Chicago’s Black Community to Obama…It’s Time for You to Quit!

The truth is, talk is cheap and no one has talked more or cheapened the presidency like Barack Hussein Obama.


I might have been able to overlook the fact that Obama has knowingly occupied the White House as the country’s first constitutionally ineligible president if he had been able to live up the rhetoric. We all know he hasn’t. He is as incompetent as anyone with half a brain was able to predict back in 2008.


The truth is what counts in life and in sports are results.  Team Obama’s lack of results speak for themselves. What is truly tragic is the impact on the black community, single women, and Millennials…all who voted for “Hope & Change” and got screwed. There are no jobs, no money, no nothing except faded bumper stickers and dreams.


All of which brings us to the following video.


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