Yesterday I called out FOX , here, and said it was time for them to stop the cover up of Obama’s ineligibility to hold the office of POTUS.

When O’Reilly dissed Captain Pamela Barnett on his show on Tuesday he put himself and FOX in a box.  FNC does the best job of covering the news … in fact, it remains the only place to get real news … CNN, MSNBC, and the balance of the networks long ago abdicated news in favor of Obama adoration and opinions ad naseum.

I made two points.

One, the White House was lucky FNC hadn’t covered the Constitutional crisis and Obama’s fraudulent path to the presidency and two, since the White House had declared war on FNC, why shouldn’t FNC finally tell the country the truth about the real issues of Obama’s ineligibility under Article II Section 1 of the Constitution.

Guess what? As if by magic,  TODAY the White House wants a truce with FOX! hmmm, hmmm, hmmm! TVNewser is reporting the following:

“Truce” Between White House and Fox News?

By Kevin Allocca on Oct 28, 2009 03:56 PM


Breaking: FishbowlDC scoops that Fox News SVP Michael Clemente met with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs this morning and the two reached what some are calling a “truce” in the ongoing and very public war of words between the Obama administration and the news network.

Clemente, who oversees FNC’s news coverage, then met with staffers at the Washington bureau and encouraged them to remain “fair and balanced,” reports FBDC’s Matt Dornic.

An Obama administration official confirms with TVNewser that Clemente and Gibbs met this morning at the White House.

MEMO TO FOX: This doesn’t get FOX off the hook … it’s time for your network to do its job.  If you don’t tell the real story of Obama’s ineligibility,  you have lost all credibility in the eyes of millions of viewers who have switched to FNC seeking the truth.



    Everyone knows he is inelligible, I have been a FNC viewer for years but the fact that they have let the greatest country in the world be destroyed by the liberal media and threats to have their liscence revoked by the FEC shows not only weakness but a total lack of commitment to the truth. I am tired of false acusations of racism and name calling such as birthers because every day common citizens want the truth. We are headed into the biggest constitutional crises we have ever faced. All of congress is guilty of felonies and deseves to be tried for treason Obama himself has commited fraud on such a scale that there is not any sentance that will atone for what he has done. There has to date not been any credible evidence what so ever to prove he is eiiligible to hold the position of president. Not to mention common sense and logic dictates one does not spend close to two million dollars a large amount of that tax payers money to conceal records unless he has something to hide. FNC needs to man up press the fact that he is not who claims to be and get him and the rest of the thugs in office out so we can start the healing of this the gretest nation the planet earth has ever known otherwise we headed towards an internal war that will divide this country like it has never been which by the way Obama himself has initiated with all his racism of whites and his utter contempt of the american dream.This country is not made up of whites and blacks it is made up of Americans from all etnicities and backgrounds with one thing in common we are all part of the human race and if we are to survive the constant onslaught aginst our way of life we had better stand united for truth and rule of law which is our constitution or we will be divided and controlled by the very socialists and liberels who not only do not believe in our constitution but spend their every moment trying to destroy what they hate which is individuality and accountability for ones actions. It is time for the FNC and all people who can address the masses to use all of their resources to end the domination of the liberal media to control our Supreme court and our educational system to destroy the very fabric of our nation which so many gave everything incuding their lives so we could be a nation of free men and women ruled by rule of law not rule of thug. Onc upon a time in this country snake oil salesman and thugs were tarred and feathered and ran out of town on rail. What we have in congress and in the whitehouse is the biggest group of snake oil salesman this country has ever seen. A very concerned American and a member of the human race not black, not white, not hispanic but one that is part of all the races because we all are filled with same type of blood and we all share the same DNA.

    1. sandstone Post author


      I feel the passion behind your words. It is that kind of passion and love of country that is bringing Americans out in the millions to defend our way of live and the Constitution. Sadly, FNC probably won’t man up. It has been reported that ALL the networks including FOX were told to bury this story and that there were threats used to make sure this happened. That’s why we’ve seen a long line of lawyers/talking heads/ on FOX all lying about Obama’s citizenship/

      It is my belief that we will be reaching a critical mass on this story before November.

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