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This is from Media Bistro

As 2009 comes to a close, we’re giving you a look at how the cable news networks grew during the first decade of the 21st Century. In the case of Fox News, stratospheric growth of nearly 570% over 10 years. The charts track each network’s Nielsen ratings average for each of the last 10 years, from Dec. 27, 1999 – Dec. 23, 2009. First, the total day ratings averages for Monday-Sunday. And after the jump, the A25-54 demo.

Wondering why such a dramatic growth?  Hmmm maybe this post from Bill Mann will tell you why.  Never heard of him?  Me neither … I happened across his post while I was slumming over at HuffPo. Apparently I don’t get out much.

If fact, if YOU watch FOX News you don’t get out much either.  Must be the bitterness and gun clinging that is keeping us in.

The Huffington Post piece added that shows like the dimbulb “O’Reilly Factor” have kicked ass this year. But isn’t that what the thuggish Bill-O does..kick ass? Well, beat up on people.
I’ll let you in on a little secret among many of us TV critics. One you may well have already guessed. There are a lot if shut-ins out there. Lots of them.
My daughter, for example, lived until recently in an apartment in the San Francisco Area above a woman she never met. The woman’s TV was on literally 24 hours a day, and tobacco smoke wafted from her dreary cocoon. She left her door ajar, presumably to let some smoke escape, so I could hear what was on TV when I walked past her door. The woman, who wasn’t disabled, rarely went out (and she wasn’t elderly), and she was watching mostly Fox News. Quelle surprise!

And that boys and girls just about says it all.

When we were in college we used to have a word for pompous idiots like Mann, we used to call them flying assholes.  Yup, Mr. Mann is a Flying A!

If you want to see just how big a Flying A Mann is, read the rest of his article … that is if you can put your cigarette down long enough ( with those tobacco stained fingers of yours) and click over there.


TVNEWSER is reporting that Barbara WaWa is going to air a 5-part interview with our girl Sarah.

My only comments are as follows … do you think we can trust Barbara to actually give Sarah an honest interview or will the final product be another hatchet job ala Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric?

If ABC doesn’t treat Palin fairly this time, you can bet this will be the final nail in the coffin for that network.

Barbara Walters Sits Down with Sarah Palin for 5-Part Interview

By Chris Ariens on Nov 04, 2009 12:30 PM


ABC’s Barbara Walters will sit down with former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for a five-part interview series later this month.

The interview, timed to coincide with the release of “Going Rogue: An American Life,” begins airing on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, Nov. 17. Portions will also air that week on “Nightline” and on “20/20” Friday, Nov. 20.

We’re told the interview will take place both before and after Palin’s sit-down with Oprah Winfrey on Nov. 16.

It was Walters’ ABC colleague Charlie Gibson who got the first sit-down with Palin after she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election.

What Really Happened to WTC Building 7; Questioning EVERYTHING Reported By the MSM

There simply is no reason to believe anything the MSM puts out there as factual. The media can no longer be trusted … can no longer be believed … too many lies over too many years!

FOX comes the closest to consistently reporting all sides of an issue, with the exception of reporting why Obama’s British/dual citizenship status on the day he was born disqualifies him for the office of POTUS. Nope .. too cowardly!

After witnessing the events that have brought us a faux president, why shouldn’t we question a host of other stories/ issues that have been “reported” by the MSM.

I find myself questioning everything that has been reported as fact for the last 30 years. Tell me, why  should be believe anything they tell us anymore?

Here is the first in a series of questions I’ve had for years.  What really happened to WTC Building 7?

National Geographic recently produced  a show to debunk 9/11 conspiracy theories.  The approach was to depict anyone who questions what happened on 9/11 as a wingnut. If the NatGeo’s facts were so strong, why devote less than 1 minute addressing WTC  building 7 in a 2 hour show?

Why didn’t the 9/11 Commission have subpoena power?

Do you believe “them” or do you believe your own eyes?

There is no victory in being right in this case. You can’t blame people for wanting to believe in their government, those entrusted to do what is in the best interest of the people. But the facts don’t lie and physical laws can’t be changed.

Isn’t the TRUTH what we want from the people running this country … what most of us want from our government, its official, the courts,  and the media? What a sad state of affairs … we have a country with more power brokers than patriots!  A selfish, self righteous, sanctimonious group that cares little about anything or anyone but themselves!


I‘m angry.

Like many, I thought Charlie Gibson’s interview with Sarah Palin left a lot to be desired, however, I was willing to give him the benefit of doubt. And,yes, I knew a two day interview had to edited.

Watching Gibson’s condescending, peevish approach to Sarah Palin while peering at her over his glasses was annoying enough, but what I didn’t know was the extent to which ABC Faux News edited the Palin interview to make her look foolish.

Gibson’s “gotcha question” about the Bush Doctrine was poorly stated . . . his definition incorrect . . . Palin’s answer truncated. When you look at the full interview without the edits, the only conclusion one can reach is that ABC intentionally edited Palin to diminish her make her look like a light weight.

When Gibson asked:

GIBSON: Have you ever met a foreign head of state?

What you didn’t hear was:

PALIN: There in the state of Alaska, our international trade activities bring in many leaders of other countries.

GIBSON: And all governors deal with trade delegations.

PALIN: Right.

GIBSON: Who act at the behest of their governments.

PALIN: Right, right.

When Gibson and Palin discussed Alaska and its proximity to Russia:

What you didn’t hear was:

And, Charlie, you’re in Alaska.

We have that very narrow maritime border between the United States, and the 49th state, Alaska, and Russia. They are our next door neighbors.We need to have a good relationship with them.They’re very, very important to us and they are our next door neighbor.

ABC News, the network that Peter Jennings built with his integrity and grit can no longer be TRUSTED to present the news fairly.

If you want to register a complaint with ABC News follow the this link.

While you are at it, it might be time to register a complaint with the FCC. We, the voters of this country, regardless of party affiliation deserve better than this!