I read this a few days ago. Shame on me for not posting this sooner when J.R. Dunn was talking about Obama and the Solyndra scandal.

What impressed me most was the use of bong politics and Marxisant both on the same day to define Obama!  I laughed and thought, “spot on, you nailed the sucker!”

Hey man, ya know, like if I was like Prez...

“It’s often been said that Obama is a closet Marxist out to transform the U.S. into something resembling a people’s republic.”

I’ve never completely agreed with this contention.  For one thing, he’s not precisely a Marxist; he’s a Marxisant, a useful French word denoting someone who has memorized all the slogans while not bothering his head with any of the theory.

“Spread the wealth around” is a pure Marxisant statement, just as his attempts to stir up class hatred against private jet-owning billionaires is pure Marxisant behavior.

An actual Marxist would be far more subtle and convoluted, thanks to his grasp of theory and revolutionary tradition.  Obama has neither.

What he practices is bong politics, the kind of thing you’d hear in the college dorm after the third or fourth bowl: “If I was running things, man, I’d like, get rid of money, y’know?  Money messes with your head, right?  So you get rid of it, and then…”

While I’m thinking about it, looks like all those Wall Street “protestors” have been sipping from the same Bong Juice!