This is another hugely important story that the MSM has ignored. If it hadn’t been for Glenn Beck’s show two days ago no one would have been aware of the stealth move to force Puerto Rico in statehood.

I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty damn important if Congress is considering the addition of a 51st state. According to Beck’s show Puerto Rico has voted 3 times on whether they wanted to become part of the United States and 3 times the answer was no.  But that hasn’t derailed those folks in Congress.  After all, they don’t listen to us, why would anyone think they would acknowledge the desires of the Puerto Ricans?  Can anyone spell “healthcare?”

Puerto Ricans  are proud people that think of themselves at Latin Americans and not North American Anglos.  Is it any wonder they have declined our “invitation” into statehood?

There are two very important articles to read about the latest slight of hand the first if  from Hot Air.

House to vote on Puerto Rico statehood bill tomorrow

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Beck was talking about this today so people are e-mailing us about it now. I should be clear: The vote isn’t on whether to make Puerto Rico a state, it’s whether to “authorize” the Puerto Rican government to hold a popular referendum on whether it should become a state. From what I understand, though, Puerto Ricans don’t need any authorization from Congress to hold a plebiscite; they can do it any time they want. The fact that the House is nudging them — and the way that they’re nudging them — is what’s got people’s antennae up. With good reason, says the Heritage Foundation:

The second is from The Hill.

Why the rush on the Puerto Rico statehood bill? (Rep. Luis Gutierrez)

This statehood bill is the opposite of self-determination.

It is designed to craft an artificial majority for statehood where none exists now. Every time the people of Puerto Rico have been consulted on this issue through a plebiscite they’ve said NO to Statehood. NO to Statehood in 1967. NO to Statehood in 1993. NO to Statehood in 1998. This should be called the “Don’t you dare say NO to Statehood Bill”.

Why is it that the when the people of the District of Columbia repeatedly and overwhelmingly ask for Statehood, Congress ignores them, and when the people of Puerto Rico, who have never asked for statehood and who have actually said ‘no’ to statehood three times get this statehood bill pushed on them in a rush…with little or no debate?