Why was my comment deleted?

  • You attacked the writer and refused to discuss the topic of the post.
  • You tried to be clever, and/or funny and you weren’t. Might I suggest you keep your day job because you won’t make it as a comedian.
  • This is a site for grown-ups who can speak in a coherent manner. You cannot.
  • You are a troll, a hate monger, a Bot, and/or worse. Fill in the blank.
  • You are boring and worse still, your comment was boring!
  • Your comment was dumb and a waste of time.
  • Intelligent discourse requires intelligence . . . clearly that was absent in your comment!

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  5. Spaulding

    There is little to comment upon after reading Sandstone's latest and many of the other articles in your Blog. You are on point, which probably doesn't surprise you!. It took me a while, coming from a background in mathematics, to read original sources. Some of our founders wrote voluminously to support their ideas; James Wilson comes to mind, James Kent, Hamilton. Reading about Leibniz and Lord Calvin and Cicero, there is simply no doubt about what our founders intended and why. To protect our republic based upon ideas rather than bloodlines they used an understanding of human nature preceeding, but including Roman law. Know the parents and what their allegiances are, jus sanguinis. Require familiy connects on U.S. soil, jus soli. Birth certificates are an intentional diversion.

    Madison said that our Constitution was worthless if we didn't interpret it using the common language of the time. The most popular judicial reference, by at least a factor 3 by number of citations between 1789 and 1820 was Vattel's Law of Nations. Jefferson initiated a course at William and Mary in 1779 on Law of Nature and of Nations, using Vattel as the text. Vattel remained the text until 1841. Marshall attended William and Mary in 1880. Madison was President of William and Mary during some of those years. Every founder knew Vattel thoroughly. It was, according to Alexander Hamilton, "Our common law." Marshall's clarification in The Venus remains the clearest, but most of Marshall's decisions are exceptional for their clear simplicity. Story was one of Marshall's justices and wrote briefly about natural born citizenship. One of the problems appears to be that no one disagreed, so there was no discussion during ratification about the issue, though Jay wrote the first four Federalist Articles on the dangers of foreign intrigue – just what has happend to us.

    People should be able to understand the irony, perhaps intentional, that our Constitution attempted to require that we assess the allegiance of a prospective president by examining the allegiance of his parents to our ideals. Obama, not born to a citizen father, was guided by "Dreams from My Father" – his father, a British subject, Marxist and whether a good Muslim or not, wished to impose Sharia law on the Christian majority in Kenya. His mother may or may not have been a citizen when he was born, but that is legally irrelevent. Respecting and obeying the Constitution would have saved us from this attempted coup.

    Good luck and please be active outside your blog. Yours is one of a few blogs in which the key issues are clearly understood and explained. We need to help educate others. I will provide pointers to you where I can.

    1. sandstone Post author


      Thank you for your kind comments …. I do want to take time to answer them more completely when time permits. I am in absolute agreement about educating others. I try to simplify complex topics (usually presented in lawyer speak) so that people can grasp the underlying concepts.

      As to pointers, suggestions, etc. I am happy to listen and entertain them … the greater goal is to get the Usurper out of the White House.

      As an aside, are you aware of any book, thesis, etc, that deals with confronting/beating Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals tactics?


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