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A Christmas Poem for the Military

I’m traveling right now … far away from home wishing I was there instead of here.

Yesterday I met a soldier at the hotel where I’m staying … a wonderful, hopeful young pup full of promise. After talking with him for just a few minutes I said a silent prayer for him and his family and those who love him.

This morning I received this video from a friend and instantly thought of the young soldier and all the soldiers who protect us and defend our Constitution. Our country is so fortunate to have this group of men and women who are willing give up so much for us.

Here’s to all of those brave men and women who have the courage to do what is necessary to keep us free.

A Weekend Prayer for You & Your Family

Northen Lights (Aurora Borealis)Angels… On The Edge Of The Wood!!!angel´s blessing

A very dear friend of mine sends along kind thoughts & sentiments from time to time. Usually there is a request asking that the prayer be forwarded within a certain amount of time and that it be sent to a particular number of people.

I’m almost always never prepared to stop what I’m doing at the moment and spread the good word. Then there is the quandary of  knowing some people don’t like receiving these messages no matter how well intentioned.

Some Many of my friends aren’t Catholic or Christian. A good number don’t have any strong religious convictions. That having been said, here’s the prayer with  minor revisions to make it more universal. So many of us are facing tough times right now. The burdens can seem crushing and unrelenting.

This is for you! This is to let you know even if we’ve never met, someone is thinking about you and caring about the difficulties you are facing in your life. I have been told this prayer is powerful and that a blessing is coming to you in form of a new job, a house, marriage or financially.

Just 27 Words.

God our Father, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illnesses and please watch over and heal my family in His name, Amen.

My friend asks that you do not break or ask questions and whether God come first in your life? If so, stop what you ‘re doing & send it to 12 people (people you know are in need) now. Watch what He does!


I swear to you that I have never called one of my Italian friends the G- word or one of my Jewish friends the K-word or my Irish friends the M- word.

Say What? Does anyone know what the hell anyone is talking about anymore?

The quote above came from a blog I read quite often. As soon as I read it, I thought WTF is the Italian G-word? I know of an Italian W-word but no G-word. The K-word I got, but WTF is the Irish M- word? The above quote reminded me of a newscast I heard a few years ago with three talking heads discussing womens issues.

One talking head said something to the other talking head that included 4 or 5 non-word words! I believe there was a C-word, a B-word, an S-word and a T-word. SAY WHAT? I remember thinking what the heck did I just hear? No, make that non-hear!

Which brings me back to the silly ass concept that the best way to obliterate an offensive word is to hyphenate it into obscurity. Yes, that’ll do it alright.

Of course, it does exactly the opposite because of the time and effort it takes to suddenly stop talking like an adult and turn into a ten year old.

Take the N-word that Dr. Laura “went off” on last week. Yes, she said “the word” out loud,”Nigger, nigger, nigger!” For your viewing pleasure:

Now that you’ve heard the entire tape, does anyone think Dr. Laura used the word in question as a pejorative club? No. Her point was that certain segments of our population use this word just to say hi, however if you are melanin challenged you cannot use the word.That’s asinine.

What’s worse,this kind of intolerant behavior sets all of us backwards… it separates us… needlessly angering people on all sides.

To which I say, if that’s how we’re gonna play, then from now on, if you have an excess of melanin you can no longer use the C- word (no that “C” word) … Cracker. From now on, its “I’ll have some cheese and C-words, thank you.” If you’re Anglo-Saxon and you own a parrot you can say, “Polly want a cracker?” Not Anglo-Saxon? That’ll be,”Polly want a C- word” to you, Bub.

I’ve thought on more than one occasion that I’m glad I’m not bringing up children in this poisonous climate having to explain all these hyphenated non-word words. There are so many better ways of teaching tolerance and forgiveness!

I remember one summer evening when I was about 7, I was chanting, “Eeny meeny, miny, moe, catch a nigger by the toe, etc” I had no idea what I was chanting. To this day I don’t even know where I first heard the word. It wasn’t from my family, that I know. It didn’t matter to my mother who only had to hear me say it one time. She was down on me in a flash.

She told me that what I had said was unkind and could hurt people… I was NEVER to use the word again. I never did. The word in question wasn’t hyphenated, it was changed to something non-offensive.

We used to teach the concept that the use of crude words are a reflection of the people uttering them. Crude speech generally denotes someone who is either lacking in class, or lacking self esteem, or both.

Remember the old saying, that it is better to have people wonder why you didn’t speak than why you did? Seems to me that it fits here.

Now can we start talking like adults again and stop using all those non-word words?


This is another hugely important story that the MSM has ignored. If it hadn’t been for Glenn Beck’s show two days ago no one would have been aware of the stealth move to force Puerto Rico in statehood.

I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty damn important if Congress is considering the addition of a 51st state. According to Beck’s show Puerto Rico has voted 3 times on whether they wanted to become part of the United States and 3 times the answer was no.  But that hasn’t derailed those folks in Congress.  After all, they don’t listen to us, why would anyone think they would acknowledge the desires of the Puerto Ricans?  Can anyone spell “healthcare?”

Puerto Ricans  are proud people that think of themselves at Latin Americans and not North American Anglos.  Is it any wonder they have declined our “invitation” into statehood?

There are two very important articles to read about the latest slight of hand the first if  from Hot Air.

House to vote on Puerto Rico statehood bill tomorrow

posted  by Allahpundit

Beck was talking about this today so people are e-mailing us about it now. I should be clear: The vote isn’t on whether to make Puerto Rico a state, it’s whether to “authorize” the Puerto Rican government to hold a popular referendum on whether it should become a state. From what I understand, though, Puerto Ricans don’t need any authorization from Congress to hold a plebiscite; they can do it any time they want. The fact that the House is nudging them — and the way that they’re nudging them — is what’s got people’s antennae up. With good reason, says the Heritage Foundation:

The second is from The Hill.

Why the rush on the Puerto Rico statehood bill? (Rep. Luis Gutierrez)

This statehood bill is the opposite of self-determination.

It is designed to craft an artificial majority for statehood where none exists now. Every time the people of Puerto Rico have been consulted on this issue through a plebiscite they’ve said NO to Statehood. NO to Statehood in 1967. NO to Statehood in 1993. NO to Statehood in 1998. This should be called the “Don’t you dare say NO to Statehood Bill”.

Why is it that the when the people of the District of Columbia repeatedly and overwhelmingly ask for Statehood, Congress ignores them, and when the people of Puerto Rico, who have never asked for statehood and who have actually said ‘no’ to statehood three times get this statehood bill pushed on them in a rush…with little or no debate?


I was over at Black & Right this morning and viewed this video clip.

I though I knew hate. I was wrong. Listening to this made me stop in my tracks. Any need for additional comments? No, of course not. These hate filled fools speak volumes for themselves and for “progressives” everywhere!

This is from a recent article from The Columbus Dispatch:

Eugene Robinsons March 31 Forum column, “Political violence today is mainly from the right,” connecting the violence planned by a right-wing militia group with the conservative movement, is despicable. Recently, a Democratic donor who planned to kill Republican Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia and his family was arrested. If we follow Robinson”s logic, Barack Obama and every progressive Democrat should be held responsible.

Robinson claims that political violence exclusively or mainly originates on the right but offers no proof or examples. I have found at least 100 examples of progressive hate speech to every one example of the conservative variety.

Some of it from Chris Matthews on the CNBC: “At some point somebody’s going to jam a CO {-2} pellet into his (Rush Limbaugh’s) head, and he’s going to explode like a giant blimp.” The Daily KOS, the Huffington Post and a multitude of other progressive Web sites constantly promote violence and engage in hate-filled ad hominem personal attacks against conservatives and Republicans such as Sarah Palin.

A”humor bit” from the Randi Rhodes show on progressive Air America radio in 2005:”A spoiled child (Bush) is telling us our Social Security isn’t safe anymore, so he is going to fix it for us. Well, here’s your answer, you ungrateful whelp: Just try it, you little (expletive).”

Oh ya, hate speech ONLY comes from right and members of the Tea Party.


Bill Maher:  a truly wonderful man.At one time Bill Maher was a very funny fellow, but as time has passed, he has turned into a bitter,vulgar, strident Obama pimp. No longer hip or insightful, he’s just rude and crude.

As more and more people have rejected his vision of religion (remember Religulous … a movie fewer people than the 12 Apostles saw?) and other topics near and dear to the hearts of progressives everywhere, his speech and “vision” of America have become more and more warped and radical.

In his attempts to denigrate the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Republicans, Conservatives, pro-life advocates, and any and all who show the least little bit of support for faux President Obama, he ends up making a ass of himself. He clearly hates everyone who does not share his views, some would say he hates himself, but that’s a topic for another day.

This weekend on his March 26th show he showed us what true violence is here.

One writer, when talking about Maher’s failed movie on religion said this,” his positive admonitions are lost in the maelstrom of cheap-shots, deliberate over-simplification, pontification, and the same narrow-minded claim to certainty for which Maher so angrily excoriates religious folk.”

This statement is equally applicable to his position that we “the unwashed and uneducated” need to be dragged kicking and screaming into his vision of America’s healthcare future.


File this under fools of a feather.

Both  excerpts are posted without comment because as Professor Jonathan (who cares about A2, S1, C5) Turley notes, “Res ipsa loquitur” or the thing speaks for itself.

The first is from Maggie’s NotebookHello, Al Sharpton!

Al Sharpton Organization Owes $1.5+M in Taxes: Sharptons National Action Network in Trouble?

Al Sharpton, Harlem’s racial community organizer through the National Action Network, Inc. (NAN) allegedly owes “at least” $1,556,059 in FEDERAL TAXES and $108,489 in New York taxes. (Surprise, surprise, surprise! emphasis mine)

Sharpton is an incendiary racial demagogue who is among the most polarizing figures in the nation. He boasts that he stopped Rush Limbaugh from buying a stake in an NFL team and (temporarily) ran Don Imus off the airwaves for racially insensitive marks.

He became a national figure in 1987 by participating in the Tawana Brawley case, a racially charged gang rape hoax. Sharpton falsely accused assistant prosecutor Steve Pagones of participating in the gang rape.

And this from YID with LID

Crazy Grayson Accused of Campaign Finance Violation (Isn’t Karma Wonderful?)

Alan Grayson, the Human embarrassment from Florida may be in for a spot of trouble.  The Congressman who gives a good name to a bull in a china shop, made himself famous with really nasty comments about people, he said of former Vice President Dick Cheney: “I have trouble listening to what he says sometimes because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking,” he also called Fox News the enemy of America, a female adviser to the Federal Reserve chairman “a K Street whore,” and he speculated that gasoline would only cost a dollar per gallon if former President George W. Bush had let Saudi Prince Abdullah “get to second base”  All that is just a small sample of his putrid venom.

The congressman, who is often confused with Shamu the whale, may have some nastiness thrown his own way. According to CQ Politics, election regulators are investigating Grayson for botching the disclosure language on a recent fund raising appeal.

Rep. Grayson

Grayson is accused in a complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission of breaking federal campaign finance laws earlier this week when his campaign solicited prohibited corporate campaign contributions on behalf of a Florida political candidate, Scott Maddox.


This was originally written in 2010 shortly after Obamacare passed on a strictly partisan basis…not a single GOP member voting for it.


I never really cared for Ronald Reagan that much, having believed the propaganda from the left and the MSM, that he wasn’t terribly bright … I was wrong!  I confess to thinking he was just a nice man who could tell a good joke … after all he had impeccable timing having been an actor, don’t you know!


I always thought that the term liberal main stream media, was a fabrication of all those nasty Republicans and conservatives … I was wrong. Watching the Constitutionally ineligible Obama get elected in 2008 watching and the tactics (truth squads, voter intimidation) used by Team Obama (and the MSM) to obstruct the will of the voters (18 millions voters can’t be wrong), to side-step and ignore the Constitution has completely changed my opinion.


This doesn’t mean that I will ever call myself a Republican or that I admire everything the Reagan administration did.  They used sleight of hand just as effectively as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid do today.  After all who can forget  Iran-Contra or the huge deficit Reagan left upon leaving office?


That having been said, how can one listen to these videos and not acknowledge Reagan was right when it came to socialism and the progressives?  Think yesterday’s “historic” passage of the Dem’s health care package happened in a vacuüm?


Think again. Damn it, Reagan was right!


And so, today we have government mandated health care for every citizen with the threat of 16,500 IRS agents to be hired every month to make sure every citizen purchases health insurance … this in the land of the free and the brave!


(H/T) Gateway Pundit

While Nancy Pelosi and her pals are deeming and ducking to find ways to pass  what may turn out to be the most hated piece of legislation in the history of our Republic, 38 states have been working to pass legislation to sue Congress should Obama Care rear its ugly head as the law of the land.

Today, Idaho just became the first state to sign such legislation into law.

The AP reported:

Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter on Wednesday became the first state chief executive to sign a measure requiring his attorney general to sue Congress if it passes health reforms that force residents to buy insurance. Similar legislation is pending in 37 other states nationwide.

Constitutional law experts say the move is mostly symbolic because federal laws supersede those of the states. But the movement reflects a growing national frustration with President President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

Democrats are hoping to pass a version of the reform by this weekend.

Last week, Virginia legislators passed a measure similar to Idaho’s new law, but Otter was the first state chief executive to sign such a bill, according the American Legislative Exchange Council, which created model legislation for Idaho and other states. The Washington, D.C.,-based nonprofit group promotes limited government.