The Truth About the Boston Marathon Bombing in Pictures

It has been clear for years that the MSM cannot be depended on to tell the American people the truth. They ignore the truth (can you spell Kermit Gosnell?), they slant it, they twist it to fit whatever Obama/progressive narrative is needed at the moment.

The Boston Marathon bombing coverage has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Lots of dramatic pictures, “clever” headlines, gory details, and SPECULATION ad nauseam!

Yesterday was a particularly bad day for the clowns calling themselves journalists, particularly at CNN! We were subjected to news conferences and “arrests about to be made” being reported by multiple news outlets that never happened. Oops, is that egg on your collective faces?

All of this pales in comparison to the pictures below. The narrative many are so desperate for us to believe is that a “lone wolf” was responsible or a “right-winger” but they can’t find a credible way to make it stick.

Take a look at these pictures and ask yourself does anything we are being spoon fed by the MSM ring true? No? It looks to me like there are multiple persons who are involved in the bombing. There are over 50 pictures for you to examine, take your time and think about what you are seeing.

BTW, here’s another question to ask yourselves, why it that the Saudi ‘Person Of Interest’ allegedly cleared of charges he was involved with the bombing suddenly being deported?

One thought on “The Truth About the Boston Marathon Bombing in Pictures

  1. Sammie T. Curry

    Wow – I stand corrected. I seriously didn’t think people would take it that far. As far as gun “murder” stats in TX – do realize that a lot of murders are being committed, although not reported by MSM, by illegals down there. Also – realize that most people don’t consider killing intruders as “murder” – they call it “self defense” and that’s different from some whack with a gun going out and just leveling someone for the hell of it. There are incidents in that state by the US/Mexico border such as the rancher who was attacked by a gang of illegals. He was able to get a few of them before they got him – stats = 4 or 5 gun deaths. Incident = Criminal Illegals with guns attacking citizen who tries to stave off attack. Gun control – would have saved violent illegal criminals and NO citizens. Stats don’t tell whole stories.

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