Obama and Democrats completely responsible for impending government shutdown

Can you spell un-presidential, because that’s our dear leader. The House of Representatives works all weekend to try to avoid a government shutdown that supposedly no one wants while our prez golfs and putts (shoulda put putz) around!


Make no mistake, if a government shutdown does take place you can put it firmly in the lap of the Democratically controlled Senate and our poseur POTUS, Obama. He’s the guy who can negotiate with terrorists but not the GOP or the House of Representatives!


We knew that when the House sent over its bill funding the government with the exception of Obamacare that it was dead on arrival. But the House Republicans have sent over an imminently common sense revised bill.


Here’s the most important part of the revised House bill, not only does it fund the government AND Obamacare, the only critical piece tacked on is it DELAYS IMPLEMENTATION for the average citizen for one year. Essentially, this waiver is identical to the waiver Obama has already granted businesses across the country.


If the delay is good enough for business, why can’t the average Joe who has to shoulder this 2,000 page legislative monstrosity no one in Congress read before passing it?



2 thoughts on “Obama and Democrats completely responsible for impending government shutdown

  1. freespirit

    Great article. It’s good to see you back.

    The Republicans are freaking out because they fear the public will hold them entirely responsible for the shutdown, which will negatively impact Pub candidates in 2014. Their concern is based on the fact that MSM will totally spin it, laying blame squarely at the feet of the Pubs. It is true that the network news programs and CNN will definitely blame it on the Pubs.. It’s also true that the Dems know this (since MSM does Barack’s bidding), and they want the shutdown, in the hope that Pubs will lose votes in 2014..

    It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out in 2014. But, as naive and politically un-savvy as this sounds, I wish that both sides would make decisions based on the best interest of Americans – just try it one time. And, stop basing every decision on how it will effect their approval numbers and the votes they will or won’t get 2 years down the road.

    We citizens are dealing with real problems in real time, and we need government to address the serious concerns facing this country – not to act based on whether their action may become a political liability two years from now. Likewise, we don’t need government acting based on how much its action is likely to hurt the opposing party come election time.

    If we have learned anything since Obama has been in office, it is that regardless of whether there has been a majority of Pubs or Dems in congress – things get no better.

    1. sandstone Post author

      I know I haven’t written much lately, but I’ve been so disgusted with what’s happening in the WH etc. I needed to take a break. Thanks for noticing my absence! It’s not naive to want what’s best for our country. Right now our best hopes lie with the new young lions in the House GOP. Forget the RINO’s they really progressives in sheeps clothing.

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