Was Obama In a Drugged Out Stupor the Night of Benghazi Attacks?

According to Panetta, President Obama checked in with his military team early on during the attack, then checked out for the rest of the night. The next day, we already knew, he blamed the video maker and flew to Las Vegas for a campaign event. … from Nobody wake Barack  By MICHAEL GOODWIN, NY Post

BENGHAZI CLOUD OVER THE WHITE HOUSEYesterday, Dan Pfeiffer, Senior White House advisor was asked a simple question, “Where was President Barack Obama on the night of Benghazi?” Eight months after US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, we still don’t know the answer.


Another critical question continues to haunt us, “Who gave the order to stand down?”  Whistle-blower Greg Hicks, Ambassador Chris Stevens number two man, testified that US special forces were in Tripoli but were prevented from coming to the aid of those under assault inside the consulate. Hicks testified that a specials ops team was ready to board a plane when they received a phone call from Special Operations Command Africa saying, “you can’t go now; you don’t have authority to go now.”


With all of this, Pfeiffer “doesn’t remember” which room Obama was in on that night and largely thinks it is irrelevant anyway! Well I guess that rules out Obama’s being in the Situation Room, Odd though, since we had PLENTY of pictures of Team Obama in the Situation Room the night Osama Bin Laden was killed.


If all of this weren’t enough, let us not forget that people within the Department of Defense along with others in Obama’s administration were watching the Benghazi events unfold IN REAL TIME with the assistance of Predator drones flying above.


A review of the Benghazi attack timeline put together by CBS News, highlights the question of Obama’s whereabouts that night, making it even more pertinent. No amount of White House spin changes the fact that Obama was MIA when it counted most.


Other than one phone call at around 5 PM, that Obama had with two officials after the attack had already begun, Obama seems to have vanished from the face of the earth.


Or did he? Maybe the White House staff were told not to disturb him, if the most recent posts from Lame Cherry are correct. This is a heads up for anyone who has never read the often in-your-face, esoteric, sometimes ranting and rambling LC; she is rarely wrong! Also be aware that there is a yuck factor associated with this story.


While reading it this morning it brought back the same feelings I had four years ago about Larry Sinclair’s stories of his cocaine/sex affairs with Obama in the 90’s (never denied by BHO). Whether Obama was in a drugged out stupor, having satisfied his other “needs” I do not know, but  undoubtedly there are others who do.


Here’s what we do know:

  • After Obama’s 5 PM phone call he disappeared. There is NO record that anyone talked to Obama until September 12, 2012. The list includes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Africom Head General Carter Ham, CIA Chief David Petraeus, NSA, NO ONE in the midst of this tragedy! 

In theory, only Obama could have issued a stand down order of the type issued the night Chris Stevens and three others were killed.

If Obama did tell White House staffers he did not want to be disturbed (DNWD), was it “Obama’s brain”, Iranian born Valerie Jarrett who issued the stand down order for an incapacitated Obama? Put another way, if not Obama, who?

Finally, for those “youngins” out there (half of the White House press corps?), incredulous that Obama could be involved with the sexual escapades alleged by LC, or that they could take place in the White House, I have one presidential name for you, Jack Kennedy.

Jack was having a sexual affair with Judith Campbell Exner, a curious choice since she was the reported “friend” of Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli, both notorious Mafia gangsters. Yes, he was still married to Jackie, and yes, many JFK aides in the White House knew and covered for him!







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    >>> now, white house officials say they will consult with allies on further steps and that could mean additional armaments, additional humanitarian aid or even something bigger like a no-fly zone, but for now there’s no talk of putting u.s. troops on the ground. and note as the white house made this announcement yesterday, it was a 5:00 p.m . conference call , the president was continuing his day, hosting an lgbt pride event at the white house . if he were even close to putting boots on the ground or doing something bigger, i assume we would have seen the president himself announcing this policy shift and not a deputy on the national security staff. now, it’s no accident that this syria announcement comes as the president prepares to meet with g-8 leaders including britain, france, and, well, also russia . remember it’s sort of a g7 on one side in syria and old number 8 on the other. britain and france who said early on they believed assad had used chemical weapons have pressed the u.s. to make a clear-cut decision. russia is, of course, supplying arms to assad and has blocked international action against him by the united nations . white house also said hezbollah’s increased role in helping assad added to the president’s sense of urgency to do more. translation, maybe even israel wanted the u.s. to do more. by the way, there’s been growing public pressure from john mccain on the right and bill clinton on the left.

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