not immune. In one segment, the show declared that it was rumored that Honest Abe had a tendency to sleep with one man in particular, ergo he must be … well, you know.

As Obama's ratings go down, the Progressives hysteria goes up!

Obama has said that his salvation is dependent on collective salvation. What a hideous concept!

Can you imagine trading your individual relationship with God for the hope that the dolt next to you does the “right thing” in accordance to the day’s latest policy pronouncement.

As the ham handed Progressives and Team Obama implemented their radical left agenda, smashing the dreams and ideals of citizens of every color and persuasion, people of conscious raced as far away from them as quickly as possible.

Obama’s approval ratings are so low that White House insiders are wondering if there’s a way they “kill” Osama bin Laden a second time!

As Obama’s ratings plummet along with the repudiation of his “Progressive” policies, his supporters in the MSM, labor, in Congress continue  to be more strident and hysterical.  Their poisonous rhetoric demonstrates how frustrated, disillusioned, angry…AND CLUELESS they really are!

They don’t get it. It’s not about pretty speeches, it’s about policies that bring RESULTS; and that means jobs, secure borders, the freedom to choose the health care that is best for our families and not dictated by some central government agency!

Robin over at American Thinker opines:


The left wants to tear Americans down.  Just as the Weatherman did to those naive lost kids, they want to break our spirits.  This goal of degradation is more crucial than their one-world government.

The progressives want to turn us into them, to make us feel as deprived and depraved and deadened.  It’s the only way that they can silence the roar of shame and self-loathing.

What they don’t understand is this: it’s not going to happen.  There are too many of us who won’t be hypnotized, who have a light in us that will not be extinguished.

We see right through them.  We know who they are: the most piteous of human beings, and the most dangerous.  Men without a country, orphans far from home.  The forsaken and disowned.

They’re “hungry ghosts,” to use a Tibetan phrase: tormented beings who are starving to death from an inner void that they cannot fill, no matter how much they try.

Mother Teresa was once asked how she coped with serving the poorest of the poor in Calcutta.  She responded that what she saw in the cities of the United States was much more disturbing, because it was a “poverty of the spirit.”

Poverty of the spirit.  No truer words can be spoken of the progressive left.  And they want nothing more than impoverishing your spirit as well.


This was originally written in 2010 shortly after Obamacare passed on a strictly partisan basis…not a single GOP member voting for it.


I never really cared for Ronald Reagan that much, having believed the propaganda from the left and the MSM, that he wasn’t terribly bright … I was wrong!  I confess to thinking he was just a nice man who could tell a good joke … after all he had impeccable timing having been an actor, don’t you know!


I always thought that the term liberal main stream media, was a fabrication of all those nasty Republicans and conservatives … I was wrong. Watching the Constitutionally ineligible Obama get elected in 2008 watching and the tactics (truth squads, voter intimidation) used by Team Obama (and the MSM) to obstruct the will of the voters (18 millions voters can’t be wrong), to side-step and ignore the Constitution has completely changed my opinion.


This doesn’t mean that I will ever call myself a Republican or that I admire everything the Reagan administration did.  They used sleight of hand just as effectively as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid do today.  After all who can forget  Iran-Contra or the huge deficit Reagan left upon leaving office?


That having been said, how can one listen to these videos and not acknowledge Reagan was right when it came to socialism and the progressives?  Think yesterday’s “historic” passage of the Dem’s health care package happened in a vacuüm?


Think again. Damn it, Reagan was right!


And so, today we have government mandated health care for every citizen with the threat of 16,500 IRS agents to be hired every month to make sure every citizen purchases health insurance … this in the land of the free and the brave!

A Review of the Top 7 Obama Lies in 2009

There are lies and then there are damnable lies.

Number 1 –

Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to hold the office of POTUS. BHO has never been eligible to be President.  His desire for truth and transparency in government is selectively applied; but never as it applies to any record that verifies he is a Natural Born Citizen.  On the first day in office he issued his first executive order that specified that all of HIS personal records were to be withheld from the public!

Here’s a partial list of what we still can’t see:  (more here)

  1. Certified copy of original birth certificate
  2. Columbia University transcripts and thesis
  3. Occidental College Transcripts
  4. Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups
  5. Harvard University transcripts
  6. Illinois State Senate records and schedule
  7. Law practice client list and billing records/summary
  8. Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mothers
  9. Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)
  10. Parent’s marriage Certificate
  11. Record of baptism
  12. Selective Service registration records
  13. Schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007
  14. List of all campaign workers that are lobbyists
  15. Punahou grade school records

Whether BHO was born in Kenya or Hawaii is immaterial.  What counts is his citizenship status on the day he was born! His Kenyan father was a British subject and as such British citizenship was passed onto Barack.  His mother was too young to confer her citizenship status on her son. The fact that BHO admits to being a dual citizen (opps… make that Citizen of the World) automatically disqualifies him as well.  To date, World Net Daily has  estimated that BHO and his team of obscurers of fact have spent 1.7 million keeping the truth hidden. So much for truth and transparency!

Number 2 –

If BHO was elected he would govern as a moderate and in a bipartisan manner.  Well, the jokes on all the fools who believed that trash.

Obama’s policies are extreme by any measure. Let’s see Obama has given us TARP, passed without anyone in Congress having read the bill.  We have multiple czars (34 at last count?) that act as his shadow government, we’ve witnessed the government takeover of the banking industry, most of the US auto industry, bailouts for Wall Street and nothing for small business and Main Street.  The coup de grâce is Obama’s healthcare legislation despised by 85% of Americans who want change but not this boondoggle!  If this guy isn’t a radical, who is?  The question in 2010 isn’t, “will the corrupt Dems  lose seats in Congress?”  The question is, “How many seats will be lost?”

Number 3 –

Obama’s election would change the world’s view of America … our enemies would suddenly put down their spears and pick up ploughshares because of the color of Obama’s skin … and the choir sang Amen!   Let’s see, South American dictator Hugo Chavez, who thought Bush left a sulfur smell when he talked at the United Nations finds Obama leaves that same sulfur smell behind.  The Iranians have just flipped Obama “the bird”  when it comes to their nuclear program.  They have every intention of enriching nuclear fuel.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s latest notice to Obama is simple, “try and stop us!”

And while we are at it, there are many people in Europe who are finally coming to see what an empty suit BHO really is.  Obama-mania is finally over and the Obama hangover has set in! The Brits call him President Pantywaist!

Number 4 –

Race relations in this country were going to improve. Not only haven’t race relations improved, they have gotten worse.  Of course, yelling “racist” every time anyone with lighter skin than BHO holds an opposing view hasn’t helped.  In fact, the race card has been played so many times it no longer shocks anyone … it does quite the opposite including “pissing” people off.

Number 5 –

Obama became our first black President.  Come on now, not only isn’t he our first black president he isn’t even the first man in office whose bi-racial background was known.  According to Diversity Inc. not only isn’t Obama our first mixed race president at least five other presidents came from mixed race backgrounds.  Historian Leroy Vaughn, author of Black People and Their Place in World History state emphatically that Thomas Jefferson was the nation’s first black president.

Number 6 –

Obama is a great orator.  Ah, not exactly.  This is true, but only as long as BHO has his teleprompter with him.  Ever hear him try to speak without his teleprompter?  He sounds like he is barely educable. Remember this golden oldie?

Number – 7

If Obama were elected, blacks and other minorities would thrive and advance.  With the jobless rate over 10% in middle class communities, the black unemployment rate is 15.6 percent today, as opposed to 11.9 percent in December 2008, over 50 percent higher than the white unemployment rate.

Rep. Maxine Waters made it clear that the caucus could cause trouble for future Democratic bills by voting with the Republicans. The protest was in response to what the CBC considers to be a blatant disregard for African American issues by the Obama Administration.


Some things in life are really simple.  Getting the economy moving forward isn’t brain surgery. The problem with our economy is the people in charge don’t have the talent to run a lemonade stand and make a profit. Who on Team Obama has actually created a job … a real job, not a government job?


The list of their lack of skill sets and competencies  is magnified all the more because they came into office believing their own press releases, believing that because they could win an election they could manage the US economy and govern our country.  Wrong Tonto!

Here’s what Main Street and small business owners, the backbone of this economy, know … the economy could rapidly get into gear, jobs would return, and consumers would begin spending if Team Obama were smart enough to do the following:

1. Reduce credit card interest  rates to 15% or less.  Banks should not be allowed to charge their customers more than 3 or 4 times of the savings rate at their banks.  In the 70’s, credit card companies were prohibited by law from charging customers more than 12% interest rates. With credit card debt at an all time high, consumers simply will not go out and spend until their credit card debt is greatly reduced.

Not only is it unconscionable to charge interest rates of 29% in this economy with millions of people unemployed and without jobs and with millions of home foreclosures on the rise with no end in sight, it is simply bad business!

The pigs at the credit card interest trough are greedy and incredibly shortsighted. Unless consumers get some relief credit card customers will simply walk away and default.  Credit card rates of 29% … are nothing less than usury … even guys with names like Rocco and Knuckles would blush at those rates!

2.  Return the unused tarp funds back to the treasury. This program has been nothing more than a colossal FLOP!  Start paying down the deficit which tripled after Bush left office.  While you are at it, stop blaming Bush

3.  Everyone in the government, in Congress, the Executive branch, the Judiciary, every department head, everyone takes a 10% cut in salary.  That means BHO should be first in line, along with Speaker Peloisi and Harry Reid.  Great leaders lead by example and never ask those following them to do anything they themselves wouldn’t do.

The only exception is for those in the military who have been fighting and dying for this country and our way of life. These people and their families who have sacrificed so much get a 10% increase in pay.

4.  Stop the government bailouts and get rid of all those czars.  Four or five czars is understandable, close to 40 is asinine and overkill.  Talking about overkill, why does Michelle need 24 assistants … an all time high for a First Lady?  The country should be tightening and reigning in its spending.

5.  Demand that banks free up capital and begin lending and don’t replicate the SBA small business ARC program which was another colossal failure.

  • Low interest loans under $50,000 should be fast tracked with a minimum of red tape for companies in business at least 3 years or for companies that already have a track record although in business under 3 years.
  • Instead of giving $250 to seniors  the country, give small business owners the tools needed to stay in business and create new jobs, reduce credit card rates for small businesses.  A reduction in rates means turning those dollars into company purchases or new hires.

Part 2 tomorrow … Why reducing credit card rates was number one on this list


The question is why would anyone go to CNN or MSNBC for news anymore?  Anyone not know what the talking heads are going to say before they’ve opened their mouths?

The biggest story right now is the uprising of middle America along with all points north, south, east and west over Obamacare.  There is genuine rage over the shabby way Obama and the Democratically  (laughable term don’t you think?) controlled Congress has tried to ram rod this piece of junk legislation through.

And while thousands of voters across the country have jammed themselves into Town Hall meetings to hear their elected officials try to justify a massive overhaul of our current health care system (however imperfect) what was MSNBC reporting on?  Governor Stanford (wasn’t that over three weeks ago?), water boarding, birthers, and all the purported racists (53% of the country?) that are against “reform” because Obama is “black”… ya right!

In case you missed this, MSNBC and CNN have done such a good job of driving viewers away this year that one wonders how many left leaning radicals are left that have time to put their wine glasses down to turn on the day’s latest propagana.

This is from Media Bistro:

July Ratings: Fox News Beats MSNBC & CNN Combined in Total Day and Prime

Fox News Channel continued its cable news dominance in July not only beating CNN and MSNBC combined, but showing the most growth in the younger demo. In A25-54 viewers, FNC is up 48% in total day, and up 70% in primetime, compared to July ’08.

FNC had 9 of the top 10 shows in cable news in Total Viewers and ranks as the third most-watched basic cable channel behind USA and TNT.

Cable news’ #1 show for 104 consecutive months, “The O’Reilly Factor”, is up 37% over July ’08. “Glenn Beck Program” is up the most, up 120% over last year’s 5pmET show. “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” is up 60% and “Hannity” is up 41%.

More info on FNC’s July, after the jump…

– FNC’s audience expanded in all categories during July 2009, besting CNN and MSNBC combined in viewership (for both Total Day and Prime) according to Nielsen Media Research.

In the key 25-54 demographic, FNC posted the largest gains among all cable news networks in both Total Day and Prime Time  increasing an extraordinary 48% and 70% respectively when compared to July 2008.

– Among basic cable networks, FNC ranked third for the month in prime time viewership behind only USA Network and TNT, with CNN and MSNBC lagging behind at 15th and 26th, respectively, while continuing to battle each other for third place in cable news.

– FNC also secured nine out of the top 10 rated programs in cable news for the month based on total viewership. The O’Reilly Factor marked #1 for 104 consecutive months in July and led all programs with 3,075,000 viewers, ending the month up 37% over July 2008. Hannity was second, up 41%. Other notables include: On the Record with Greta Van Susteren (up 60%); Glenn Beck (up 120%); The FOX Report with Shepard Smith (up 36%)

– In the key 25-54 demographic, FNC expanded upon an already dominant lead in Prime Time averaging 530,000 viewers surging 70% compared with CNN’s 377,000 (up 40%) and MSNBC’s 252,000 (flat). In total day, FNC averaged 301,000 (up 48%) compared to CNN 231,000 (up 39%) and MSNBC’s 143,000 (down 7%). Meanwhile, CNN’s latest failure in Prime Time, Campbell Brown, finished in fourth place (boo hoo can you say Paula Zahn?) in 25-54 behind FNC, HLN and MSNBC at 8:00pm ET.

I’d say I can’t wait for both networks to go bankrupt, but I’m afraid they might go to Obama Administration and ask for bail out money!  You know how that goes … their are too big to fail!


Reading about the Obama administration’s handling of the economy this morning, my emotions ran from outrage to outright laughter.  Let’s go to the outrage first.

Anyone that’s in business will understand the following query.  I questioned why Chrysler/Obama Motors decided on closing dealerships that are profitable and cost Chrysler nothing.

In the first place, in addition to jobs for economy, a dealership provides an opportunity for market share.  In the second place, since the dealerships buy the cars from Chrysler, the dealers are really customers . . .  cash paying customers. These are entrepreneurs that lay it on the line by risking their own money.  If the cars these dealers buy from Chrysler don’t sell, the dealers loose, not Chrysler.

Hello . . .  who turns away paying customers?  The answer is  . . . Obama Motors . . . the new government auto maker, populated with persons incapable of running a lemonade stand profitably.  Why?

Well it appears the 789 dealerships being closed had (with few exceptions) one thing in common.  These dealers contributed heavily to the Republican Party.  Opps, my bad, Obamanomics doesn’t allow for differing opinions, ideas, or support for competing political  parties.

Numerous sources that include  Investor’s Business Daily and World Net Daily are reporting:

“Many of the closed dealers were also major donors to Republican candidates and political action committees, a review of campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission shows,” Kenneth Timmerman wrote at NewsMax.com.

“How do we account for the fact millions of dollars were contributed to GOP candidates by Chrysler who are being closed by the government, but only one has been found so far that is being closed that contributed to the Obama campaign in 2008?” asked Examiner.com editorial page editor Mark Tapscott.

“The initial pass at the list of shuttered dealers showed they had donated, in the aggregate, millions to Republican candidates and PACs and a total of $200 to Barack Obama,”

OK, now for a good laugh this morning.  Hat tip to The Black Sphere.  This is a video worthy of The Onion. Enjoy!