This  post was originally written during the summer of 2011. Not much has changed EXCEPT our economy is worse, the country has suffered its second credit rating downgrade in one year, the debt has now exceeded $16 trillion, the real unemployment number is stuck at 16%, and the US has dropped to 7th in the world in global competitiveness. Did I mention our foreign policy is in tatters and four Americans were murdered in Libya on 9/11/2012 and we were unprepared?

You heard it here first,”It’s time we kick Obama’s ineligible black and white ass out of office!

We have a fake President surrounded by ideological Progressive extremists who hate this country and have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Our economy is in shambles as the today’s revised 1st and 2nd quarter numbers show. We’re practically broke and Alice in friggin Wonderland aka pResident Obama’s priority today was talking about increasing fuel standards in 2025! Say friggin what, the focus was on CAFE standards, not jobs or the miserable economic numbers that were reported today?

The LA Times (surprise…not!) is waxing poetic about this “landmark” deal while Rome burns. Coffee is $9 for 12 oz, gas is $4 a gallon, one CFL light bulb that is supposed to last 5 years and burns out in nine months costs as much $13.95…for one bulb!

How bad is it? The Mexicans are all going home because there’s more opportunity and job security in Mexico than here! While our unemployment rate is 9.4% (16%-25% in some areas of the country) Mexico’s unemployment rate is 4.9%!

There is a tsunami of information that anyone can access that conclusively demonstrates that Obama was never eligible to run for the office of POTUS. There are many, many sites and many experienced investigators that have dissected Obama’s long form White House birth certificate (LFWHBC) (released in April to shut Trump up) declaring it to be a 2nd rate laughably bogus document.


He’s a fake, a fraud, a nincompoop. Spin him twice around in an elevator and he’d be lost!

Peggy Noonan was right, he’s a loser! As Noonan asserts :

The secret of Mr. Obama is that he isn’t really very good at politics, and he isn’t good at politics because he doesn’t really get people.

What Noonan should have added is Obama doesn’t get America or its people either.


Obama and all those who played a direct part in foisting this incompetent Brit, supposed Constitutional professor on the American people belong in jail. What we are talking about is treason, misprision of felony, forgery, along with a list of crimes that fills many pages.

Can you say President Boehner? Removing Obama from office means our clown V.P. ,Joe Biden, must also be removed because his position was gained though an illegal political process. The next in line for the presidency according the Constitution is the Speaker of the House.




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  3. sam

    look Jacob are you that much of a retart to even say that obummer has done nothing for this country ok and if you think he did your a nut ok all he has done is mess this country up takes jobs from our people gives them to people from other countrys gives muslims free heath ins food stamps wants shria law in our country says white people are racist come on dude wake the hell up get your head out of your ass ok this is just some of the stuff he did if wrote every thing down I would be hear for weeks writing ok and I know you are one of them that voted for him right or are you one of them that gets every thing for free from him look Melinda mr Jacob thinks this is ok that's how dam he is that he thinks its ok for mr obummer trashes our nation our religious freedom our freedom our flag our laws and any thing elase he does to our great country mr Jacob you need to go to another country and live

  4. Melinda Caron

    My grand daddy told me the end was near, and I never believed him.. Yet, he is ruining the government and the private sector, and trashing our nation. Now our religious freedom is being dominated by a culture that never originated here.


    Oh yeah and get rid of Obama before he puts America under control of stupid somolians

  6. Russ

    Your life is in danger if you try to remove Obama. When Obama supporter go against Obama, they will be eliminated.

    1. johnny skinner

      this man thinks he is above god! millions of our military men have died, laying six feet under dirt, for the very rights of our freedom and upheld the very constitution that pres. Obama single handedly wants to destroy and you say he has any respect for our American freedoms or dreams. this man should not even be allowed to breath one breath of American freedom, ship him to a muslim country. he has the audacity to destroy our 2nd amendment rights and allowed d.h.s. to buy up 1.016.000 rounds of 40 cal. ammo to shoot us, American people that stand up for the 2nd amendment that his coward ass swore to uphold and hasn't the backbone to do so. kick his ass out of office!

  7. jacob

    look at you people u should be ashamed of what you are saying.Obama got us into this and he will get us out of it i believe in u Obama.Obama brought my dad home he brought families back together. I know he can save America.Land of the free home of the brave. u all need to stop thinking about what other country's think i know we will stand strong. Thank you Obama and god bless you and your family

    1. sandstone Post author

      What in the world are you smoking?

      The only things Obama has brought this country are $6 TRILLION dollars of debt in 4 years, division, dissension, unemployment rates as high as 35% or more if you are a person of color. He\’s doubled the price of gas, increased the number of people on food stamps by hundreds of thousands, cut NASA, watched as 4 brave Amercians were killed in Benghazi and did nothing. Oh, and before I forget it, under the NDAA he alone can decide if an American can be killed with a drone strike…judge, jury, and executioner.

      If I were you, rather than being ashamed of people who point out the real Obama, I\’d educate myself as to who the real man is. Rhetoric is fine, but the only thing that really counts is results.

      1. mary

        Obummer is a P. O. S.
        He is not for America!
        He is the lowest of the low and worst of the worst!
        He needs to be impeached or……

        1. SGT Steven Podhaski 21 year vietnam veteran

          I just hope that you are the first one to get killed by his home guard ,you ignorant uniformed asshole .I bet you are on welfare and food stamps .The only ones that brought troops back where the people ,telling him to get off his dead ass. All the presidents went to the arlington cemetary to pay there respects .Guess who was not there ? The Muslim no good son of a bitch .

    2. Steven Podhaski 21 year Vietnam Veteran

      I don’t know where you come from Jacob , but Obama is not a citizen of these United States and he never went to the soldiers cemetery on Memorial Day like all the rest of our past presidents . As far as his Racist wife , she is the biggest racist I have ever seen .She is sucking this country dry with all her over $1,000.000.00 trips at the expense of the American people on Air Force One.You must be on Welfare to say the things that you said about the idiot in charge . One person said it right . You could spin him around in an elevator and he would not know where he was. I hope that when he drives this country into the dirt ,that you are under the dirt when he does. Because ,people like you are the ones that are going to be hunted down first by his Home Security Guard and taken to a concentration camp that is already built in this country by him .He has put this country in debt by 17.5 Trillion dollars since he has been in office .2013 not 6 Trillion . Allowing Muslims to pray in the middle of the streets in New York blocking traffic .I would like to see you kneel down in the middle of the street and block traffic to pray. You would be arrested so fast you would not be able to finish. The president is allowing this to go on because he is a Muslim . I can remember when food was not that expensive and gas was $1.79 a gallon .I could afford to drive to visit people , know forget it . I can not imagine how people can drive 25 miles to work an back . That’s about $300 a month , just to drive to work .

    3. Patricia Hudson Cobb

      What “tomato truck” did you fall from or have you been drinking too much of Obama’s Koolade???? He is a FRAUD and an IMPOSTOR and should be literally “thrown out” of the White House!!!! He is ineligible to be there because all he does is LIE about everything…even his birth certificate is a Lie and a FRAUD!!!!! He is a “racist”, a corrupt and dangerous man, Evil to the core, anti-America, anti-Constitution and you think he is going to save this country?? No way, he is already in the process of “DESTROYING” it and its people!!! He was groomed and planted in that position to destroy America not to save it!!!! Wake up before it is too late!!!!

      1. Noel Vicary

        Obama wants America destroyed and his Islamic brothers running the country. He is the biggest idiot we have ever had running our country. The people felt sorry for him because he is a black idiot and they wanted him to have a chance. The chance he deserves is ten feet under the earth and its one funeral I would enjoy.

  8. steve

    its time we as a nation (put our foot in there ass) and let them know we the people run our country not obama. I vote to kick out of office now…

  9. dave kurtz

    I guess as Senator nobody did a criminal background check on Obama.
    Prior to the senate, Obama was a “community organizer”. Wow!!!
    We all knew that Obama had ties to Tony Rezko.
    We knew he went to a radical racist churh with Rev.Jerimiah Wright.
    We knew Obama associated himself with the weather underground terrorist, William Ayers. We all had questions if Obama was a muslim, and where he was born. Etc. etc. etc.

    But people still voted for him… If a Republican had just one of the shady issues that Obama has got, they would run it into the ground. Nevertheless, we really got to wonder what Obama is really trying to do? Is he purposefully trying to bankrupt the country, and have the U.S. Government crumble from within so that he can establish his own type of government? Is that his plan? It sure seems that way to me. However, the democrats want to see Romney’s tax records more than two years. So what? The guy played it smart and payed the least amount of taxes he could to save his money. Romney payed capital gains taxes of 15% on the interest he made off his investments, and it isn’t considered earned income tax. That’s how Romney made money, a lot of people do that, but not that much money. Obama has got to go, something is definately up, something stinks, it’s so obvious and can not be overlooked anymore. Obama’s actions and inactions speak louder than words… it is time for someone else, such as a businessman, investor, and one who will truly help the people and the country. Obama has got to go…

  10. sonia

    Sonia says (about Obama’s attempted restriction of the Supreme Court): “How can he have the onions of a Brahma Bull when I just don’t see the bulge?”

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