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This was originally written in 2010 shortly after Obamacare passed on a strictly partisan basis…not a single GOP member voting for it.


I never really cared for Ronald Reagan that much, having believed the propaganda from the left and the MSM, that he wasn’t terribly bright … I was wrong!  I confess to thinking he was just a nice man who could tell a good joke … after all he had impeccable timing having been an actor, don’t you know!


I always thought that the term liberal main stream media, was a fabrication of all those nasty Republicans and conservatives … I was wrong. Watching the Constitutionally ineligible Obama get elected in 2008 watching and the tactics (truth squads, voter intimidation) used by Team Obama (and the MSM) to obstruct the will of the voters (18 millions voters can’t be wrong), to side-step and ignore the Constitution has completely changed my opinion.


This doesn’t mean that I will ever call myself a Republican or that I admire everything the Reagan administration did.  They used sleight of hand just as effectively as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid do today.  After all who can forget  Iran-Contra or the huge deficit Reagan left upon leaving office?


That having been said, how can one listen to these videos and not acknowledge Reagan was right when it came to socialism and the progressives?  Think yesterday’s “historic” passage of the Dem’s health care package happened in a vacuüm?


Think again. Damn it, Reagan was right!


And so, today we have government mandated health care for every citizen with the threat of 16,500 IRS agents to be hired every month to make sure every citizen purchases health insurance … this in the land of the free and the brave!


The work by Linda A. Melin, Citizen Researcher in her three part series, at Constitutionally Speaking is a must read.

The enormity of what took place in the 2008 election for President of the United States is both stunning and sobering. The reality is, not only did we have two candidates running for the office who were constitutionally ineligible to hold office as required under Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 (A2, S1, C5) of the Constitution, but in order for this to happen, high ranking officials in both the DNC and the RNC (whose job is to verify and certify the eligibility of their candidates to hold the office of POTUS) had to falsify and/or modify documents certifying their candidates eligibility to the 50 Secretarys of State.

I want you to go to Constitutionally Speaking (CS)… but not quite yet.

As I have written numerous times, most members of Congress (past and present), knew that Obama was constitutionally ineligible for the office of President and remained silent. The names include Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Shelia Jackson Lee, Joe Scarborough, Ted Kennedy, Orrin Hatch… the list is endless. This is the dirty little secret known to most everyone in Washington, in the MSM, and in the legal community. It was purposely kept from the general public. Read here and here.

The CS series provides exhaustive details of Congress’ extensive knowledge & avoidance of the Natural Born Citizen clause of the Constitution. The mission of these legislators was simple … eliminate and destroy this clause that the Framers of our Republic felt so strongly about.

Make no mistake, electing an ineligible Obama was done with intentional malice leading to the destruction of the Constitution.

As law professor Peter J. Spiro made abundantly clear on the topic:

[…] “Constitutional questions do not require constitutional decisions. If non-judicial actors, including Congress (Frank, Hatch, Kennedy, Waters, Graham, McCaskill, Conyers), editorialists (NY Times, MSNBC, LA Times et. al.), leading members of the bar (Turley, Dean, Epstein, Toobin), and the People themselves (can you say Kool-Aid?)manage to generate a constitutional consensus, there isn’t much that the courts can do about it. In cases such as this one, at least, that seems to be an acceptable method of constitutional determination.

In other words, it is perfectly alright to ignore those parts of the Constitution you do not agree with. Just ignore what you don’t like and if others agree with you and/or conspire with you, why bother with legislation to change it?  What we have is de facto change we can believe in! mmm,mmm,mmm!

Stepping back to see where we’ve come from and where we are to today is warranted.

I began asking questions about Obama’s citizenship in August 2008, here and here as did others. The questions were simple enough, if Obama’s father was Kenyan how could Obama meet the natural born citizenship requirement for POTUS? His own website clearly stated that Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.’s children.

It seemed to be a simple question to me, one of extreme importance given the fact that if Obama was ineligible this country was embarked on electing a fraud. More importantly, as Dr. EdwinVieira detailed in October of 2008, if we elected Obama and he was found to be ineligible after the fact, every law passed, every appointment, etc, would be moot.

Certainly the MSM would jump to cover this story, right? Yet inexplicably, as we witnessed, they were either silent or they purposely mislead the public as to the true nature of the controversy. The question wasn’t whether Obama was a US citizen when he was elected, the question was and remains, what was Obama’s citizenship status on the day he was born; that is the primary question.

Legal analysts and JournoListers like Jeffery Toobin, lied and spread misinformation about the meaning of natural born citizenship as did other legal analysts on CNN. Jonathan (if you want a purebred, get a dog) Turley and John (the clause is pernicious) Dean both OPPONENTS of the natural born citizen clause were just as complicit remaining silent.

Then we had members of Congress, many who are attorneys themselves, who sat on committees bent on changing the NBC. Their intent was specific… obliterate the NBC clause and extend this very particular presidential requirement to virtually anyone that could chew gum and walk a straight line. They all remained silent, demonstrating once again that inactions can have consequences. As you will see in Constitutionally Speaking,Congress has been more active about subverting the NBC than even I had discovered. See here and here.

What we have seen in the last year and half is a multitude of public officials that either didn’t do their job (the New Jersey Secretary of State is the most egregious example. See Donofrio v. Wells), or who purposely lied, obfuscated, or ignored the underlying issues of Obama’s citizenship status. They put their politics and their grab for power ahead of our country.

Canada Free Press has reported on intimidation tactics used on the few reporters or media people willing to risk bringing the truth to light. We all know how Lou Dobbs was treated for merely questioning why Obama hasn’t produced records which verify his eligibility. It has been evident to anyone with half a brain that media personalities were instructed to avoid any discussion of the birth certificate issue at all costs.When Ann Coulter is saying “birthers” are crazy, someone is holding a very big stick, one few have the courage to mess with.

Also reported by J. B. Williams & CFP, are charges that high ranking Democratic party officials knew that Obama was not constitutionally eligible, that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knew that she was signing false statements when she was certifying his eligibility for the 50 states as required in the election process.


The truth is that in the 2008 election for POTUS neither John McCain or Barack Obama were eligible to hold the office of president. Donofrio was spot on with his law suit against the New Jersey Secretary of State.

Not only did she allow McCain and Obama’s names on the ballot without checking their citizenship status, but she also allowed Roger Calero, a man born in Nicaragua with a green card to to be placed on the ballot to run for President.

In the background, numerous law suits seeking information we are entitled to see have been ongoing and to no one’s surprise, under reported by the MSM. The sad reality is that not one case has been heard on its merits.

It started with Judge Surrick’s ruling in September of 2008. What Surrick said was that Berg’s case lacked standing and that voters weren’t personally harmed by a possibly ineligible Obama. Why? Because voters had a choice to vote for someone besides Obama in the national election. The problem with that argument is that if you were a Hillary supporter, your choice for president was taken away before the national election was held.

The truth is that the judiciary of this country has let its citizens down whether through cowardice or complicity, or ignorance. After all, what is left to say when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg purposely chooses to ignore the NBC clause as it relates to her grandson? Is it any wonder that the Supreme Court declined to hear the Donofrio v Wells case?

Which leads us to today, Constitutionally Speaking, and part III in her series of subversion and malfeasance by the Congress of this United States which is slated for later today. We are promised even more explosive detailed information. Stay tuned!


Now that it is clear that Obama doesn’t have a shot at winning this election on his own, and now that Sarah Palin is the country’s new super star (Oh, Barack, you are so yesterday), they are reduced to asking the women they dissed for months to help them win!

According to an article in the New York Times the Obama Camp is turning to Clinton to Counter Palin! After they way they dissed her and her voters for months on end, they have the gall to ask Hillary to help them.

ST. PAUL — Senator Barack Obama will increasingly lean on prominent Democratic women to undercut Gov. Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain, dispatching Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to Florida on Monday and bolstering his plan to deploy female surrogates to battleground states, Obama advisers said Thursday.

Real men wouldn’t need sexism or use the MSM as their surrogates to club women opponents in order to win an election. Bullies do that. Demonstrating how little pride Obama and his team have, the article continues:

With the McCain-Palin team courting undecided female voters, including some who backed Mrs. Clinton in the Democratic primaries, Obama aides said they were counting on not only Mrs. Clinton but also Democratic female governors to rebut Ms. Palin — and, by extension, Mr. McCain.

Real men would never ask women (especially those they helped trash) to help them win either. Only WHIMPS do that!


The first political ad picturing Barack Obama with his arm around the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has just been released by the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) . The cable networks have been playing it for several days along with companion pieces of Rev. Wright and his Bill Moyers interview on PBS. The ad ends with the tag line, “too extreme for North Carolina.” (Some would say, too extreme for this country, a little voice said internally.) Welcome to fall campaign. Fasten your seat belts because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Amid the controversy surrounding the North Carolina political ad, the New York Times has just taken Hillary and her campaign to task for “negative campaigning and the destruction of the Democratic Party. Apparently pointing out an opponent’s weaknesses or your own strengths is now labeled negative by those determined to anoint Barak, and the rest of us be damned. As I read the editorial, I wondered which campaign the Times has been monitoring; because it bears little resemblance to the one Hillary’s supporters have been a part of. Are the people of the New York Times living in a parallel universe? Do these people ever step outside of themselves? Give me a break!

Of course, Obama and Rev. Wright continue to turn a deaf ear to what “ typical white folk” think and feel, as they dis Hillary and her supporters (of all colors and hues), and as Obama’s surrogates intentionally use race baiting as a tactic to viciously attack anyone who questions Obama’s credentials to serve as president. Obama’s air of superiority has become so insufferable that I can barely look at him for more than a few seconds.

This past week he has given us another stellar performance. First we had to endure his remarks about his “unfair” treatment during the ABC debate while he condescendingly flipped Hillary off; class guy, that Barack. Then we had Obama using product placement during one of his speeches with, not one but three, supporters standing behind him in Abercrombie & Fitch tees.

I had to laugh at that one. I mean if you want to show working class American how you are one on them and can relate to their problems, the way to do that is to frame yourself behind three people in A & F tees! This man is clueless. What’s more, wasn’t it A & F that was accused of discriminatory hiring practices in 2004, wanting to put only the company’s best white foot forward when it hired sales people?

Should Obama be chosen to be the presidential nominee in November because Howard Dean and Democratic Super delegates that don’t have the sense God gave a goose, one can predict with certainty that the country will witness another McGovern Death Spiral. Yes, after many months of campaigning the Democratic Party will have (once again) found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Ladies and gentlemen, form a circle please; lift your rifles, ready, aim, shoot!

I am currently reading Confessions of a Political Hitman by Stephen Marks. The sub title is . . . My Secret Life Of Scandal, Corruption, Hypocrisy, And Dirty Attacks That Decide Who Gets Elected (And Who Doesn’t.) This book should be required reading of every democrat, including the Obamakin Kool Aid kids, and most especially, Howard Dean and Democratic Super delegates. His book is fascinating because it is an insider’s look at how the Republicans continue to beat Democratic candidates with dirty tricks and assorted assaults designed to keep them in power.

Mr. Marks worked as a Republican operative digging up dirt on opposition candidates, mostly Democratic candidates. I had forgotten how badly some of these candidates beaten. I have said this on more than one occasion. The Republicans have forgotten more about dirty tricks than the Democrats will ever know and this book proves it.

Want to know how the Republicans are going to defeat Obama? That’s in part two of Obama as Road Kill.


Well, here we go again, boys ‘n girls.

Barack gave us a momentary glimpse of himself (the real Barak) and revealed what he thinks about the rural voters in Pennsylvania. It was just for a moment, but it was enough to reinforce the perception that this man really is an Ivy League elitist, more comfortable at a Georgetown cocktail party than slamming a few brews down at the local pub. Hey, what can one expect from a man that bowls 37?

As we have heard all weekend, Barak believes many of the rural Pennsylvania voters are bitter and frustrated because of their loss of jobs. Consequently, they cling to their guns and their religion and in turn become anti immigrant. Barak spoke those words at a closed-door fundraiser in San Francisco . . . words that weren’t meant to see the light of day. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor.)

Whoa, what bitter? You mean those people are upset at being called bitter? You betcha, Barack; there are legions of people around this country who resent your dismissive, arrogant attitude. And that sound in the background? Oh, that is the sound of Barack’s handlers back peddling & spinning what Barak really meant to say.

We are to believe his words were inelegantly stated but not meant to insult people. Barack has not extended an apology, only tried to clarify his position while defiantly refusing to drop the “bitter” descriptor impervious to the pain he has caused. Do we really need another tone-deaf president?

Today Barack was on the campaign trail, trying to make light of the firestorm and using political tactic #217 Using Humor to Diffuse a Nasty Political Situation. There he was, poking fun at Hillary because she clearly knows how knock down a boilermaker and mocking her because was taken duck hunting in Pennsylvania when she was younger.

“She wants us to believe she is Annie Oakley sitting in a duck blind with her six shooter every Sunday.” so spoke Barak this afternoon. Ah, Barak, you don’t go duck hunting with a six shooter. I think that’s what Wyatt Earp used in old west to go after Doc Holiday.

Barak, there’s another man in Washington you might meet up to get some hunting tips. His name is Dick Cheney. Duck!