This post was originally written in 2008. It has suddenly received a great deal of attention. Many of the original links appear to has been tampered with. I have corrected those I can.

I will be writing an updated version of this post and tying it to the recently passed Senate bill that allows the military to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without due process by declaring the United States a “battlefield”!!!

Today’s been one heck of a day, now that we know Obama’s real intentions as President include bankrupting the coal industry which, in turn, would impact on the railroads, electric plants across the country. As usual, the only news organization to report this is FOX NEWS as the other cable networks & the MSM remain silent!

Now let’s combine this with the fact that we still don’t know if Obama is even eligible to run for the office of POTUS and we are still waiting for the Supreme Court to move on a possible TRO, that MSM has kept quiet about the Obama “Truth Squads” in Missouri, that reporters who papers endorsed McCain are now persona non grata on Obama’s plane, and TV stations are being censured for asking pointed questions . . . beginning to see what Obama’s America looks like?

That having been said, I wrote about this last week, but it may have been buried with all the information about Attorney Philip Berg’s lawsuit against Obama. This is too important to miss.

Anyone remember Biden’s warning that in 6 months there would be a crisis facing the country and many people would not support Obama’s actions even though the new Administration felt they were right? What’s to prevent a faux President Obama from declaring martial law? Thanks to Bush 43’s signing NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/NSPD 51, a faux President Obama could do this at will, in the name of national security!

In anotherbarely reported story, powerful generals from the most powerful nations in the world recently held a meeting in tiny town in upstate New York. The Army has also stationed an infantry unit inside the United States. It is the first time a dedicated unit has been given an assignment as a response force for “crowd control” and other sorts of internal tasks



  1. dale Murphy

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  3. ed

    I am a simple man. I work 45 to 50 hours a week just to try to make the bills get paid on time.I don’t realley care who we vote for it’s all a scam. who they want will win …doesn’t matter what we as people say it’s who they want as a puppett.After all i have read and heard about we are all fuc**d .only way i see anyway out is to fend for yourselves …hunker down get plenty of ammo and food and fu** it.
    hold your ground and protect whats yours.Obama is not what this country needed and he doesn’t need to be in office but i have the feeling he is going to do what ever it take to stay in controll. including marshall law and i feel sorry for those who try to take what i have.
    i have worked hard my whole life and im keeping whats mine

  4. timmy

    where i live the locl electric company makes people do so many things to have solar or wind power for their homes that most of us cannot afford to do people that work for coal and natural companies needs a job and if they have no job would be more umemployed people in america needing to be on the welfare train.yes we need oil for gas.if people have not noticed some of us do not make over $30k in a year and cannot afford a battery powered car.what some people say does not make sense to people like me that live with very little money.

  5. Dean

    Who cares about coal or oil or natural gas? So what if they are shut
    down? We are one of the windiest continents on earth. And, sorry to
    say, one of the hottest, and getting hotter and sunnier, so, it’s
    time to get a very basic book and learn now to install your own
    solar and home-grown wind power for your homes and businesses. Sun-
    light is FREE, people. And so is wind. Get off your behinds and
    start helping yourselves instead of waiting for the government to
    constantly bail you out of your problems. YOU are in control of your
    destiny, no matter what type of government we have. Leave the
    politicians, from the congress on down, to wallow in their own
    self-pity, and YOU, citizens of the greatest nation on earth, GET
    NEIGHBORS!!! we don’t need coal, nuclear power plants, none of
    that stuff. We don’t need oil because we can grow our own cotton,
    and make our own fabrics. We don’t need all these TONS of
    pharmaceuticals, made from oil, because if we grow our own veggies
    and own meat, then the organically grown food will virtually
    eliminate our need for medecines. And if you have only a postage-
    stamp sized space, STOP planting grass, and plant veggies. ANY
    animal manure will work, from pet, to poultry, to just about
    anything. The military needs the oil. Let them have it. We need a
    strong military because yes, my friends, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!!
    We need their jets, their ships, their submarines, all the wonderful
    tools they use to defend us. But WE don’t need coal or oil or any of the other things I’ve listed. Give them to the military and military-
    related industries, and let us, the common man, convert our gas-
    guzzling vehicles to using vegetable oils and 1 gallon of diesel per
    tank of fuel. Conversion kits are available for virtually any
    vehicle on the market today. America is bankrupt, but YOU don’t have
    to be sucked down with it. If Americans today would just take care
    of themselves and show their neighbors how to do it too, all this
    crap-ola about martial law won’t even affect us. We can tan our
    own leather to make our own shoes. We can sheer our sheep for wool.
    And yes, there are machines to take all the junk out of the wool
    and spin it into yarn, or, better yet, look at the Amish. Martial
    law won’t affect them one iota. Look on the Internet for information.
    Go to Half-price book stores or used book stores to learn how to do
    all this, in one generation. Sure, we’d pay our taxes and live by the
    laws of the land, because to do otherwise would be just flat-out
    stupid. Love, my friends, love for yourselves first, then love for
    your families, your friends, and ultimately, for your country will
    bring America back from the herralded “brink”. It’s not rocket
    science. If Obama declares martial law, well, it won’t last because
    a nation of 300 million people, with over 450 million weapons, just
    won’t stand for it. But in the meantime, free yourselves from the
    utilities. Purchase what you need and not what you want. You can
    contact me by e-mail if you want. Community gardens are a start. But
    don’t let the fear-mongers influence you. You don’t need the stock
    market. You may “want” it, but you don’t need it. All you need is
    your basic smarts, ingenuity God gave you at birth, some incentives,
    and if you still need help, e-mail me and I’ll tell you how to begin.
    But don’t hate our government. Without our government and our
    governmental system, and especially our military, our FBI, and our
    CIA, we’re screwed. Notice, no terrorist attacks on our soil since
    9/11? It’s not by accident. We NEED the agencies who work in the
    sidelines and shadows and have the capabilities to catch the criminals
    who want to do harm to us. It’s the shape of the new millenium. But
    you can still help ourselves out of thie oil dependency. The military
    needs it, so let them have it. WE don’t NEED it. Most of us just
    WANT it.

  6. Johnny

    At first I didn’t think President Obama would be good for the country
    but now I’m thinking differently. I think he’s a good man, at heart,
    and loves the United States more than he did at first. If the military
    is used to control people, assuming there will be problems, they’re
    not stupid. Their parents or other families and friends could very
    well be in the crowds. I just don’t think they would shoot blindly
    into crowds of people, like the Comissars did in Russia, or like
    has happened in dictatorships the world over. I’ve supported “our
    boys in uniform” in any way I can, and they are good, decent people.
    But I don’t think Obama is a crook or a cheat. I think he has
    misguided advisors. I hope he listens to his conscience and will
    thereby go down as a truly great man. If he listens to very bad
    advice, he will be reviled forever. I just don’t think he wants that.

    1. chris

      wow wtf i know its late to answer to this but wtf is wrong with you.IM an ATHEIST but im starting to believe everything the bible says is true. Trust me im a very hard person to get to but honestly this is gettin worse and worse. Our Bill of RIghts GONE! Hes a freaking satan lover. Hes gunna kill us all. Im leaving texas before this holocaust takes place. I suggest you do the same.

  7. Jon from MN

    I never used to care much about politics. Figured who ever won, that was it, we didn’t and still dont get much of a choice in that… Through school years I saw certain things happen that bugged me quite a bit (stopped saluting the American flag and/ or saying the pledge of Alegiance) but I never really did much more than rant about it for a bit.

    Then I found out a few other things that Kinda put things in perspective for me, most of it was involving the privlages given to illegal aliens and how much I was supposed to adapt for their sake…

    Over the past two or three years, I’ve watched politics be used by many to seperate the idiots from the fools. I started caring then.

    I’m by all means an idiot! I see a “man” be voted into office to run, sustain, and rebuild the country I have pledged to defend, and instead, try to turn it into Hitlers Germany! Acting as though I (the American, constitutionally loyal, citizen) am too ignorant and apathetic to know or care if I do see it. I see this happen and I feel like the only thing to do is to match his building of an army with my own ” personal security force”!!! But, if I were to have everyone that was interested in that idea meet and discuss it, I would most likely be acused of a federal crime involving treason and breaching Ntnl security!

    Well I want it to be known, the day any type of force attempts to stop me from exercising my rights as a citizen, or tries to take the guns kept in my home… It will be the day that I choose to live by the words, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

    I urge everyone, reguardless of you’re being left or right, look at what is laid in front of you by this “man” that some would call worthy of being our leader, compare what the US gvmt has in place, not just because of what this President has/is/will do, but his predececers as well.

    You call me an idiot, and think it makes you smarter than I am. I call you a fool, and believe it makes me wiser than you. Consider what everyone has said and learn to have some doubt where there was none, and some faith and trust where you had your doubts.

  8. Bryan

    I love how people are like, “Obama said he supports CLEAN coal technology and that those who wish to produce coal the dirty way will go bankrupt” how many in the coal industry have the capital to redesign their entire plants just to meet some stupid standards” they dont, so guess what, they all go bankrupt. your left with a few coal producers who have all the supply and can charge what they want for it. I.E Skyrocketing prices… and who pays in the end? all of us who rely on coal for their electricity, for goods delivered by railway ect. ect. i love how left wingers automaticly pawn off any good ideas by the rest of us with the catch all “Because right wingers are stupid”

  9. Jeff Mach

    Obama is a fraud and we all must keep fighting until we get the truth and the big “O” is behind bars along with all who participated in this Constitutional Crisis.

  10. Billy L. Smith

    This organization, material, etc. is the biggest bunch of garbage I have ever seen. We had better pull together as a nation instead of continuing partisan politica or we may not have a nation!

  11. XJesuit

    Overpopulation? Please, you could take 6 billion people and put them all in Texas or Alaska. If people don’t stand up for the Constitution, you will not have a Constitution at all real soon. Corruption is rampant in this (U.S.) neo-Fascist country. The illusion of freedom is stronger than literally taking peoples rights away. When they get your guns, your done. But go back and watch your American Idol and Fear Factor. Dream away in your apathy. That is what they want you to do.

  12. Honest Abe

    Obama said he supports CLEAN coal technology and that those who wish to produce coal the dirty way will go bankrupt. The reason everything is coming apart is due to the human greed and overpopulation. If you are a right winger you are just a mentally challenged moron.What America needs most is what is coming. Mass starvation and anarchy! You can thank the Bush supporting right wing morons for that.

    1. Gina Renteria

      Why do people resort to name calling? Isn’t there a way to have an intelligent conversation anymore? Or is there such animosity in the world that we all just hate each other and can talk about nothing except evil and evildoers. If the man does evil the man pays in the after world. We know there is an afterworld. Calm down. Think before you speak. Try not to stir up strife. God is near.

      1. Emma

        Who knows there is an afterworld? I'd have to say that a large portion of people disagree with you. Go ahead, pray for us. Stay meek and watch your country be destroyed.

  13. rightwinger

    Oh yes we took what Obama said out of context, sure thing. He said coal prices would skyrocket. Obama said you can build a coal plant, but you will go bankrupt. I love it, Obama says it on video and it was taken out of context. Just like he said he campaigned in 57 states, one bomb was dropped on Hawaii, and Iran isn’t a threat because its a small country.

    I also checked out Obama’s stop the smears and 1/3 of the items are lies. Stop drinking the kool-aid people and wake up! When your food and energy costs skyrocket don’t be surprised when you have to stand in a soup line. Obama will somehow blame Bush for his stupidity.

  14. Scott

    Coal is not the only industry Obama is messing with. The Detroit automakers are going to be forced to install “black boxes” that only the government has the “key” to. They’ll sell it as a safety and information feature for insurance companies, which it will be. But there will be a second information storage system that only the government can access too. We must ask ourselves, what information will they have? What will they use it for? …Don’t buy new cars and only do your maintenance at small shops where you know the owner. It’s the only way to keep Satan Hussein Obama-thon 2008 from spying on you and your Christian, god-loving happy family of goodness.

  15. Dr. Evil

    Yes you are correct. Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry. That is his goal. Now you are powerless to stop him! Hahahahaha! Anarcho-Syndicalists, Communists, Marxists and Anti-everything-good-in-the-world people unite! Our time is at hand! They all fell for it! Our fake president will take power and will set about bankrupting entire industries. Coal is just the beginning! Hahahaha, it will be beautiful destruction and very, very evil.

    1. Gina Renteria

      Somebody has tricked you! You know his name? You better learn it. You’ll be with him for a long-long time.

  16. Dale

    Obama’s words have been taken out of context by right-wing demagogues. what he actually said was that government should set rules regarding CO2 emissions and _new_ coal plants would be required to pay for any CO2 emitted. If they can burn without the CO2, or if they can trade with a company that has negative CO2 emissions, they’ll be fine.

    Obama: “The point is, if we set rigorous standards for the allowable emissions, then we can allow the market to determine… and technology and entrepreneurs to pursue what’s the best approach to take, as opposed to us saying at the outset, here are the winners that we’re picking, and maybe we pick wrong and maybe we pick right.”

    Full transcript is on my website.

  17. sportsone234

    Yes, McCain could under NSPD51 . . . a directive that should be repealed ASAP. The difference is we know who McCain is and we don’t know who Obama is and what we know is very, very troubling.

    The list of Obama imponderables is so lengthly as to be oppressive.

    God help this country if Obama is elected and God damn the MSM whose betrayal of the American voter can never be forgiven!

    1. Gina Renteria

      Don’t worry. The evil ones are the ones being betrayed. Remember who wins in the end. It is inevitable. They are losers and they know it. That’s why they hate. Hate comes straight from the devil.

  18. Grace Nearing

    Thanks to Bush 43’s signing NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/NSPD 51, a faux President Obama could do this at will, in the name of national security!

    So could a President McCain, faux or otherwise. Conversely, a President Obama or a President McCain (again, faux or otherwise) could rescind Bush's presidential directive.

    1. johnny

      Don’t blame Bush. The martial law authority was given to President Kennedy in 1961 during the Bay of Pigs episode and still remains in effect today. Recently the new defense bill broadened those powers in include food, medicine, etc;

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