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Know what I like about the Democrats?  In some ways they are so predictable.

We all know that stupid is as stupid does, but does this deter the Dumbass Dems?  No, of course not! They are legends in their own minds, confident they know better than the 85% of Americans who are happy with their health care programs.

Last year, during the Democratic Party’s nomination process I predicted that if the DNC was dumb enough to actually move Barack Obama ahead of Hillary Clinton that he would be the country’s next Jimmy Carter.

Little did I know that our fake president would be worse than Carter.  Now that is an accomplishment!  Worse than Carter you say?  That’ s impossible!  Ya, right!  The Obama campaign for change turned out to be nothing more than a campaign for chumps!

I digress, yet again; it’s back to Pelosi, Reid, healthcare legislation, and the Dems insistence on losing Congressional seats the 2010 elections.

Not that I care, except to state that we should vote every bastard out that voted for the healthcare boondoggle masquerading as legislation that is beneficial for the country.  The problem with living in an Echo Chamber is that in addition to hearing the same inane propaganda repeated over and over is that it cuts off oxygen to the brain.  Anyone doubt for a minute that Pelosi and Reid are brain dead?

This is from a recent Gallup poll on Congress:

More than two-thirds of Americans (69%) continue to disapprove of the job Congress is doing, while 25% approve — essentially unchanged from last month.

2009 Trend: Do You Approve or Disapprove of the Way Congress Is Handling Its Job?

“Majorities of those who favor and of those who oppose a healthcare bill disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job — at 53% and 86%, respectively.”The results are from a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted Dec. 11-13, 2009, as congressional leaders continued to work toward a compromise that would put a healthcare reform bill on President Barack Obama’s desk — either by the end of the year or by the president’s State of the Union address in January.


On average, women give at least three reasons for choosing abortion: three-fourths say that having a baby would interfere with work, school, or other responsibilities; about two-thirds say they cannot afford a child; and half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner. For more statistics read here

This thought has gripped me for the last several days.  Here in the midst of one of Christianity’s most holy holiday seasons, this question will not leave my consciousness.

Forget for a moment that the time of year Jesus was born was more likely March or April (shepherds tend their flocks at night during the spring and keep them sheltered inside during the winter months) or the timing and relationship of our celebration of His birth which just happens to coincide with the Winter Solstice and pagan celebrations.  If one believes in His birth and resurrection, taken in the context of the right to choose verses the right to life movements, this question resonates.Mary & Jesus Stained Glass

I found it to be particularly poignant given the Christmas Eve vote on heath care that the Democrats rammed through, despite the fact that most Americans hate the bill and do not want the government to control heath care.

This is a bill that contains exclusions for 13 states, goodies for a host of legislators lacking even a speck of integrity.  There was Senator Reid celebrating … joyous at the “gift” we were just handed from a group of whores that calls corruption compromise and that continues to insist that this is way “things are done in Washington”… justification for legislation that is indefensible by any measure.

Lurking out there is abortion funding and how the Congressional sleezoids will try to insert it in the final bill.  Progressives & radical Democrats are adamant … support for abortions must be funded with our tax dollars; which brings me back to Mary and her child Jesus.

What if Mary’s choice was to abort her son?  After all what could be more inconvenient for a young 14 or 15 year old Jewish girl than becoming pregnant out of wedlock in Jewish society of the 1st century?  She could have been stoned to death for this pregnancy … a fate that is still melded out in certain societies in the 21st Century.

Absent rape or incest, if a couple decides to have unprotected sex (which is their choice knowing full well that a baby could be the end result), why should the life that has been created be tossed aside?  If one believes that all life is precious, how does one reconcile abortion and the ultimate destruction of new life?   Choices, good or bad ones, always have consequences and convenience shouldn’t be the deciding factor … unless your father is Barack Obama.

Obama is on record as saying if his one of his daughters became pregnant he wouldn’t want their “mistake to follow them the rest of their lives.  As an Illinois legislator Obama also had no problem with funding that allowed third trimester abortions!

This is the same mindset that allows life that can be disposed of so easily at the beginning can also be disposed of, if need be, at the end.  Just ration or withhold health care for those deemed to have already lived too long!

Aborting a few cells during the first weeks of a pregnancy is one thing.  Aborting a life capable of surviving outside the womb during the third trimester is nothing short of murder.  Don’t like the word murder?  Tough! Is there a prettier word for this barbaric act?  Tell me what politically correct word fits?

Yes, but doesn’t every woman have a right to choose what happens to her body?  The answer is yes … and no.  Might I opine that it has always been that way?  Life and death issues are rarely simple …  they are usually multi-layered and complex.

Ultimately there are only two kinds of acts in life, those that are selfish and those that are selfless.  Mary’s decision to bring her son into this world was selfless. Sarah Palin’s decision to have Trig knowing that he would be a Down’s syndrome baby was selfless, particularly since 90% of these babies are aborted after amino synthesis accurately predicts this condition.

Before any moron goes on a tirade and decides I am comparing Mary and Sarah Palin, don’t bother, I’m not.  The point of comparison was selfless acts not the women who chose to behave in this manner. Girls and women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy and yet choose to carry their babies to full term (sometimes defying the men in their lives who would sooner dispose of the life they helped create) are behaving in a selfless way.

Their choices may include adoption, sacrifice, and for some this means financial struggle … yet they choose the life of the child within over the destruction of a life that might grow and change the world.  These are women whose decisions are courageous, that fly in the face of pressures from the outside world that emphasizes that life is cheap, that scream, “You’ll get over it” … move on!

All of which brings us to today and the picture below which I first viewed on Afrocity in August.  It is a devastating indictment on those so called Progressives in Congress and elsewhere who preach that every woman has a right to terminate her pregnancy regardless of the consequences or circumstances.  If the life within is inconvenient, dispose of it post haste.  Rock on and let’s party!

Abortion is the ultimate act of selfness, particularly in a civilized society where there are so many other choices open to women besides purposefully snuffing out the life of an unborn.  The truth is, that many women never “get over it” and regret their decision to take (what seemed at the time) to be the easy way out.  Some are haunted by voices of their unborn.  Some are so self-absorbed that they never consider the hideous nature of their decision to choose lifestyle over life … to rid themselves of this “sudden inconvenience” like an old pair of shoes.

Do I want to return to the time of back room abortions with wire hangers, women dying because of infections brought about by unsanitary conditions or being butchered by an uncaring abortionist?  No, of course not, there are times when abortion is the only alternative.  Saving the life of a mother has to be of paramount consideration when medical complications arise.

But let’s be clear when we talk about a woman’s right to choose we don’t have to look very far to see where the consequences of this mindset can lead to and the public policies that it can foster. We already suffer other societies that use abortion as a form of population control … where the life of a male baby is valued over the life of a female baby so female babies are destroyed.  Need I go further?

In this most holy season let us rejoice in the miracle of the birth of Jesus, let us be thankful that this young Jewish girl, Mary, had the strength, grace, and selfless courage to trust that her son would grow strong and ultimately change the world. Let us pray that more women in this country choose the life of the unborn inside them over desecration & despair.


Sarah Palin recently stated that bringing up questions about Obama’s birth certificate are fair game and she’s right.  She’s also the only one in the country that could bring a lawsuit challenging Obama’s citizenship status  & eligibility for POTUS that the courts and the MSM could not ignore!

Why?  Because she, as a plaintiff, would have undeniable standing … meaning she has been DIRECTLY effected by Obama’s ineligibility to hold the office of POTUS.

To have standing one has to demonstrate injury (loss the the election to an ineligible candidate) and the fact that the defendant’s conduct (refusal to provide any documentation that BHO is a natural born citizen) was the reason for injury.

While the Obamabots have been quick to report that every suit brought to date has been dismissed, what they haven’t reported is the reason why.  Aside from jurisdictional and procedural issues , the primary reason for the dismissals has been because the courts have held that the plaintiffs in these suits did not have the standing necessary to move forward.

What the Obamabots have also refused to discuss is the fact the no case has reached a point where the merits of the Obama’s eligibility have been explored in open court.

I asked my first questions about Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of POTUS in summer of 2008.

The questions were simple enough. Can a person with dual citizenship be President (no) and how could Obama be a natural born citizen as required by Article II, Section1 of the Constitution if his father was a British subject? The answer is he cannot which also means, it doesn’t matter whether BHO was born in Kenya or Hawaii, his citizenship status at the time of his birth automatically disqualified him for POTUS.

At the time I asked these questions about Obama’s eligibility, I was naive enough to believe that the MSM would do their jobs, investigate the allegations, and bring the truth to the American people. At the time, I was also naive to believe that the DNC, that the 50 Secretaries of State, Constitutional lawyers, the Electoral College, and whole host of other players, including the courts, would also do their jobs.

Well, as anyone who has been following this story from the beginning knows, we were all wrong.

What we couldn’t know at the time was that people intent on bringing Obama into office were willing to go to any lengths, ready to do anything including committing fraud, knowingly falsifying records, using intimidation tactics, ridicule and violence. It has been reported that the suspicious death of one of the men who looked at Obama’s passport records early in ‘08 was to silence him and prevent him from ever being questioned.

What we couldn’t know at the time was that over 200 members of Congress, themselves attorneys, knew of Obama’s ineligibility and did nothing! Some were cowards, some were intimidated, and some knew (see nonfeasance that if Obama’s eligibility went unchallenged then precedent would have been set. This would now allow other candidates  (like Schwarzenegger) who were not natural born citizens to hold the office of POTUS … and voila the Constitution would have been changed without a single Senator or Congressperson having to cast a vote. This is subterfuge, pure and simple.

Never forget what law Professor Peter J. Spiro made abundantly clear on the topic …

[…] “Constitutional questions do not require constitutional decisions. If non-judicial actors—including Congress (Frank, Hatch, Kennedy, Waters, Graham, McCaskill, Conyers), editorialists (NY Times, MSNBC, LA Times et al), leading members of the bar (Turley, Dean, Epstein, Toobin) , and the People themselves (can you say Kool-Aid?)manage to generate a constitutional consensus, there isn’t much that the courts can do about it. In cases such as this one, at least, that seems to be an acceptable method of constitutional determination.

He laid out the blueprint for the destruction of the natural born citizen clause. Reduced to its simplest common denominator, the plan was to deny, obscure,refuse to produce documents that the voters of this country have a right to inspect and review, and ignore the issue.

Members from both parties are guilty of malfeasance as it relates to Obama’s eligibility to office. Some belong in jail, including Pelosi and Dean (IMHO). When the complete story finally told it will show that there was a conspiracy to put a pretender in office, by pass the Constitution, and turn this country inside out.

All of which brings us back to Sarah Palin.  Sarah you can change the direction of this country … you have to bring suit against the usurper in the White House.


I have been watching the hatred being spewed against Sarah Palin by the lame stream media and the Palin haters with absolute fascination. Going Rogue is making them go crazy!

One can almost hear their tiny brains going, “we’re so great and she is so not us! How is this possible?


Nixon had an enemies list, maybe we should start a Palin haters list. The list of haters is diverse and in some ways surprising; and they all have one thing in common … a belief that they are of superior intelligence and education (not!) and they possess superior insight into life (ya, sure!).

They are so insightful that they never miss a chance to take a swipe at mid-America and the middle class. Like Palin? You must be part of the great unwashed and an Obama hater.  Like Obama?  Ah yes, you are one of us … one the elitists who know what is best for our new Socialist America.

Personally, I’ve always thought that this kind of behavior is a demonstration of how inferior these people feel about themselves way deep down inside. If you are really secure in yourself and your thought processes, why the need to continually tear down someone else?

I heard Martha Stewart call Palin “dangerous” yesterday. Dangerous? Really? Martha, I’ve been a fan for a very long time, but may I say for the record, that if you really believe Sarah Palin is dangerous when we have an ineligible man fraudulently holding the office of POTUS while devastating this economy, then you madame are a horse’s ass.

Ah, but I digress …back to Tina (I’m the Beast) Brown of the Daily Beast. Seems that Obama’s favorability ratings and Palin’s favorability ratings are meeting in the middle.  No lesser source than the LA Times opined this morning that:

Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama: The approval gap silently shrinks to a few points

November 23, 2009 |  1:32 am

Not that it matters politically because obviously she’s a female Republican dunce and he’s obviously a male Democratic genius.

Virginia line for Sarah Palin Going Rogue Book buyers

But Sarah Palin’s poll numbers are strengthening.

And President Obama’s are sliding.

Guess what? They’re about to meet in the 40s.

Depending, of course, on which recent set of numbers you peruse and how the questions are phrased, 307 days into his allotted 1,461 the 44th president’s approval rating among Americans has slid to 49% or 48%, showing no popularity bounce from his many happy trips, foreign and domestic.

Riding the wave of immense publicity and symbiotic media interest over her new book, “Going Rogue,” and the accompanying promotional tour, Palin’s favorable ratings are now at 43%, according to ABC. That’s up from 40% in July.

One poll even gives her a 47% favorable. ( LOL…Imagine that!)

As his numbers go into the tank, hers are going upward, much to consternation and jealousy of Ms. Brown.  According to Rasmussen Reports less than 50% of America have confidence in Fauxbama and his failed policies.

It was during the discussion of these new poll numbers on MSNBC (the Palin Haters Network) that Ms. Brown shared with the audience how ignorant she thought Sarah Palin was, never thinking for even a nanosecond that this comment made her sound shallow and ignorant.

Of course, as the ignorant Ms. Brown demonstrated her profound Obama bias, she again strengthened all those who believe Sarah is a breathe of fresh air in the polluted  halls of Congress.

Tina, you need to continue insulting us all … it makes us  … the millions who support her, so much stronger while making the Obamabots increasingly irrelevant.  You go girl!





My cookies are really frosted this morning!

I gotta tell ya, with unemployment figures at 10.2% (as high as 16 or 17% in some areas of the country), a Congress intent in spending even more money for a health care plan the majority of Americans DO NOT want, and with Congress harping on what those nasty executives on Wall Street make it almost made me choke to read the following!

The Reformed Broker is reporting that while 1% of the total US population are millionaires,  44% of our Congress men and women are millionaires … yes, these selfless representatives of our Republic who cannot find the time to read the bills they vote on demonstrate what charlatans and hypocrites they are.  We have millionaires trying to pass health care legislation that they will exempt themselves from.  This ghastly legislation is good enough for us but not for our rarefied legislators!

No wonder the approval rate for Congress is in the cellar! We can’t vote these bastards out of office fast enough!

According to Politico

As Washington reels from the news of 10.2 percent unemployment, the Center for Responsive Politics is out with a new report describing the wealth of members of Congress.

  1. Two-hundred-and-thirty-seven members (237!) of Congress are millionaires. That’s 44 percent of the body – compared to about 1 percent of Americans overall.
  2. Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), worth about $244.7 million; Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), worth about $214.5 million; Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), worth about $209.7 million; and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), worth about $208.8 million.
  3. All told, at least seven lawmakers have net worth’s greater than $100 million, according to the Center’s 2008 figures.

No wonder Congress is so tone deaf! They don’t have to live like the rest of us … having to make decisions based on an economy of their making. Tarp funds, bail outs for banks and the auto industry … help for everyone but Main Street and Small Business!

Richest Members of Congress

Name Minimum Net Worth Average Maximum Net Worth
Darrell Issa (R-Calif) $164,650,039 $251,025,020 $337,400,002
Jane Harman (D-Calif) $112,318,335 $244,796,667 $377,275,000
Herb Kohl (D-Wis) $163,510,027 $214,570,011 $265,629,996
Mark Warner (D-Va) $73,315,204 $209,700,598 $346,085,992
John Kerry (D-Mass) $158,643,501 $208,801,275 $258,959,049
Jared Polis (D-Colo) $50,737,134 $158,173,566 $265,609,998
Vernon Buchanan (R-Fla) $-68,340,597 $142,432,692 $353,205,982
Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa) $60,196,019 $94,306,010 $128,416,002
Frank R Lautenberg (D-NJ) $47,632,169 $74,744,094 $101,856,020
Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) $42,912,257 $72,380,637 $101,849,018

Not listed above is Nancy Pelosi’s net worth, which according to Wikipedia is $19 million. However, according to NNDB her net worth is substantially higher:

Like most members of Congress, Pelosi is a multi-millionaire. Mostly on the strength of her husband’s portfolio of commercial real estate, the Pelosis’ net worth is at least $25M and may be as high at $92M — financial disclosure forms for federal officials report assets and liabilities in broad ranges, so the figure is difficult to pinpoint. The Pelosis own a small office building in San Francisco and another in the suburbs of Marin County, as well as millions of dollars in stock in Microsoft and AT&T, and a minority interest in Piatti Locali, a small chain of Italian restaurants in California.

Harry Reid’s net worth was between $2,613,056 and $6,258,998 in 2007, according to Reid’s mandated financial disclosure statements. For more information on all of our Congressional representatives go to Open



In Part 1, I wrote about the 5 things that we can do right now to get the economy moving and small businesses creating jobs I listed bringing credit card rates down to manageable  size as the # 1 key to getting the economy going.  A jobless recovery is nothing less than an oxymoron … like government intelligence!

0209_stimulus_01_credit-cardNumber 1 on the list to get the economy roiling is reducing credit card rates across the board for small business and consumers alike. Let me explain why.

Despite the propaganda of Obama Administration, there is no lending taking place for small businesses.  I know, I tried.  The SBA’s ARC program for small business was a colossal failure.  I received a list of  close to a 100 banks that were supposedly participating in the program.

After the 20th phone call to the numerous banks on the list  informing me that they were not participating, I gave up.

What the fools in Washington and the credit card companies refuse to acknowledge is that the institutional gluttony of credit card rates (that are usury by any definition) is leading to the highest default rates in history by consumers and halting growth by small businesses who are forced to rely on credit cards.

Excessive credit rates are nothing less than a tax on small businesses who are unable to obtain loans through the banks.  Unlike the government, consumers and small businesses cannot simply print more money.  We are forced to live within our means and if that means not spending and saving in order to reduce the already ridiculous credit card balances (many high because of slight of hand and tricks of the credit card companies) so be it.

Now follow the bread crumbs.

  • Instead of paying 29% rates on credit cards,  small businesses could be using those dollars to purchase inventory, supplies, possibly hiring full or part time people.
  • If consumers aren’t spending or spending fewer dollars than in the past, sales and profits of small businesses are reduced.
  • If small businesses cannot generate sales sufficient to cover their bills, health costs, payroll, etc. many will have no other choice but to close their doors, thereby putting even more people on the rolls of the unemployed.
  • If small businesses, retailers, restaurants, etc. are closing shop that means that commercial real estate will be the causality.  If commercial real estate tanks, you ain’t seen nothing yet in terms of recession and long lines of unemployed.
  • If strip malls and other commercial real estate stays empty a glut of inventory on the market will stop new building and even more people will be unemployed!
  • If retail space remains empty then  commercial property owners will not be able to service their debt, which will lead to more foreclosures, with will lead to more defaults!

See how this all works?  In other words, what goes around comes around … and it all starts with bringing credit card rates down to manageable size.

In Part 3 – How the Credit Scoring Companies are Putting Small Businesses at a Disadvantage & Hurting the Economy!

For more info on the commercial crisis read here from the Daily Finance:

This industry is suffering two problems: a spike in loan defaults, and a need to refinance loans in a market where there is little appetite for such refinancing. Specifically, the CRE loan default rate for August was up six-fold to 3.14 percent from the previous year. These loans were made based on optimistic assumptions about occupancy rates and rents — which are now a joke as retail stores close their doors and companies fire the people who occupied desks.

And by 2012, $153 billion worth of CMBS loans are coming due and since the property values have declined so much, about two-thirds of those loans will not be refinanced — even though the borrowers are paying the principal and interest on them. More recently, Realpoint found that the owners of 281 CMBS loans worth $6.3 billion weren’t able to refinance when the loans matured in the past three months, even though 173 of them worth $5.1 billion generated sufficient cash to service their debt.

These problems could lead to another financial crisis. After all, many property owners are likely to file for bankruptcy when they can’t refinance. This will force banks to write off the loans and take possession of the real estate. The banks will need to raise capital to offset the write-offs. And they’ll throw those properties on the market so they can get them off their books — which will further depress property prices.


Some things in life are really simple.  Getting the economy moving forward isn’t brain surgery. The problem with our economy is the people in charge don’t have the talent to run a lemonade stand and make a profit. Who on Team Obama has actually created a job … a real job, not a government job?


The list of their lack of skill sets and competencies  is magnified all the more because they came into office believing their own press releases, believing that because they could win an election they could manage the US economy and govern our country.  Wrong Tonto!

Here’s what Main Street and small business owners, the backbone of this economy, know … the economy could rapidly get into gear, jobs would return, and consumers would begin spending if Team Obama were smart enough to do the following:

1. Reduce credit card interest  rates to 15% or less.  Banks should not be allowed to charge their customers more than 3 or 4 times of the savings rate at their banks.  In the 70’s, credit card companies were prohibited by law from charging customers more than 12% interest rates. With credit card debt at an all time high, consumers simply will not go out and spend until their credit card debt is greatly reduced.

Not only is it unconscionable to charge interest rates of 29% in this economy with millions of people unemployed and without jobs and with millions of home foreclosures on the rise with no end in sight, it is simply bad business!

The pigs at the credit card interest trough are greedy and incredibly shortsighted. Unless consumers get some relief credit card customers will simply walk away and default.  Credit card rates of 29% … are nothing less than usury … even guys with names like Rocco and Knuckles would blush at those rates!

2.  Return the unused tarp funds back to the treasury. This program has been nothing more than a colossal FLOP!  Start paying down the deficit which tripled after Bush left office.  While you are at it, stop blaming Bush

3.  Everyone in the government, in Congress, the Executive branch, the Judiciary, every department head, everyone takes a 10% cut in salary.  That means BHO should be first in line, along with Speaker Peloisi and Harry Reid.  Great leaders lead by example and never ask those following them to do anything they themselves wouldn’t do.

The only exception is for those in the military who have been fighting and dying for this country and our way of life. These people and their families who have sacrificed so much get a 10% increase in pay.

4.  Stop the government bailouts and get rid of all those czars.  Four or five czars is understandable, close to 40 is asinine and overkill.  Talking about overkill, why does Michelle need 24 assistants … an all time high for a First Lady?  The country should be tightening and reigning in its spending.

5.  Demand that banks free up capital and begin lending and don’t replicate the SBA small business ARC program which was another colossal failure.

  • Low interest loans under $50,000 should be fast tracked with a minimum of red tape for companies in business at least 3 years or for companies that already have a track record although in business under 3 years.
  • Instead of giving $250 to seniors  the country, give small business owners the tools needed to stay in business and create new jobs, reduce credit card rates for small businesses.  A reduction in rates means turning those dollars into company purchases or new hires.

Part 2 tomorrow … Why reducing credit card rates was number one on this list


I have repeatedly stated that Obama’s citizenship status on the day he was born and his resultant eligibility questions to be POTUS would never go away.  Read this latest search and demand for the truth…

If Lynn Dartez is correct, and the AG cannot represent/defend Obama in his citizenship eligibility quagmire AND that a temporary president would have to in place, who would that temporary president be?

It cannot be McCain because he was ALSO ineligible to hold office despite Senate RESOLUTION 511 declaring him to be a NBC!


Under the law ( remember that quaint concept?) who would constitutionally qualify to be our temporary POTUS until  an election?

Hillary and Sarah are constitutionally eligible to be president but were on tickets headed by ineligible candidates.

Would our temporary POTUS  be Ralph Nader?

U.S.C. Title 44, Chapter 22: “PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS” Thanks Daniel Smith

Why haven’t any of you used the simple power of the United States Code mandates that are directly on point??
Like, as in, uhm?.. U.S.C. Title 44, Chapter 22: PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS
[Thank veteran Congress members for passing the Presidential Records Act of 1978]
The statutory law of the United States Code is extremely clear, even often in multiple ways, that:
a) the AG *cannot* represent/defend Obama in any challenge that involves a question of his citizenship, for the relevant statutory laws mandate that the AG be on the *prosecuting* side against Obama, if the AG is involved, at all…  In fact, whether intentional or not, Obama and Holder can be hit with “constructive fraud”, at the very least…
b) the AG also *cannot* represent/defend Senators or the Senate body, itself, in these constitutional questions, either…  Again, whether intentional or not, you have that “constructive fraud” against the rule of law thing again…
c) there are various statutory standings provided for even “mere” individual Citizens to sue Obama, Congress, etc.
d) Obama’s “Presidential records” are expressly PUBLIC by mandate of simple written law (and, combined with using AG Holder & U.S. Attorneys, i.e., our *taxdollars*, in an expressly-unconstitutional manner, defending Obama in any citizenship issues, then Obama gets to pay back every single red cent of that $1.7+ million spent so far… plus interest and penalties, naturally… plus, getting deported, or imprisoned, or whatever else…).
e) additionally, there are all sorts of various federal agencies/heads to statutorily go after Obama’s eligibility through.
I have detailed and provided the direct links to all of these applicable federal statutes, below.
Of course, we all know that Obama and his agents have fully admitted his dual-citizenship at birth, which precludes him from ever being President, even notwithstanding the obviously-suspicious concealment of virtually all pertinent records…
Who, then, are the lawful United States Prez and VP, per the original Constitution, right now, at this
very moment??

That’s easy enough to answer:
1.  Mr. John McCain, Republican, *is* the President, temporarily, until the Re-Election that must be done, promptly.
2.  Mr  Ralph Nader, Independent, *is* the Vice-President, temporarily, until the Re-Election that must be done, promptly.
(and, those two are not my personal combo pick, but that IS the result of law per the original Constitution, so fine…).

Read this post in its entirety over at Oil for Immigration. It is full of citations and enough meat for anyone to sink their legal teeth into.

P.S. Can we finally stop talking about Obama’s damn birth certificate?  It is a diversion that takes away from the underlying issues that have always been in front of us.

The best case scenario for Obama is his dual citizenship, but that automatically disqualifies him for the office.  Under the law, Obama’s citizenship status was determined by his father’s nationality. Since his mother was too young (under current law at the time of his birth) to confer her citizenship to her son, Obama was born a BRIT, like it or not!

I have been calling this for over a year… it has always been self evident.


TVNEWSER is reporting that Barbara WaWa is going to air a 5-part interview with our girl Sarah.

My only comments are as follows … do you think we can trust Barbara to actually give Sarah an honest interview or will the final product be another hatchet job ala Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric?

If ABC doesn’t treat Palin fairly this time, you can bet this will be the final nail in the coffin for that network.

Barbara Walters Sits Down with Sarah Palin for 5-Part Interview

By Chris Ariens on Nov 04, 2009 12:30 PM


ABC’s Barbara Walters will sit down with former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for a five-part interview series later this month.

The interview, timed to coincide with the release of “Going Rogue: An American Life,” begins airing on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, Nov. 17. Portions will also air that week on “Nightline” and on “20/20” Friday, Nov. 20.

We’re told the interview will take place both before and after Palin’s sit-down with Oprah Winfrey on Nov. 16.

It was Walters’ ABC colleague Charlie Gibson who got the first sit-down with Palin after she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election.



See, I was over at the ‘ultra left into the stratosphere Daily Kos” about to comment on why their analysis on why the Dems lost so badly in the November mid-term elections  was sooo wrong, when I found this.  Hard to believe, but even the NY Times is right on this issue.  Do you think hell is freezing over?

Let me just say, if this doesn’t piss you off, nothing will!  Read on and get ready to vote  all the bums out that voted for the stimulus … Democrat or Republican … get ’em out and quickly before they can do any more damage to our economy!

2000 More Green Jobs Sent to China On Our Stimulus Dollar

by Muskegon Critic

Wed Nov 04, 2009 at 04:50:32 PM PST

I guarantee, if green jobs keep flying out the door, America’s support for alternative energy is going to collapse.

I seem to remember some very expensive, and possibly not expensive enough, Stimulus Package that was meant to create jobs. And not just any jobs. Oh no. Green jobs. Sustainable jobs.

And as it turns out, it’s working!

The stimulus package is creating jobs in the green manufacturing sector.

Just, not here.

A week ago I was on the warpath about a locally incubated company that used State and Federal research grants and used Muskegon’s multi-million dollar state of the art research and tech incubator facilities to develop their wind generator. Then they turned around and took 2.7 million dollars from Canada as a “grant” to move their factory, and 200 jobs, and their research and development arm, to Windsor, Canada.

Then RLMillersent me an article from the New York Times that made my eyeballs explode…  READ ON