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Bill Maher & the Dems bemoan, “Hillary would have been better than Obama!” Gee, do ya think?


HE HAD NO CREDENTIALS OTHER THAN THE FACT HE WAS PART BLACK. He looked good on camera and could read a teleprompter really well. We warned you BHO, pResident Obama was nothing more than an empty suit.

The emptiest of suits!

Hear that hysterical chorus in the background? That’s the sound of the Obots, the elitists, the chardonnay sipping, arugula chomping, supercilious, sanctimonious fools who really believed that “winning by any means” even if that meant winning by tossing out all that the Democratic Party stood for . . . including 18,000,000 of its voters.

What's Hillary's army knew from the beginning!

The guy never held a real job. He voted “present” 123 times when he was an Illinois legislator .  I’ll never get over that one! It should have been your first clue!

He never understood America or its citizens; and still doesn’t. He was in the U.S. Senate only 143 days; most of those were campaigning for POTUS! Team Obama also spent time covering up the fact HE WAS NEVER ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR POTUS. HIS OWN WEBSITE ACKNOWLEDGES HE WAS BORN A BRIT/DUAL CITIZEN!

Now three years into his faux presidency, the economy is in shambles, the racial divide is larger and angrier before, and this country is the laughing stock of the world...and the Obots are surprised!?! I remain incredulous!

Now large segments of his supporters are crying in their Kool-Aid saying, “Hillary would have been a better president.” Gee, do ya think?

History will record that never have so few listened to the voices of so many and disregarded them . . . throwing those voices and their votes into the garbage heap and then acted surprised when what they’d “won” ultimately resulted in a loss, AGAIN!



Well, excuse me for not getting all hot ‘n bothered about Allen West’s comments on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Congressman Allen West is right about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She is despicable, a flame thrower. She lies so often and so easily that Michelle Malkin opined that she’s Alan Grayson in heels and Grayson was as big an ass as they come!

Forgive me for not jumping to her defense in the dust up between her and West , but alas, I cannot. It is worth noting how whining cowardly Bill Maher hateful, bitter, misogynist of all Conservative women in politics (particularly Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman) gets a pass and West gets jumped on for calling Wasserman-Schultz unprofessional (she is), and a coward (right again!).

Bill Maher whining sexist and misogynist of Conservative women with power.

In my humble opinion when one woman is unfairly attacked all women are hurt.  Unless and until, NOW and women everywhere, REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL AFFILIATION start calling out the hate speech of liberal/progressive lefties Ms. Wasserman-Schultz can stand in the quagmire of her own making!

Hate speech, is hate speech whether is comes from the right or the left. It shouldn’t be tolerated PERIOD!  If Democratic women cannot defend conservative/Republican women when cruelly attacked they shouldn’t expect sympathy from me.


So, Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, as Steve Martin used to say, “Well, excuse me!”


The White House is biting the bullet & cutting back!

The following was forwarded to me in an e-mail by a friend.
The White House is biting the bullet – cutting expenses.
Please consider the numbers:


The President ordered the cabinet to cut $100 million from the $3.5 trillion federal budget.

I’m so impressed by this sacrifice that I have decided to do the same thing with my personal budget. I spend about $2000 a month on groceries, household expenses, medicine, utilities, etc, but it’s time to get out the budget cutting axe, go through my expenses, and cut back.

I’m going to cut my spending at exactly the same ratio, 1/35,000 of my total Budget. After doing the math, it looks like instead of spending $2000 a month; I’m going to have to cut that number by… six cents. Yes, I’m going to have to get by with $1999.94, but that’s what sacrifice is all about. I’ll just have to do without some things, that are, frankly, luxuries.

John Q. Taxpayer

After reading the memo from John Q. this I did a little investigation of my own and found that, indeed, the White House has cut in these two areas here

As President Obama and Congressional leaders were inside the White House today trying to agree on ways to cut the federal budget, some serious trimming was going on just outside.

A more than 50-foot-tall American elm tree that since 1982 had graced the driveway leading from the Northwest Gate to the White House was cut down. Twisted during an intense storm that blew through the area Sunday night, it was a danger to anyone passing by, said National Park Service spokesman Bill Line.

Oh, and let’s not forget his budget cuts here.

As part of the Obama administration’s campaign to promote transparency, the White House announced today it intends to eliminate the public’s access to half of the federal government’s websites within the next year.

Jon Stewart does his darky impression of Herman Cain; Cain is not amused!

If you didn’t see Jon Stewart’s darky impression of Herman Cain last week, you can be thankful. I’d call it an unfortunate, not very funny moment, because that’s what my reaction was when I heard Stewart mocking Republican candidate for president, Herman Cain. I like Stewart and when he is attacking genuine hypocrisy, pompous and crass behavior no one is better.

Yes, Stewart is a comedian who has gone after many bloviating, self-aggrandizing jackasses in politics and the media (who can forget Roland Martin and his ascot), but he is also a liberal/progressive/Obama supporter par excellence.

Stewart has never gone after Obama and his policies with the same ferocity that he has with opponents of the Obama agenda.

Birthers and Palin are bad, Obama and Obamacare are good. His comedy routines clearly demonstrate in his world, Fox News is bad and The Daily Show is good…simplistic and true for him.

If Stewart really were half as “fair minded as he pretends he is, his very bad Amos ‘n Andy impersonation of Cain might be over looked; but he isn’t and it can’t. Stewart insists he isn’t an ideologue or activist, and yet he is both!

If you listen to the Chris Wallace/Jon Stewart interview it is apparent how defensive and condescending Stewart can be. It’s about 9:37 mark in the interview when Stewart starts saying things like, “what you will never understand… because of the soup you live in…no ideological agenda on my part, yada yada” what he is really saying is I’m the good guy and you (Chris Wallace) aren’t, ergo I get to make fun of you, conservatives, and Fox News.

Herman Cain, however, is not amused and has said so. Cain has bitch slapped journalists who reported that his sly comment about 3 page bills being signed when he is president as reality based news and Jon Stewart in particular, calling them stupid and racists.

Here’s where it’s really starting to get good. Numerous members of the Soros/Progressive MSM are insulted that Cain has called them racists! Insulted, I say. Huff Po, the LA Times, the New Daily News, Salon all are whinning and spinning.

Listen closely and one can almost hear them behind closed doors, “How dare that SOB call US racists?”

How dare he, indeed? It appears what all these fine folks have in common is they feel that Cain played the race card on them!  The race card is their play. The nerve of the fella! Notice that not one of them questions Jon Stewart attempt at humor, possibly conceding that just maybe this routine was in poor taste in this hyper charged racial environment!.

This card reserved for Team Obama & sycophants in the MSM

Irony, I love the sound of irony in the afternoon. The LA Times Andrew Malcolm is miffed at Herman Cain. No, actually the LA Times is howling & offended that Herman Cain called ’em the way he saw them.

Herman Cain may have found the perfect way to get media attention Wednesday: call the real journalists (real journalists…that’s a hot one! emphasis mine)  “stupid” for believing the words that come out of his mouth, and deem the most popular faux journalist a racist for … being a comedian.

Yesterday in a firehouse in Iowa City, Iowa, the deep-dish pizza eater began burning bridges with the press (LOL that’s another hot one!) by using the curiously familiar technique …  of denouncing journalists for actually writing down what the GOP presidential hopeful said.

One final note to all those “out there” drinking their Kool-Aid supremely confident they are unbiased and that what Jon Stewart did was OK.  Take the following “Is it really funny quiz”.

If Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck were to have said the exact same thing about Herman Cain (word for word), affecting the same black face/Amos ‘n Andy voice would you still think the comedy routine was funny? If the answer is “no” Cain was right to bitch slap the whole damn bunch of you!



It’s a sad day indeed. The NY Times/Washington Post mining for dirt in Palin’s e-mails has turned into a disaster, a joke on them!

Actually, this hasn’t been a very good week for the Lame Stream Media. Maybe we should file these stories under Palin gets the last laugh!

First, they could not stop themselves when they thought Sarah Palin had misspoken about Paul Revere. In her statement about Revere she noted that he had warned the British. It was like a shot had been fired. Ho, ho, ho, hee, hee, hee the LSM chuckled, “Palin’s a dummy!”

All that laughter stopped once NPR reported, Palin might be right after all!  Even the LA Times was forced to admit, yes indeed Revere did warn the British (not to challenge a roused and armed populace).

There everyone was with baked beans (instead of eggs) all over their faces after the Paul Revere fiasco when reports that Alaska was finally releasing 24,000 of Palin’s e-mails came to light. All was not lost. There was still time to nail Palin.

And then someone within the LSM collective had a brilliant idea, TA DA, why not get some of the worst Progressive Palin haters to help us “review” all those e-mails? Certainly there have to be loads of dirt we can use to put that pesky Sarah in her place! “She deserves a good kneecapping after finding out the British really were warned by Revere,” said one of the NY Times mental giants, wiping the last of the dried explosion of baked beans from his shirt.

Well, here’s where it gets really funny. Remember those bungling burglars in Home Alone always having something blow up in their faces?  Well. this blew up in the faces of the Obama Compliant Media big time.

Did they find the secrets they were looking for? I’m afraid not. Just listen to CNN (!) describe Governor Sarah Palin.

So what the LSM has found is Sarah was a hard working Governor…image that!  There was nothing about Troopergate or Todd as the shadow governor, although many are still looking for the tiniest bit of  scandal  She didn’t take shots at the media, in fact, many times she tried to deflect any criticism her staff might get.

As Conservatives 4Palin states, the decision to go after Palin through her e-mails has turned into a “surreal colonoscopy that is backfiring”.  Much to the media’s chagrin, the emails show a serious and highly effective executive who was in full control of her administration. She was was a very engaged and highly effective Governor even Politico is acknowledging.


May Unemployment rate 9.1%; Obama’s recovery is a joke!

Economists and Obama’s Progressive team of dreamers, ideologues, and academics have been wrong about the economy from day one, to which I would say,, “had enough yet?The May jobless rate rose to 9.1 %. I wonder, should we call Obamanomics a man-caused disaster?


pResident Obama and his team are strong on rhetoric (big hats & no cattle) and strong on job destruction! All these academics, people almost to the last one who have never created a real job are shocked, shocked I say that the economy isn’t recovering! We are faced with record breaking deficits, debt, and spending and this group is shocked! In what parallel universe do they reside?  No, it’s the ideological blinders they wear that keeps them from seeing reality!

People are losing ground.

Food and gasoline prices are up.  Wages are either down or stagnant. Only 54,000 jobs were created in May, not the 150,000 jobs that were projected; no, make that hoped for!  American companies are firing people. In order to recover, we need to be creating 250,000 to 300,000 jobs EVERY month make a dent in the pool of 14 million unemployed. BTW, the Labor Department is also reporting that the atrocious weather we experienced had nothing to do with the lack of jobs being created.

The truth is companies large and small do not want to hire because they have no confidence in Obama and his team of economic hacks! Jobs are being eliminated in companies both large and small. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, “The jobless rate, which is obtained from a separate household survey, unexpectedly rose to 9.1%.”  The job rate unexpectedly rose, really? No, really?

Under Obama’s watch jobs have been destroyed in the Gulf and in the San Joaquin Valley (40% unemployment) with the help of the EPA and with outrageous over regulation. Virtually every job sector has shrunk and declined under Obama; hospitality. manufacturing, housing and home pricing, retail all down. But on the bright side, foreclosures and abandoned houses are up.


Here’s a shock, government jobs were also down in May. In fact, there are more government jobs that will be lost in the coming months because local and state governments, faced with their economic reality, will be forced to lay off workers in order to meet their state mandated balanced budgets!

One story the MSM isn’t reporting is the job growth in Texas for the last 5 years.

Texas created more jobs than the other 49 states combined!  If you want a job move to Texas. Banks and businesses are booming.  In 2010 while the rest of the country suffered,

the Dallas Federal Reserve noted this week that Texas exports rose 20.3% in the second half of 2009 and 7.6% in February 2010, Texas home sales are again on the rise, Texas retail sales have grown for eight straight months, and March job growth in Texas was twice the national rate (while the foreclosure rate in Texas is half the national pace.)

And why aren’t we hearing this story. The answer is simple, Texas economic policies are diametrically opposed to Obamanomics. Texas has a business friendly environment with lower taxes and intelligent business regulation.





Obama, self absorbed and arrogant as ever, has become a laughing stock.  His latest trip to Britain is a case in point. Of course, one would never know that reading the tightly controlled MSM here where the narrative is “everyone loves Obama”… ah, ya.  Want to know what Europe really thinks of Obama? Take a look.

The Economist asks, ” Is it all about him?” (We in America, already know the answer to that question is a resounding, YES!)

Is it all about him?

OVER at the Corner, the main group blog of the National Review, two writers (Mark Steyn and Elliot Abrams) and many commentators have complained that Barack Obama was too free with the first-person singular last night; specifically, that his use of “I”, “me” and “my” claimed too much credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.  Mr Obama used “I”  nine times, “me” twice, and “my” three times in a speech of 1,349 words.

Sun News Network is an English language Canadian television news and opinion channel that recently Obama’s gaff’s with the Queen, calling him crass and not very good on his feet.

Here’s another one from Lorinov’s Blog:

Obama is detested by the world!

The Telegraph reporter Toby Young echoed the thoughts of the Brits a few days ago when he said that BO is disregarding a shared history and then asked, “Does Britain’s friendship really mean so little to him?” Sadly, it appears that our friendship and shared history with the Brits does indeed mean very little to our MARXIST president who is obviously HELL BENT on destroying America!


Obama White House tries to get the Osama kill story right…finally!

There are so many insightful writers commenting on Obama  today.  Here are three that brought a smile to my face this morning .

  • The first one is LA Times writer Andrew Malcolm (who knew?) commenting on the debacle the Obama White House has made of Osama’s capture and kill.  Let’s put this under best headline of the day!

Osama bin Laden’s death: Clarifying the Obama administration’s cnofsuoin and missteaks


Here, gleaned since Sunday from a variety of sources, including Obama press secretary Jay Carney, is what we now know certainly might have maybe happened over in Pakistan:

[…] Still, a “significant firefight” erupted that was so significant not one American was injured. One helicopter crashed, no, made a hard landing; it was a mechanical failure.

One compound resident pointed out Osama. Three compound residents died in the firefight. One man used a woman as a human shield. She was an Osama wife. They both died. She was only shot in the leg running toward a SEAL. She didn’t die. Another woman did on another floor. There was no human shield. The Osama son initially identified as shot and killed may have been the other one.

The goal was to capture Osama or kill him if necessary. The plan was to kill Osama all along. He was encountered in a bedroom. He was given a brief opportunity to surrender. He didn’t. Blam! He died instantly from gunshots to the chest and head, including a large one in the forehead over the eye. He was unarmed. But he resisted. You don’t need a gun to resist.

  • Chickaboomer is a daily read of mine. She can be very funny. On more than one occasion I’ve thought, “damn I wish I’d said that!”

  • Best Obama/Osama pic of the day

  • It’s all about me…always!
  • Finally, Colony14Net, known for the Obama Timeline, made me laugh out loud. This is a site not normally known for snarkiness and sarcasm, however, Don Fredrick is spot on about political correctness, the Osama code word, and PETA.

This is from The Chief Goes on the Warpath :

Apparently the United States Senate has nothing better to do than waste taxpayer dollars on nonsense: reported, “The Senate Indian Affairs committee will hold a hearing Thursday on racist Native American stereotypes…


These inappropriate uses of Native American icons and cultures are prevalent throughout our society, and the impacts to Native and non-Native children are devastating. We intend to open the forum to talk about them.”

Representatives of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) will be present to voice their opposition to the use of the term Navy “SEALs.”

The hearing will include testimony from one of Osama bin Laden’s wives, who was heard screaming, “Who were those masked men?”

Appearing before the committee for censure will be residents of Abbottabad, Pakistan who, upon hearing the approaching Apache helicopters, exclaimed, “We are being attacked by the Indians!”

Committee chairman Daniel Akaka (D-HI) has asked that all members refrain from wearing Arrow shirts.

It is unclear whether “Chief” counsel Tuell will apologize for her offensive title.


The White House narrative about how bin Laden was “taken out” keeps changing.  Surprise, surprise!

If Osama’s “death” wasn’t staged, it sure as hell looks and feels that way. The timing was way too convenient (what birth certificate?). The staging has not only been sloppy, I do not feel great about the story of an unarmed Osama being shot in the head, as despicable as that man was!

Here’s a simple question. Have you every heard of anyone who lived for 10 years having to continually undergo dialysis treatment? No? Me neither.

There are multiple sources easily found on the Internet that have stated (over the years) that Osama was dead loooong ago.

The exact date he died? How does December 2001 sound? You believe FOX News don’t you?

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.

“The Coalition troops are engaged in a mad search operation but they would never be able to fulfill their cherished goal of getting Usama alive or dead,” the source said.

Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief.

That being said CBS’s Steve Croft is going interview Obama on recent events surrounding Osama’s miraculous second death.

We all know how hard hitting that’s going to be, right? As  Tina from Tampa

over at TV Newser opined:

Steve Croft to Obama:

“You sir, are such a great leader, you are awesome and so inspriring…we know those Navy SEALS used to be considered assassination squads when W was President, but now that you are in the oval office, you have used them to do what no other before you has ever been able to do.

You are like a god, how do you live with yourself? How do you accept the praise and thanks for agrateful nation? How do you ever think anyone else in this history of this nation can live up to the giant standard that you have set in the oval office?

You are the bestest,. the bravest, the almight and we love and adore you. I think you should sign a proclamation making yourself President for the rest of eternity, and all the American people will bow down to you and love you and admire you… And the Choir sang Amen!“.

You know that Obama Osama Bounce the White House was looking for?  It’s already OVER except for the hard core suck-ups, of course!


I happened to catch a segment on CNN this morning while channel surfing, the only way to find me on that network!

Seems CNN has “proved” the birthers are wrong. “There’s no merit to the Birther claims. Obama was born in Hawaii!”, the CNN talking heads chant offering little more than rhetoric to support the CNN narrative.

OMG, the LA Times, and the Baltimore Sun have joined the chorus...Oh, Joy!

The louder CNN screams it, the more evident it is. Obama is a fraud.  Their one note story rings hollow.  Ah, but why worry about such details, after all the American public will swallow anything we tell them, right? Obama’s in office, right?

It’s a bit like watching a cat cover up its sh*t, isn’t it?

CNN investigators looking for proof Obama is natural born citizen

I am beginning to think that Trump is toying with all the networks, talking heads, and politicians who insist on parroting that Obama is legitimately POTUS when it was clear many, many months ago that he is little more than a punk and a fraud.  This morning I heard Trump talking about Obama’s college records.  What’s that I hear? The sound of more sh*t being covered over!

The game plan, the one that is supposed to work is simple; confuse them with repetition, pretend that native, natural born citizen, and citizen are all the same.  Most importantly, never mention the fact that Obama’s father was British born, a foreign national with no intention of ever becoming a U.S. citizen.

Never mention that BOTH parents must be U.S. citizens at the time the child is born in order to be a natural born citizen and eligible for POTUS.