Where to start … how ’bout here.

The Obama Administration and the federal government have a responsibility to enforce the laws of the land. Now I know that is a quaint concept given the fact that Team Obama, our Poseur President, broke multiple laws in order to bring him to the presidency. But still, one would think that making sure we have an intact country would merit some attention!

Fake, phony, fraud, it doesn’t matter, one would think that on occasion, someone somewhere in the government would make (even a feeble) attempt to enforce the immigration laws and SECURE OUR BORDERS! You, of course would be wrong.

They aren’t even going through the motions. Instead, they are looking for ways to undermine the Arizona law, its citizens, and stick the noses of 65% of the country into the desert sands, as it were. Team Obama is ORDERING movie nights, dance lessons, cooking classes, art classes, and more at detention centers!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, if all of this weren’t bad enough, we now have this! Parts of the U.S. closed off to its citizens while Mexicans and others invade out borders! If this isn’t a declaration of war on Mexico’s part, what is?

Haven’t we been here before?  This is from President Polk.

“Mexico has passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil. She has proclaimed that hostilities have commenced, and that the two nations are now at war.”

When the Japanese dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor everyone recognized we were at war. Tell me, what else is necessary, Mexican rebels storming the White House perhaps?

To repeat an oft quoted saying, “Stupid is as stupid does!” To prove it , while the nation is running a $1.5 trillion budget deficit this year, and Democrats are practicing their “get tough” illegal immigration words. Oh, BTW, in case anyone missed it, the 1,200 new “troops” Obama is sending to help Arizona are all desk jobs… ya, that’ll do the trick!


  1. Hector

    Mexico and USA are very different. Mexico needs to stop believing in Virgen de Guadalupe and start educating people to get them ready for the near future. USA in my opinion, needs to understand we come from a very different background, and they need to learn how to cope with it, only God knows why he put us together.

  2. Ferni

    That's really sad that they said that about sweet mexico the irony it's that in 2014 there's a lot of usa citizens living in the Baja California peninsula and other cities here in mexico owning property's in mexican soil so I don't understand why you would want to wage a war on your own people mexico has never declared war on no body how ever you hate mexico wen the world love us for the opportunities you can find down here as we'll the good thing is that most Americans are pro mexico and most every body wants to see mexico progress not only for Mexicans but also for Americans living down here as we'll another thing mexico does not want the land back that you bought from us in 1845 youse so we are all in the clear , if Mexicans go to the us it's out of necessity not because we what to still your land how ever you invaded us so many times in our joint history but know that God it's on the mexican side and God has always helped mexico true hard times proof it's that we are no longer a third world country long live the west ! And the western way of life !

  3. Erick

    Americans are just a shame, just like you. Americans always abuse and take advantage of their power. You guys attack newly independent nations, like Mexico, Mexico was a weak country, and that's not all. MEXICO HAD JUST HAD ITS INDEPENDENCE FROM SPAIN AND MEXICANS WERE TIRED AND WEAKET, THAN YOU SHAMELESS AMERICAN ATTACK MEXICO WITH EVERYTHING THEY HAD JUST FOR LAND. YOU CANNOT NEGATE THAT THE USA stole MORE THAN HALFS MEXICO'S TERRITORY. an act of cowardy committed by the shameless Americans.

  4. Juan

    WAR,WAR, and even more WAR!!! We the people of Mexico are a peaceful nation that will never wage war upon another nation, nor smaller or bigger than us. We through out history have had many chances of taking over smaller nations form central America that used to be part of Mexico, such as Guatemala in the 1930's that politically were trying to take the land of the state of Chiapas, latter on they stated that they would use force if necessary. That right there is enough of a reason to wage war on them but we instead just reinforce our borders because we do not declare war unless we are at risk or our land is being invaded. When we went into conflict with the uprise of what is now know as Texas, they were still part of Mexico and if Americans died there was probably because they were shooting at Mexicans within Mexican soil, that right there is an act of war, yet we did not declare war on the U.S.
    As you can see by now we will never declare war on a foreign nation, that is the way we think in Mexico. And please do not be paranoid it is us in Mexico that are scared of the U.S. wanting to take more land from us.

    "Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz"
    try translating this, it is what we Mexicans belive.

    1. Ferni

      And they all ready are Baja California wants to secede from the mexican union to form their own country!!! Because the mexican government sucks they race the taxes 16 percent of the value price for commodities in border states because their is american money all along the border city's especially in the boom town of Tijuana

  5. GUEST

    boa SUCKS ! Bunch of Communist Basterds ! I hope someone will Fuckin kill them all and anyone who works for them. They are litterally throwing people out of there homes one by one and no one is doing anything about it. My only hope is that someone goes baserk on them. Thats right , they spend millions of dollar on ads to say they are helping this or that organization, meanwhile they literaly throw people out of there homes to the street. Yes hard working paying ones not just the none payers. People are number one. Bank of America you suck and I hope your BLOOD spills into the streets !!!

    1. sandstone Post author


      I debated allowing this comment to stand and finally decided that violent language not acted on has its place. The frustration you feel about BOA is apparent. Literal violence is not the answer … finding ways to put them out of business hurts many times more.

  6. Marie

    Sandstone, why are your only rebuttals against challenging commentators ad hominem attacks? Do you not even have the brain power to engage on a meaningful level with people who give your blog the time of day? And, let's not forget that much of the U.S. territory on your ignorant "us versus them" map once belonged to Mexico. Do you not know our country's history, Mr. Proud American? America forcibly took that land from Mexico during the U.S.-Mexico War. And former President Ulysses S. Grant, called that very war "the most unjust war ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation…an instance of republic following the bad example of European monarchies…" If you are going to blog about these sorts of issues, then I would advise you to take the time to do some research.

    1. sandstone Post author


      The only one making ad hominem attacks is you. It is clear you missed the point of the post. BTW, you can address me as Ms. Proud American not Mr.

      As for the history of the Mexican-American War I know the history and facts behind it. Let me point out the obvious, Mexico signed a treaty … with the Mexican cession of the territories of California and New Mexico, Mexico received $15 million ( a tidy sum back then) In addition this country forgave all debt owed by the Mexican government to U.S. citizens.

      You behave as if borders remain the same throughout the world with the exception of here in the US and Mexico. Get out a map and take a look at Europe before WWI and WWII and now. Notice anything different? The truth is borders have changed constantly throughout history.

      If you and others feel so strongly about this topic I would suggest you go about addressing it the LEGAL way. Invading the borders of a sovereign country is blatant disregard for the law and those who knowingly break the law get nothing but contempt from me.

      There are hoards of people in this country and elsewhere who feel if they don\’t like a law they can break it regardless of the consequences. Without adherence to the law we are left with anarchy.

      1. Ferni

        15 million ain't shit for what the resources you got whit the land you guys became a super power tanks to mexico and mexico was left behind in a third world state oh and by the way we still got the mislay 15 millions sitting in the mexican national palace yea ,we keep the money as a souvenir of that unfair war you guys wage on us during that time period but I will tell you that karma it's a bitch 9/11 for example and now year 2014 is sis treat russia and china dumping the dollar along whit other Latin American country's like Venezuela and Argentina reflect on it and know that mexico it's your friend and ally we will never betray our own continent

  7. adriana

    i think the little NOT YOURS,YOURS map is simply stupid. i think americans are being a little racist with that, i didnt like that at all. this country is not even american,is gods we dont own land.dont visit our countrys if you dislike hispanics so much,dont eat our food,this is racist!!!

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